Crystal Ball Gazing

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“Hey look Sandra, a gypsy clairvoyant, I have always wanted to try one of these out.”


“Oh yes, I am interested in that kind of thing. Do you want to as well?”

“No thanks, you go ahead, I will go and get a drink, see you in a few minutes, I will be just over there.”

“Okay. Oh hang on, is that my phone,” you scrabble in your bag and pull your phone free, “It’s Graham, I will see you later,” you wave at your friend as you jab at the screen but you have missed the call. You consider calling back but you are too excited to learn what the Gypsy Rosie Lee has to say.

You push the curtain aside and enter.

“Hello?” you ask tentatively.

“Please come in,” says a low voice.

You move forward and as your eyes adjust from the bright sunshine outside which has blessed the fair to the dimmer interior of this tent you see a lady sat to one side of a table. She beckons you towards a seat opposite and you oblige, sitting down and opening your purse to place the required fee in her outstretched and wrinkled hand. Paper certainly seems to have trumped silver in terms of crossing her palm these days.

“Give me your hands child,” she says gently and you proffer your hands. She takes hold of them, her grip stronger than you would imagine. You look at her, a veil across the lower half of her face, headscarf wrapped about her head, only her aged forehead and gleaming dark eyes visible. She holds your hands for a moment as she remains silent. Eventually she lets go and then moves her hands, probably more for show than effectiveness, over the crystal ball between you.

“Let me confirm the present for you,” she begins. You nod, eyes wide with excitement and anticipation to ascertain if she is correct in what she sees.

“You are a professional lady, earning your own income,” she begins. You nod already impressed.

“You are very much in love, in fact, you are head over heels in love with a man. He is handsome, charming and he loves you unlike anything you have known before.”

“Yes, that’s right,” you say with a gasp of amazement.

“His name begins with a G”

You give another enthusiastic nod.

“He is called Graham and you adore him.”

“Wow, yes he is and I do, I love him so much.”

“You recently moved in together.”

“Yes, he has moved in to my house,” you confirm staggered at the accuracy of what she is telling you.

“You have many friends and they think highly of you, you are a popular and you want to start a family soon, in fact you want children very much.”

You continue to nod.

“I have a grounding of your present dear child, now, let me see what the future holds for you.” She waves her hands theatrically over the crystal ball and peers into it, staring intently into it depths. You watch and wait, hardly daring to breathe…….

A little time later you emerge into the warm sunshine again and walk over to Sandra who is sat drink in hand watching the world go by.

“Hi, how did it go?” she asks raising her hand above her eyes so she can see you against the bright sunlight.

“What a waste of money,” you reply part in anger and part in upset.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” laughs Sandra but she cuts her amusement short when she sees how wretched you look. You sit down beside her.

“What is it? What did she say?”

“Well, she started off so well. She took my hands and then told me that I was a professional lady with my own income. That I was head over heels in love. That I wanted children. She told me that I lived with Graham and she even knew his name, I was blown away at how much she knew.”

“Oh Elaine, you are too trusting you know. I have always said this about you.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, she can tell by the way you are dressed and your smooth soft hands that you are hardly a factory worker, so that was an educated desk. Professional lady can cover so much.”

“Hmm, maybe, but what about knowing that I am head over heels in love?”

Your friend taps your finger.

“You are wearing an expensive and modern engagement ring. Whoever is wearing one of those is bound to be caught up in the rush of love and from that there is a good chance you will be living with somebody.”

“Well yes I see your point, I guess, but what about wanting children?”

“Wow, breaking news, young woman in a relationship wants children. That’s never happened before has it?”

“Okay, okay, but answer this then, how did she know he is called Graham?”

“Honestly, I think I should set up as one of these fortune tellers, she heard you mention his name when he called. Chances are it was a partner otherwise you would have said “it’s dad” or “it’s my brother”. These people are skilled at recognising types and of course you want to believe what she has to say, they are conditioning you so that when they get the basics right, they can tell you any old bunkum about the future. They program you to hang on their every word and so you are brainwashed into thinking they know the future. Talking of which, what did she have to say about that?”

“Well, that is where I lost faith in here. I still think she knew about my present well enough, she got so much right, but she just went completely off at a tangent about the future.”

“How so?”

“Well she says that Graham is not all that he seems and his apparent love masks an empty heart. She warned me that within months he will, how did she say it, yes that is right, he will “show me the true meaning of hatred”. She said that he would kick me out of my home, my home! She told me that he is a con man and that he would rack up huge debts in my name, force me to do horrible things with him in bed and that he will have a string of affairs. Oh yes, she even said that he was bisexual, can you believe that?”

You friend lets out a hoot of laughter.

“See, I told you, it is a load of rubbish, I mean Graham is the loveliest man you could ever meet, he is so good to you.”

“I know, I told her she was wrong, but she just fixed me with this stare. It unnerved me actually. It was as if she was looking straight through me you know, there was no emotion, just these really dark eyes looking at me.”

“Did she say anything?”

“Yes, she said that the “devil always beats his handmaiden no matter how hard she tries to please him” and I wanted to laugh at that but do you know what I actually felt terrified. I asked her to stop then.”

“I must admit, you looked rather distraught when you reached me. Don’t worry about it.”

“Honestly, the things she was saying, that he would not be a good father, that he would ruin us through gambling and that I would think I was with two different people, even in the same minute. She made him sound like some kind of madman. To be honest, it sounded like the plot of some terrifying film.”

“Tell me about it. Don’t be concerned, Graham is wonderful and he makes you so happy, yes it has been a whirlwind romance so far but you cannot let such an opportunity as this slip through your fingers can you?”

“I’m so glad you agree with me. I know what she said is all nonsense, my Graham is not like that all, but it was the way she looked at me, it chilled me to the core.”

“Forget about it, you have satisfied your curiosity and you know not to waste your money on something like that again. Come on, there’s a wheel of fortune over there, that’s going to be more reliable than Gypsy Story Teller.”

You smile and stand pushing the prophesy of the gypsy to the back of your mind. Nobody behaves like that and certainly not the man you love.

112 thoughts on “Crystal Ball Gazing

  1. Snow White says:

    Hey Indy, I forgot to tell you that I visited Atlanta about eight years ago. We looked at a few houses there but my husband never got the transfer. We went to the aquarium there. How do you like it there?

    1. Indy says:

      Hi Snow,
      I like Atlanta, though I loved Boston a bit more. However, I do not have to shovel snow 🙂 Atlanta has a good job market for what I do where as up North it is a bit more competitive and the cost-income ratio is better here. One thing I do not like is how behind the south can be with regard to resources for those with special needs. Educational resources are lacking as well.

      The Aquarium, largest in the world, is quite impressive though it made me a bit sad too…I have a hard time watching large animals in captivity. They have a whale shark in captivity and I just do not know how it must feel, living in such as small space for such a large animal.

      1. Snow White says:

        Oh Indy I would love to move to Boston, but the cost of living is too high. 😔 I love it there.
        I have unfortunately read what you are talking about concerning the educational resources. I have always wanted to move south and looked at the Carolinas but didn’t see much for special needs. I am sad to hear that they are still behind.
        Yes I agree that aquariums and zoos are a little sad to visit. I try to believe that some animals are rescued and taken care of there. I know that’s me being naive. Lol
        It’s funny you mentioned a whale shark. My daughter is studying sharks and their behavior as her profession. I’m hoping to follow her to the coast when she moves. I think she is going for her masters in Florida.

  2. Lisa says:

    Ooooo clever. Very clever HG. 😉

  3. Snow White says:

    Hi Indy!!! J didn’t know you were a with doctor. LOL.. always wanted to meet one.
    Me ex said her dreams have been bad all her life. She experienced the darkness and evil when she was little but her mother didn’t believe her, I saw some of her old journals from childhood and they were all about dying and the spirits taking her because she was the evil one. I know she probably gave them to me to get fuel out of me and to feel sorry for her but they were interesting to read. It was sad to see that a child that young had a journal like that. They started in elementary school and
    went through high school. She was afraid of abandonment. Makes me sooo sad.

    I live in Ohio Indy!

    1. Indy says:

      Hi Snow,
      Always wanted a doctorate 😂 That is really sad and not typical for a child to do. Fear of abandonment and dark dreams of seeing herself as evil. I wonder if her parents told her she was evil or if they were overly into certain spiritual practices. Did she have a history of self harm? Past family abuse? Did she know she was a leisbian (or bisexual or pan sexual) from an early age or did she constantly question orientation? I wonder, if in addition to narcicism if she had some other things going on as well.

      If these questions bring up too much, I’m sorry and you do not have to answer. Just curious about those dreams. I had highly spiritually symbolic and sometims really dark dreams too, I never thought I was evil. I dreamed i was running from vampires that hung out with priests. They always hung out at the church in my dream. The church which literally overshadowed my home, on a hill above my home in real life. I also ran from someone hunting me a lot in dreams. They persisted for a long time.

      Georgia here 😊

      1. Snow White says:

        Hi Indy,

        Sorry for the delay, my daughter is home from college and has kept me busy. Lol. She has exhausted me😂

        She has a twin sister and as babies they were a lot of work for her mother. She Was passed off to her aunt when she was little. Her mother was an alcoholic. Not sure when it started. Her parents divorced when she was eight. She started staying with her grandfather. He was the only one who she looked up to and trusted. She was heartbroken when he passed away. It reminds me of HG when he talks about being let down and how everyone has left him. That’s how she felt about him. There was abuse from the mother and it still was going on when I left her. It was physical. She was also physically abused by a boyfriend in her teen years. She has a history of cutting. She liked me to see it and of course it was my fault. She took pictures and sent them to me. She definely has a lot going on Indy. After reading so much here, comorbid seems very likely.

        She believed in her Indian heritage and those spiritual practices. We went to several Indian festivals in the fall and they were very interesting.

        She knew she was a lesbian early on but she still had a few boyfriends in her teens. She met her girlfriend when she was eighteen and is a lesbian now. She said she always new. Her girlfriend was her boss at the time and married. She is ten years older and that’s her preference now. Married and older. We frequently discussed sexuality and she wanted me to say that I was a lesbian. I didn’t feel that way and continued to say that I was bisexual. She did not like my answer. I have been married for twenty years and had never been with a woman prior to her. I now believe she viewed that as something very powerful for her to have control of. HG, am I correct in assuming that she thought that if she could get someone to change their sexual orientation then that showed how powerful she was?

        She liked provoking her family with her situation with her girlfriend and her husband. She lived with them for awhile and she said it was necessary to befriend the husband and seduce him to get what she wanted in the end. Reminds me of HG’s famous saying ” the end justifies the means”. She got her to divorce her husband and be with her. I was completely blinded not to see that pattern.

        Did you grow up going to church? Do you know why your dreams always had a church in them? Did you wake up crying?

        1. Indy says:

          Hi Snow,
          No worries! I hope you had a wonderful break with your daughter 🙂
          Yeah, she sounds like she had quite an abusive history. Definitely possible comorbid given the self harm history and fear of abandonment. I am glad you were able to get out of this relationship as it sounded like a lot of pain was involved.

          I grew up in the church. I left the church after my confirmation and a rebelled against it at 18, to my father’s horror. LOL It was a dramatic moment, during a holiday dinner no less. I refused to bless myself. LOL Since then, I had explored many faiths, gone on spiritual journeys and found some healing of old catholic wounds. I am a spiritual quilt, patchwork of this and that.

          Now, I have a gut feeling I know why the church was prominent in my dreams as a child up to the time I moved out and lived on my own and out of state. I believe the land was “heavy” with spiritual and cultural loss. I also believe the church was involved, though that part is not written about. What is written is that our town, my home town, was built on Abenaki land and graves. They were pushed out by settlers, to put it kindly. The Catholic Church played a very large role in this small town of 3,000 people. I mean, there were 5 or 6 churches in this town, two of them catholic. I lived directly across from this church, my house was literally in the shadow of this tall oppressive yet gorgeous looking cathedral like church. It sat on a hill, and every time I looked out the window, there it was…I would hear the bells regularly…7AM, 12PM, 6PM. The nunnery was next door. The dark capes and cloaks and dark winters in Vermont always added to the spook factor. I do not know exactly why I dreamt of these things, of vampires in church, circling it ritualistically, but I knew it was dark and I feel I was picking up on unspoken history. I know, I know…wooooooooo wooooooo…..LOL…and ***shrugs** that’s the story.
          Oh, and holy water was easily obtained back then when they didn’t lock churches for awesome squirt gun fights and hunting monsters in graveyards LOL

          1. Snow White says:

            I think it’s amazing that any of us get out Indy. All we wanted was love in return and we got a nightmare in return. And I was absolutely certain that I was different and could make a difference. Oh well!!!!

            I also remember vividly the memories from my Catholic upbringing. I remember the bells like you, the house that the priest and nuns lived in, the cross being carried by the alter boys and so much more. It was ingrained in me. I rebelled a little too! Lol😉
            That spiritual part about the church is interesting. There must be so many stories about that town. No wonder you had dreams like you did. You heard and saw the church all day long.
            I like the graveyard fights with holy water,,, lol
            HATED my uniform

            How are you so fast HG???? It takes me forever to comment and you just keep posting comments like lightening. Lol

          2. HG Tudor says:

            They call me The Flash, SW (Yes Indy there’s another one who is in my club)

          3. Snow White says:

            Fastest fingers in the world HG!
            Are you running a Catholic school girls club?

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Er no!

          5. Snow White says:

            LOL!!! It seems that a lot of Catholic women end up with narcs. Do you find that to be true?

          6. HG Tudor says:

            Hang on let me asks the Sisters of the Holy Redemption of HG Tudor…..

            They are all nodding.

            Must be that good old Catholic guilt.

          7. Indy says:

            We are all rebels! We like spice…LOL

          8. Snow White says:

            We can be the new Spice Girls Indy!😂
            HG can have his own girl band. Lol

          9. Indy says:

            Nut Meg here…LOL

          10. Snow White says:

            Just used that in my Alfredo sauce last night Indy! Very tasty! LOL
            I will be Rosemary

          11. NarcAngel says:

            HG. Tell us what you want, what you really really want…..

          12. HG Tudor says:

            I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ah

          13. Snow White says:

            Tell the truth HG. You have that cd in your car.
            How about you narcangel? Are you old enough to remember the dolls?

          14. HG Tudor says:

            Robbie Williams has slept with all but one of the spice girls. Which one is it?

          15. NarcAngel says:

            I do now but cheated and looked it up. Same one my husband really really wanted.

          16. Snow White says:

            Was it Victoria Beckham? I know the others seem to have colorful love lives. Lol

          17. HG Tudor says:


          18. Snow White says:

            I don’t believe Mel B and I like her.
            And he’s nothing to look at.

          19. HG Tudor says:

            Everytime I see him I think performing chimp.
            I have met Mel B. Very pleasant she was, tiny in height and with an impressive rack. Her husband was pleasant as well, not as delightful as her, but still pleasant.

          20. Snow White says:

            I’m glad to hear that someone I like seems to be on the OK list. I like her style. She’s on Americas Got Talent over here and the only reason I take a look is to see what she looks like and of course to hear that accent. Lol

          21. Indy says:

            Agreed! I had to look him up to see who he was. Never exposed to his music though not impressed. And, Mel B was my fav spice girl! Not that I was a big spice fan, but I liked her style the most.
            Nutty Meg here.

          22. HG Tudor says:

            He is a bell end in my considered opinion.

          23. NarcAngel says:

            Haha. Such a sophisticated slag.

          24. Indy says:

            Indeed NA….lol. Had to look the term up. Naughty, dirty and sophisticated. Nice.

          25. NarcAngel says:

            Indy you’ve just described HG. Well…..drop the nice…..outside of the blog.

          26. NarcAngel says:

            If thats another name for The Spice Twats yes. I would join your group but Im afraid Horehound doesnt have the catchy ring like Rosemary and Nutmeg.

          27. Snow White says:

            You are cracking me up!!!!

          28. Snow White says:

            Oh I know all about the Catholic guilt. They lay it on thick.

          29. Indy says:

            Wait, dude, Flash too? oh, of course…Yale and he played Polo…check…LOL

          30. HG Tudor says:

            Indy, you seem to like your superheroes. Are you in the Big Bang Theory at all?

          31. Indy says:

            I used to love that show! Sheldon, my man! LOL

          32. HG Tudor says:

            Knew it. It is entertaining.

          33. Indy says:

            Of course! And, I dated a DC guy for a little bit.

  4. Darkness Falls Again says:

    Yes I do

  5. Darkness Falls Again says:

    Do you practice smudging to Indy?

    1. Indy says:

      Yes, I do. Anytime I feel I need to get rid of negativity or when moving into a new space. You?

      1. NarcAngel says:

        When the new girl came to town Indy. When shes good shes very very good, and when she’s bad shes horrid. Now where did I put my reserved sign?……….

        1. Indy says:

          Nice NA! 😇😈

  6. Indy says:

    Am I on the naughty step too or are you gonna give me “the treatment”

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is your second home Indy, I sense bad juju.

      1. Indy says:

        Ah home sweet home. Pats it. Sweeps the negative energy out and makes a salt circle around it. Welcome to the naughty step NA! Coffee, tea, bourbon?

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Thank you darling but I’ll take my spanking straight up.

          1. Indy says:

            Wait, when did naughty step include a spanking!?!

          2. HG Tudor says:

            When you are on carpet beater duty, now work harder and get the dust from those rugs, the last time they were cleaned was when I said sorry and meant it, i.e. never.

          3. Indy says:

            Last time I beat rugs was when I was obedient. i.e. Never

          4. HG Tudor says:


      2. Love says:

        Wow Mr. Tudor. You said juju! I thought only the Cajun use that word. Do you believe in it? In my experience, your kind carry it without even knowing… Its like a curse… I don’t know if it manifests after doing so much wrong to so many people but there is definitely a dark cloud over your kind. It is what makes your life difficult.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I will believe in it if it serves a purpose for me to do so.

  7. Darkness Falls Again says:

    Punisher don’t be sorry I am not, everything I have gone through has made me who I am.

    1. NarcAngel says:

      Dont be silly Indy. You could never reach his nose-its too high in the air.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        That Naughty Step has room for you NA.

        1. Indy says:


        2. NarcAngel says:

          Yes. I am bent over it awaiting my naughty spanking…..

          1. HG Tudor says:

            I am just lining up the target.

  8. Darkness Falls Again says:

    Punisher yes after all I have read and what HG writes about I do believe this and my husband to be a lessor.
    Yes if there had been no interference and I was sent I do not doubt in what path I would walk today.
    It was a brief moment in my life as to an idea no more no less. This person encouraged my empathic abilities, showed me ways to tap into this energy. One reason as to being touched is off limits unless I am prepared. I can take and give. So this I am interested in what you and Indy are talking about, yet I do not use drugs to induce anything. My husband was very cruel and let’s just say he caused an addiction with a drug in me. When I was at a low time I overdosed died yet here I am today. The why I survived I don’t know. Yet things became even more intense for me afterwards.
    I was isolated from people so I practiced what I was taught as a child.
    I love to help people yet I am not open in what I do, they just know they feel better and I need a vacation in the woods at times to recharge. Another reason why I live so far from people.
    I have never been this open with anyone except those I am close with.

    I am thankful for this place HG has created his work is amazing!
    I do hold out hope for you HG, yet this is all I can do. I do know if you hadn’t taken the path you did You wouldn’t be here providing this valuable knowledge bringing change in a way no one has seen before!

  9. Darkness Falls Again says:

    The Punisher when I was 4 I went through a very traumatic assault then I was abandoned by my parents. I completely disconnect. I would look at people and they were nothing but things, all I felt was anger, pain and hatred. One person took the time with me, it took them a year to get me back to where I was before this happened. They told me I would die if I ever disconnected from them again just before I was sent to my grandmother to be raised. My grandmother hated them, and she could do nothing to keep there influence out of my life. When they died she got her revenge on me by forcing me into a marriage I had no way to escape.
    I have never disconnected completely sense,
    I will always side with hope and change, this was why my love is unconditional, this is why I will never give up.
    I may not understand the dynamics to their perceptions as to mine was altered back to my natural state before I could go farther, yet I do have an idea of this rage this creature. Fuel is need to produce the energy. Not learning to tap into their own energy to produce the fuel it has to come from somewhere. Just like the empath that pours fuel/energy there is no stopping it.
    Everything is in balance. Why the attraction is so intense. The narcissist looks for certain traits as does the empath.
    This is all my opinion and out look from my perspective.

    1. The Punisher says:

      DFA, I am so sorry you went through all of that. I was using the word disconnect in a different context (my body and surroundings no longer existed). Do you think if that person hadn’t helped you would have become a narcissist? Was your grandmother? Now that I understand better, I agree they probably meant your empathy would die.

  10. Darkness Falls Again says:

    The Punisher thats is interesting. Do you ever wonder what would have happened at the end of the tunnel?
    I am to afraid to completely disconnect from myself. I did it once and was warned if I ever did it again and noone was there to help me back I would die. I believe they meant my empathy, yet at 5 this isnt what you think.
    For me its infinate space yet, we are all connected to one source. I see things as I sense them in real time. The only difference is I see the connection in one I sense the connection in the other.
    This is where my belief that we are all created of energy comes from and connected with a main source.
    My dreams are very different from this.

    1. The Punisher says:

      DFA, I think if I made it through the tunnel it would have been like a full on DMT trip and I would have explored. It definitely was a different experience from the dreams I normally have. Who told you you were going to die? I don’t think that’s true at all and I’d like to know more if you don’t mind. Disconnecting is extremely uncomfortable. I hate that feeling but it’s worth what you get to see. When I did DMT I was really scared and I told myself it’s only 15 minutes, but then time wasn’t real and it meant nothing and it mocked me like an echo all around me: 15 minutes… 15 minutes.. Then it just got really cool and I felt like I was witnessing quantum physics. I would look at something and it would explode into a perfect grid of everywhere. I believe in energy as well. Im attuned to reiki and I can feel it flowing through me. When HG describes fuel, in my mind I translate it as energy. I think maybe we are all connected and omnipotent. Perhaps HG just aware of something we can’t see 😉

      1. Indy says:

        I wonder if it’s like a salvia experience I had once when I was younger and wilder. I tried it once, not knowing what it was…thought it was pot, freaked out. Time was altered. 5 minutes felt like hours and I was “stuck” in a patten on a rug…I had to be coaxed through. Thought I was dying. Psychedelics can be amazing for some, opens some to other ways of thinking including deeply spiritual , while terrifying to others. I’ll stick to lucid dreams 😂

      2. The Punisher says:

        Aw Indy! That that would be very traumatizing to not see that kind of a trip coming. I’ve never tried Salvia, but the experience would be similar. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, it’s pretty intense lol.

        1. Indy says:

          Yeah if I had known before hand that would have allowed me to prep. The guy I was with thought I’d be fine..and guided me out. I’m spooked now but it seems amazing to those that have had a few spiritual trips.

      3. Indy says:

        Ok that is very cool, Punisher!! You are attuned to Reiki!! I feel energy too…I have wanted to explore reiki more!!! Yes, those trips can make you feel like you know the meaning of life in a split second….then it’s gone…but you know you were there…amazing place!!!

  11. BraveHeart says:

    Your writing is amazing, HG! Your next book should be titled “His Apparent Love Masks An Empty Heart” 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Braveheart, I like that title too.

  12. Darkness Falls Again says:

    Punisher I am not sure what a DMT experence is like, yet I do know what I can do is induce a state that I find close to what they experence from discription. Yet my dreams are different.

    1. The Punisher says:

      Hey DFA, I imagine we are inducing a similar state. DMT feels like you totally disconnect from your body and there is just this infinite space. That’s what I saw in my dream and there were giant spinning wheels of color. I was almost at the end of this tunnel about to break through into the space and I woke up.

  13. Darkness Falls Again says:

    I don’t interpret others dreams just mine, but that ability is awesome.
    I believe it’s all we take in subconscious coming to the surface to be considered.

    1. Indy says:

      DFA, Completely agree!!

  14. Indy says:

    I love doing it. I use a Jungian approach and I have to know the person somewhat well enough. I started listening to my own dreams early in my teens and have long elaborate dreams. There is wisdom in our dreams I believe, if we can understand the message. Each of us, I believe, have our own symbols while other symbols are more common across people. My ex with narcicism claimed he never remembered his dreams and when he did he refused to share and said they were “bad”. I never pressed as I thought he had PTSD from military at that point and didn’t wish to trigger hm.

    1. The Punisher says:

      Omg Indy! That’s so cool!! Ive been looking for someone who uses Jungian therapy. I’ve written my dreams down for 10 years and I have my own set of symbols that I use. Sometime I translate my dreams while they’re happening lol. I agree DFA I’ve shown myself things for sure. One time I almost induced a DMT like experience but I got scared and woke up.

      1. Indy says:

        I just saw this post, whoa Punisher!! How did you do this? Self hypnosis? I have some episodes of lucid dreaming where I can control certain things in my dreams when I have awareness…like forcing myself to wake up and purposely flying through some weird breathing technique in my dream.

        1. The Punisher says:

          Hi Indy! Flying dreams are my favorite!! I was in that place between asleep and awake and I heard people outside my window. When I looked to see what was going on I realized the window was on the wrong wall and I became really lucid and everything went black and fuzzy and I’m squinting to see. Next thing I know I’m floating through this tunnel and I have the feeling like I’m going into sleep paralysis. Unfortunately, it startled me enough to wake me up.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Lay off the acid TP!

          2. The Punisher says:

            Haha, never!

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Fair enough!

          4. Indy says:

            Daddy? ***raised left eyebrow***

          5. NarcAngel says:

            Ba hahahaha says the man who prefers to have control of your mind fuckery. You are hilarious HG. Admiration not sarcasm.

          6. HG Tudor says:

            I approve.

          7. Indy says:

            I love lucid dreaming too! Love flying!! Lucid is great because You know it’s a dream and have control. I have a lot of symbolic dreams as well. It’s why a jungian approach worked for me when interpreting my own. Water dreams, house dreams, vampire/catholic dreams and escaping dreams. I grew up in a town that was on a Native American massacre site and burial. Intense vibes, dark energy and strong spiritual pull. I believe it primed me to pick this stuff up easily but I am not claiming anything like clairvoyance just pick up vibes. Both my sis and I felt it there. We’d have the same dreams with details that were the same.

          8. The Punisher says:

            Thanks, Indy! I feel like you are likely a natural healer. I hope you do look into reiki. I think you will find it beneficial and a very enriching thing to experience. I have similar symbolic dreams. Wooden houses. I use to have recurring dreams of being chased through the woods or sleeping in my room and people are watching me through the window, they stopped a couple years ago. I’m surprised I haven’t had any catholic related nightmares 😹

          9. Indy says:

            Aww thank you. I feel very connected to my inner healer. I’ve explored differing energy beliefs and this may be a way for me to harness and protect my energy and use it for healing. I am gonna check it out! I used a reiki healer once for my healing after my fathers passing.

          10. The Punisher says:

            You’re welcome Indy. If you ever have any questions I’m happy to help. Reiki is great for all of those things. I especially like to use it for protection and rebalancing.

          11. Indy says:

            Thank you Punusher!!! I will ask! Any good starter books or training sites? Coincidentally, I bought a hunch of candles and crystals when I left my ex to protect my apartment, myself and kitty from him invading. My candle was a reiki blessed with a meditation wrapped on it it is a black candle. I also picked rose quartz, black stones and clear crystal. I burned frankensence…smudged white sage in all directions….felt like I clensed my home, my personal exorcism in addition to the book Exorcism.

          12. HG Tudor says:

            I feel like I am getting to know a witch doctor!

          13. Indy says:

            Indeed **wiggles fingers in a witchy manner at you***
            What do you expect from a woman named indy glow sky?☮️

          14. HG Tudor says:

            What have you done? My nose just fell off? Thankfully I can steal one from a secondary source.

          15. Indy says:

            Eye of newt, nose of Tudor…

          16. HG Tudor says:

            Now that is just plain nasty Indy.

          17. Indy says:

            It’s YOUR nose! 😂 Here, have your high end nose. I know it cost a pretty penny! 😉

          18. The Punisher says:

            Indy, I used a lot when I first started. You can find information and peer reviewed research there. I don’t know anything about crystals or candles, but I have used sage.

          19. Indy says:

            Gonna check it out tonight 😊❤️💙❤️️

      2. Love says:

        So happy to read these comments. I would burn sage at my ex narc’s home every time he was travelling. The place would be purified and so much lighter. Then he would return and the heaviness would come back once again.

    2. Snow White says:

      Indy, you are a very talented woman!!!
      I wish I lived closer to you. 😃
      My ex also said her dreams were “bad”.

      1. Indy says:

        Snow, that is interesting about your ex! Where do you live in the country(state) if u wish to share…

  15. Darkness Falls Again says:

    Indy a dream interpreter that is awesome!
    Not many can do this.

  16. Indy says:

    You were the one the read HGs cards last time that this post was posted, right? Oh do it again, it was so much fun to read. I love tarot.. I’m more of a dream interpreter for those around me (not professionall), pretty good at it too.

    1. Snow White says:

      Hi Indy and Jaded!
      I didn’t know there was a tarot card reader here. There is such talent here. I missed out. I’m sure it’s not a surprise that I love them and it fascinates me. I did dress up as a gypsy once and and my own cards.

      1. Indy says:

        Hi Snow,
        They fascinate me too 😊 I had a set of Goddess themed ones for my own amusement. I totally see you dressing up 🙃

  17. NarcAngel says:

    A very entertaining little ride. I was enjoying myself so much I almost forgot the subject matter. But then…… (smiling), thats a specialty of yours isnt it?

  18. Snow White says:

    I absolutely loved this story HG! I was hooked til the end and it gave me goosebumps. I read it in one of your books and it could have been a whole novel.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you SW.

  19. Ollie says:

    I wish someone would have warned me 19 years ago, but then again… people did try to warn me/tell me things throughout the years, and everything just fell on deaf ears… I remember being offended by it as well… if I only knew then what I know now.

  20. Starr says:

    Hmmmm has any of your other sources of fuel gotten a reading before ? I think you should go to a fortune teller or psychic just to see what would happen . That would be very very interesting .

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