The Narc Days of Christmas – No 8



34 thoughts on “The Narc Days of Christmas – No 8”

  1. You all need to watch Two Girls and a Cup. I am sure the conversation will end on the topic of Fecal matter. Just saying.

    There was a stuffed poo pillow at the store. No crap. I almost bought it for my son.

    1. Ah Oh….not the poo in the cup discussion!!! That imagine….ewwwwwww

      Yes, I saw many Poo Pillows at the pet store the other day, large ones the size of a dog…this pillow, not poo…hahahahhah

      Who would have thought we would buy shit….literally.

        1. Notice noted. I like this side, please do more. Get your bad ass authoritarian self on the blog. Tell it like it is! Issue notices! I need practice on how to behave under a dictator next year. Nah, I will be my bad self anyway.

          1. Ah, you have your own Secret Service too! Its a new trend in executive protection, I hear. I may have to buy one for me too, on Amazon. Made to order secret service people. I want the brunette with a brain and a gun, with a size 13 boot. This IS how you get them, right? …Ahhhh, here’s one. “professionalism, experience and discretion”

            I hear that brains over brawn is the new thing in secret service.
            Good, lord. I hope the internet will not be censored soon. Shoot, HG, get to publishing FAST!! 😉

          2. hahahaha…you got duplicate comment control on now…nice! It was actually kind of funny, I thought my comment did not go through so I tried to resend and it said to me I already sent that one…LOL

    1. 1Jaded1,
      I love that you are keeping this all organized into a list 🙂 It makes it a bit more entertaining! I am now singing it. Sad sad sad…I think I will go back to playing with my bubbles and play dough here at work. LOL

      1. I’m not sure why I’m compelled to do this bc I hate lists. Maybe it’s to see it holistically. It is sad. What’s also sad is that my phone has it memorized.

    1. Ew I thought 💩💩 too… I have a random question, why does the Poo emoticon only smile? That needs to be an angry poo! And, no, im not smoking!!!!

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