The Narcissistic Truths – No. 51


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  1. Joa says:

    Great! This is the first time I see this formula of communication. I like it very much. Short and to the point.

    I started to laugh 🙂 This truth is so true! 🙂

    At the same time, I have a lot of supporting memories in the back of my head. That’s why I destroy most of the things I write. I learned this in my childhood. And I am very careful not to leave any evidence.

    Here on the blog, I departed from this rule. Well, risk. I like them 🙂

  2. Asp Emp says:

    “how he arrogantly told my dad, to put down his bags, not be a pig and shake his hand like a man! I remember my dad, saying- If I want the pig I will rattle the bucket”

    Excellent, I loved it! Hilarious!

    “Sounds like a job for “The Boondock Saints”


    Coming across the comment in relation to a diary. I was around 12 or so when my grandmother gave me a 5 Years diary. I started writing in it. Muvver ‘informed’ me that she had read what I had written. Needless to say, I did not continue writing in it. And, Unfortunately, I did not keep it either. It did have a ‘lock’ on it. It did not stop her. As HG said “indeed such behaviour is indicative of the sense of entitlement and failure to recognise boundaries”.

  3. NarcAngel says:

    Jesus…………somebody pass the acid so I can understand wtf is going on in this room.

    1. Love says:

      Lololol 😂

  4. she says:

    More like the other way around
    Silent treatments force me
    to have to read my narcs mind
    Assumptions are what he leaves me with
    So cruel to fool with my mind
    while I’m trying desperately to read his
    Keeping me in the dark
    Keeping me in the dark

    © she

  5. Cara says:

    And my narcissistic mother can’t crack the password on my phone (that’s what keeps her from going through my texts, emails, Facebook, etc). Of course I change my password every week 😉

  6. DFA says:

    Lol he always wanted to read them, I do suspect he did, as to punishment that was dealt at discard

  7. 1jaded1 says:

    Have fun in my thoughts…

  8. Lisa says:

    Holy crap PRH. With respect girl…sounds like you’re allowing her to live in your head! She has taken up residence there. Release her…..for your own good. I dont say forgive, I just say banish. Send the witch on her way…..

  9. I will never forget the madness. I will never forget the accusations from her first born birth son when my own dad died. I will never forget it, in fact it traumatised me until this day.

    I remember well onward Christian soldiers. I remember that he had explained over may dawns, that God had a purpose for me. I remember it all. I remember, him using me to lead his brother the N and stipulated that it was my job, to lead his brothers to Christ.

    I remember how I developed the gross headaches, I remember how uncomfortable he made me feel. I remember how he spoke of the bride of Christ and I remember how when my father passed he phoned me.

    I remember how he got angry and told me that my Dad is not where I think that that he is! I remember how my dad had met him previously and basically did not have a bad word to say about most.

    I remember, how my dad and mum were coming out of the shopping centre, and he approached them. I remember, how he arrogantly told my dad, to put down his bags, not be a pig and shake his hand like a man! I remember my dad, saying- If I want the pig I will rattle the bucket to me. I knew my dad and he was a gentleman, unless his daughter or himself was treated like shit. You were jealous, Narc brother to my N. You moaned to me about how insensitively you had been raised and you threw your envy on my family.

    Robert- you accused my dad of being responsible for being a freemason (that was your old man mate) and you said that my dad, was responsible for men hanging themselves on a London bridge). You and your family are mentally disturbed and you cannot blame agent orange! Your father stopped going to the lodge after he refused to have sex with an animal and your mother got my N on her lap at a very young age and put his fingers on a séance session with your stupid aunties and she should have known better as she was as old as my grandmother!!!!!!!

    1. We hear you loud and clear…your stories are of the highly triggering variety…Sounds like a job for “The Boondock Saints to me…what do you say sister? I’ve been doing my part over here too…care to join up together…Catholic by any chance?…just think of all of the fun we could have… all… “in the name of Jesus”… X’s

      1. Highly triggering Elaine, yes and he is a thorn in my side and I am not Saul (Paul), yet the N is (no words could explain my contempt for him). I know what he is doing apart from being the psychopath he is and I really think he is a psychopath due to all he has done and continues to do. He has lost his salvation (he said these words to me awhile ago) in this way: “The devil has me by the tail and I am going to lie to you everyday and I am going to eat my slice of heaven,” It’s his thing to tear up a bible in his teeth, those teeth will be gnashing sometime and there will be no release. I am not catholic. I have seen what I have seen and know where I have been and I won’t risk it, not for him nor anyone. My faith is what he wants, my relationship with my main man he will do all to destroy. Thus far for every intended evil wrong against me, things are backfiring so I have enough faith to know that grace is not with him, the hand of protection is gone from him. He is a psychopath and he will serve the time as any psychopath for his wrongs.

  10. Anyway…She died of bowel cancer.

  11. I feel like puking! Can you imagine what it is like to see a man, manifest as a horrible old woman? The sayings drive me bonkers!
    In for a penny in for a pound! (meaning put a penny in and take a pound).
    They got my pound of flesh from me (meaning the exact opposite to the above).
    You have got too much of what the cat licks its @ss with (meaning shut your mouth and don’t backchat)
    Division: Don’t tell your father that we were at ChinaTown feasting on the menu- Lie to him when I serve him up boiled kidneys!
    Triangulation: I will take you to Housey (bingo) and you sit on the steps and use the colouring in books. Don’t worry about school they think you have something wrong with you anyway.
    Why are you banging your head on the fridge? Because I can’t feel (six years old). Reply from mother: Stop crying in your soup! Son, my N: What’s it like to feel? Mother: What’s wrong with you? Son: What is it like to be dead? Mother: You live by the sword you die by the sword.
    Mother: If you want to stay here, you better get a job to the nine year old. Son: Ok. Mother: Good you can go out all night and deliver milk to the asylum. Son: But how will I get there? Mother: Dad will fix his old bike up for you. Son: I can’t reach the pedals. Mother: Dad, put some wood on the pedals he needs to work for his living. Dad: Okay.
    Mother and the titty box: Pay your board son. Where shall I put it? Mother: In the titty box. What is the titty box? Mother: Stick it here right down my tits!!!!!!!!!!! Why? So dad does not know! Don’t worry son, I will take you out to Chinatown again next week! Mother: Money missing from the biscuit tin ( extension from the titty box). Who stole the money to the two children that were not blood? She did it said my N, no he did it said his half sister. He maintained his innocence watching her get strapped. Mother: found out realised she had punished the wrong child so mother, waited until the small boy was in the cold fatty bathwater that the whole genetic family had used first ( bodyhair, fat floating, left over cold bath in cold climate) and was shocked when mother ran through with the electric jug cord and whipped and whipped the body of her adopted golden child, son. The hand I know so well even though I never met her…….The same hand that through all of my loving and passion, flicks at me, with her voice (craggy as he hunches his shoulders and muscles) get out, go on you eard’ like some cockney and I am not even English. Do you think it was child abuse, the N said?

    NO Sherlock. The hell it was. Hey empath, do you think its right that if I was a little kid and constipated all the time, do you think it was right that she used a paddlepop stick? WTF? What do you mean N? I mean do you think it was child abuse that she would clamber over me and use an icey pole stick over the toilet into my rectum? WTF! All I know is that anytime there is suspected impaction of a child, I would be at A&E after using fibre and good nutrition. OH good nutrition: MY mother used to boil everything for hours, and you probably would have got more benefits from drinking the water from the saucepan, he said. What about the story about the birth mother small as she was appearing out of the blue, but behind a tree at the beach to glimpse her children? Mother took care of that too. She got the family to chase her away out of sight and the get out of here, hands and the you eard (heard) tell me that she was a bully in all ways.

    Nothing will stop her ghost, she continues to live in others and I would say to every person that has become narcissistic due to these demons: Do not give her your body to inhabit.

  12. I frankly don’t give a damn that she was raised amongst 8 children and times were tough! So was my dad, he was nothing like this! If I could literally grab her by her neck, no telling what I would do to her. She ruined her family and the future generations. So much that I had to suffer, “what is like son to have a beautiful looking mum”, so much that I had to listen to my name being called MOTHER! I have a frigging name and it is not MOTHER!

  13. NOW look, she has grabbed my own child, because my son, is ruined for life, his outlook robotic and narcissistic! Like the father that was infested and narcissistic because of HER!!!!!!!!

  14. What kind of a women takes two children as spoken like a hurricane, cyclone Phyllis and busts her @ss to get down the south of a country to extort the very young woman and man she watched on as they conceived a child on their living room floor!!! WTF! Oh my God, then not only removes the new child, but takes the three year old daughter to boot. Then stands the 36 month old toddler against the wall whilst holding the beautiful golden child boy, and preaches: You will remain a foster until you can prove yourself whilst telling a child of 36 months of age that the other baby she holds, has been immediately adopted!!!!!!!! I DESPISE HER!

  15. Not living one more minute in the grips of some revolting hardass matrinarc of my N. For me it is like she has dirty fingernails that have come up from the grave needing a body and that is her son and her children. I shall not have it spelled any further to my children nor any generation. I will take it and cut it and I will be victorious to free my children from her manipulative curse. She is not dead, she is living as an entity in my family and I never met her, thank God! I have been face to face with her and I am disgusted by her nasty and trickster antics. I cannot even see the N in any other light because he replicates her so well right down to the hunched shoulders in the kitchen where he should be donning his fathers freemason apron!!!!! She lives in him and therefore she is not dead! I feel like vomiting at her evil and her manipulations, I see the damage that she has done right throughout his family. I feel sick at hatred and puke it out because it was not mine to inherit by a determined ghost that is in limbo! HG she ruined your outlook also! They are evil spirits. How can you keep giving her that power within you? Stop IT! Listen to me, for F sakes listen, you are giving her what she wants! She is your lifeline and your strings are connected to her hands, be dead or alive- reclaim yourself and despise every part of her in you!

  16. HG why? Because you manipulate information. Do you not know that it is futile? I am going to speak this as it has just been to sent to the ministerial- I am going to make sure that the underbelly (mafia) of this mindset is the machine’ that drives new legislation. You can scoff at it and work against the status quo but I PROMISE YOU this is about your kind and not you specifically. No one does unthinkable acts to another and get’s off with it, especially when it pertains to my family and myself. I hear the echoes of you cannot change the world- like you once said, watch this space!

  17. Real Life Example.
    Kept a diary since I was young. NarcSocio Dad tells me around 6yrs old that I should keep one. FF to 9 years old. Go to write in my locked diary and I get to page and My Father wrote in it.

    Dear Diary….etc…Signed Your Dad.
    P.S. I may be mad that he did this, but I still like him_ love him_ (check one)

    I asked him why he did it. He said I have read all your diaries. I said that is supposed to be private. He said Nothing is private I am your Dad. Which box did you check? I said I am not telling you. He said well I guess I will find out when I read it tomorrow. I laughed and so did he. I know now that this is just one story out of hundreds I could tell as an example of Narcs having no boundaries and you are an extension of them. When I told LessVicNarc Mom she said “and?” She seen nothing wrong with it either.
    Truth HG truth. I’m trying to trust you HG. See how much I am sharing?
    I know, that was my first mistake.
    But I still like _ love_ you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you for sharing and indeed such behaviour is indicative of the sense of entitlement and failure to recognise boundaries.

    2. bloody_elemental says:


      I am curious to know how and if you retaliated against him?

      You mentioned on a previous blog post that you are sociopathic. There must have been some form of nasty retaliation for his breach of your privacy.

      I do love a good revenge story.

      1. B_E,
        Since I saw humor in this example, I did not retaliate. There were other instances where I would get back at him. These instances where of a larger offense. Remember he is sociopathic too. I was in Con Artist 101 class at birth. I love my Dad. I was his favorite. In fact part of what he wrote in the diary that day said, today I opened my big mouth and told my brother that Dad says I am his favorite. I should not have given away such information.

        I learned to wait for the right time to enact revenge. Manipulate the situation to get there. Have to add up the offenses then strike at the best time for your own advantage.
        However, I have stopped this behavior and now just have the tendency to exhibit sociopathic behavior in certain situations.

        1. bloody_elemental says:

          Hm. Interesting. Any time someone crosses me, no matter how small the infraction, there is a price to pay. Treachery is treachery.

  18. Debbie Ashley says:

    I don’t live with my current narc. I’ve pulled away because he was doing some weird things like coming in my house when I was out of town without telling me. The thing is I would not have had a problem with it if he had told me.
    I’ve had my locks changed and purchased a nanny cam. I do not spend very much time with him anymore and I don’t like him very much either. But I am afraid of what he might do if I completely break it off or go no contact. He lives too close to me. Should I be afraid?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Debbie, do not be afraid but rather be vigilant. You are right to pull away given the behaviours and if you do not break it off, he will only keep trying and increase your misery and concerns. Instigate no contact. You have taken the right steps concerning changing your locks and a nanny cam. I recommend you read Departure Imminent for more planning that you can do, and No Contact, then instigate it without telling him what you are doing. Prepare and build those defences high and you will be able to tackle his attempts to hoover you once he realises no contact has occurred. If you have any concerns about violent behaviour, notify the authorities beforehand.

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