The Narcissistic Truths – No. 150



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  1. It’s all pretend anyway, so it doesn’t matter. It’s fiction in your mind, it has nothing to do with reality. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what the sociopathic narcissist fantasy is, only that the public be aware of the sociopathic narcissist’s methods for the safety of society, until laws cover such individuals to protect society from these criminals.

  2. Supernova Magnate…. “Moderation” is control … However to be fair it is HG’s website … He provides insight and valuable knowledge to a Nararcisst’s way of thinking for free … You may be angry and damaged as I am … Use this site to gain the information you need to move on … We will never get the closure or treatment we want… You will have lots of a ha moments and know it is most definitely them not us who have the issue and it will never change … Use the knowledge… x x

    1. Supernova – I think you are a shouty fool who imagines his posts to be witty and ironic.

      However – so with you on the moderation thing. How very dare I be moderated!

  3. You try anyway. HOWEVER you have NO POWER to negate anything as you are beholden to stealing your power from others. You project your sickness onto others and need an army to back you up. You use props and deceptions just as a crackhead or junkie uses pipes and needles. You must not let the black foul monster (your colossal ego) deceive you. You’re just a pathetic junkie.

  4. I have a question. Why did the Narc never lovebomb me like I saw him do with others? I have heard him say some of the most charming and flattering things to strangers. Confess his public love for past exes. But me? He once said, “Why are you trying to drag it out of me?” What, the I love you’s he gives freely to others? Drag out just one I love you? Why would I never in person or public have been shown even the tinest amount of support or admiration he gave to total strangers? Was I really his dirty secret? I know I was when we were kids. But still the same, 30 years later?!

    I asked this somewhere else, but I can’t find follow ups easily with this format. But is there one type of empath that affects you the most? Like one that gets under the skin the most? I wonder if I was that one, so he reserved his best tactics to destroy me.

    The great lie is that your kind harbors secret love you just can’t express. So I know that my question is sliding near that misconception. I used to think that the answer was my self blaming issue of my injury. Things I found out tell me he will do anyone or anything. Was it just withholding for fuel? Or is there something about what kind of empath I am? Something about me in particular? A friend says its becausr I am too complicated, I have a brain, I am original, not mainstream. So huge risk to his mask?

  5. …and I do not care, my withdrawal with NC became an everlasting symbol of the narc’s criticism, spell none will ever break. I hope the creature inside of you is awaken and going to consume whatever left from your heart. Slowly. I am not in a rush.

  6. Ha, yeah – and your son’s – but we do indeed exist, and you have to remember that in the 8th of every month.

    Why do you need to negate others’ existence? What pain is that covering up? Only hurt people intentionally try to hurt people. Perhaps that’s the answer – so I can’t hurt you.

    1. And I can hurt you. I just choose not to lower myself to your level of existence. Death will take care of the rest.

      1. So how do I hurt this need indirectly? Is being paid monthly a reminder enough? I want him to constantly remember that I escaped and that we are grateful for our freedom.. but perhaps his defence mechanism will just not allow that reality.

          1. spectre
            synonyms: phantom, apparition, wraith, shadow, illusion


      2. Yes, every action you make it is because of fear. By negating us, you protect yourself of being hurt again, and of course this can’t happen again. Therfore, you must control others to protect yourself. You are twisting things because it is only way you can survive. If you juse healthy logic you know you have no ticket to “win” and therfore you are doing what you are doing. You have your own boss and you must listen to him, and he does not care for you, he cares only about his empty stomach. 😦

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