The Narcissistic Truths – No. 43



24 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 43”

  1. Even when the water is still on top, the currant underneath is raging.
    This picture thou reminds me of parts in the movie Consitine

    1. Haha. I don’t think anything is calm with HG. I think there is always a high or low current rolling through.

    1. I know that is obvious that he does not love but I was thinking why saying I love You so much and therefore I want to hurt you… is this a warning? why use this metaphor for? can You please elaborate?

      1. is this then alarm to run? is it a prewarning of something coming? thank You for Your time to reply xxx

  2. He told me “I’m a typhoon, I appear and disappear suddenly
    and I bring chaos!” just at the beginning, in the golden period, but I didn’t care, indeed I asked him to swear never to disappear from my life! I laugh because it’s funny that some phrases belong to the narcissists (perhaps only the Greaters that are more spectacular in the way of speaking). Who other can say something like that?

    1. Good one ABB!
      My ex frequently talked about the drama and chaos around her.
      She created all of it.
      I liked this meme HG.

  3. So when people look at you with disguise or you know your victims talk truthfully about you to family and friends and their family and friends show obvious upset and disguise with you are you not embarrassed or feel upset they are talking about you in a negative way ?

    1. I feel neither embarrassment or upset. If a person looks at me with disgust, that is fuel. If they are trying to smear me to other appliances, that will annoy and may ignite the fury and there will be consequences for the one who is telling the lies.

      1. Good day Mr. Tudor. I’ve read that people with PD cannot easily define facial expressions such as disgust and fear. Did you have to train yourself to identify them?

      2. Good day Love, I had to train myself to recognise numerous emotional responses and also mimic them in order to blend in more readily. I have never had any difficulty in identifying fear or disgust though.

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