The Narcissistic Truths- No. 152




  1. Yes, that is true. But the effect is not always the one, you want to see.
    After suffering a long time, I discovered, what kind of person I am. I have now much more self-esteem than ever before. I looked back and saw all my good traits, all my successes, that I got through hard honest work. I feel much better than I felt as a child or a young adult. If someone critizises me now, I decide, whether it is ok or not. If I decide, it is not o.k, it does`nt matter any more. If it is o.k, then I look , whether I can change things or not. I do not try to please anyone anymore. Take me as I am or leave me. I am much more respected by people than ever before and they rely on me. Even when I judge them and tell them, what mistakes they did, they respect and accept it! and try to change. I have much more power and I like it. The difference is: I do not abuse it. Why should I? In my opinion it is weak. Power corrupts, but not me (only a little bit). I do not want to lie. If someone tries to fool me, he gets a blow. And they know it. (No comfortable feeling) I am now aware about people like you and they feel it that I do.

  2. Unfortunately it does.
    Nor fair that my ex is able to move on in a second but I still feel the poison.
    But a little bit of the poison drops out of me every day.

    1. LOVE

      Haha. BIG up for plus-sized. Was that intentional? JK. We’re healthy and for the most part built to stay awhile-not cut yourself on lol.

      1. It is true… we can feel this truth day by day when we think about him and serch on FB news about him or if he is on line… we are obsessed of him for long time after the discard and also during no contact. And he knows it.

      2. That is one of the truest things things I have read yet. It is all pervasive. From the mother who left when I was 9 and then introduced me to the man who wanted to have sex with me (but didn’t), who told me I was fat, stupid and ugly and no-one else would want to have sex with me so it may well be him, to my eldest son’s father who wanted nothing to do with us, to my ex-husband (not a narc) who just told me he didn’t love me anymore…’s the universe constantly telling you, you are not good enough and you never will be. Every foray into the dating world is fraught with insecurity and every time somebody else lets us down, it just reinforces that.

        I may meet the loveliest man on the planet – his only desire in life may be to make me happy and never leave me. I will not believe him. I will wait for it to come crashing down around around me and when it doesn’t, I will make it happen myself so I can say – see – I was right. I’m not good enough.

        I wish I had gone the other way – I wish I did not have the empathy that prevents me from using others the way I have been used.

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