New Paperback Arrivals

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Now available in paperback on Amazon




18 thoughts on “New Paperback Arrivals”

      1. I tapped on the link too, even though i don’t live in the UK. It strengthens my view that HG is reaching out to many people worldwide. It increases my admiration for this side of him, and how he is helping us (i know, i know HG, you don’t do it for us!)

  1. which are the new ones HG?? I bought all the ones that were on PB from the first launch.. in the list I see all .. can you please tell me which are new?


      1. yeay! Thank You!!!! Just let me know when You ready and I’ll send You a payment and address. I know You very busy so take Your time xxx

    1. only those 4 are available as paperbacks? I have Fuel, Splintered Malice and Sex as paperbacks. I’ve read those 4 too but want them on my shelf. precious art need admiration!

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