The Narcissistic Truths – No. 178



21 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 178”

  1. i do appreciate your honesty HG, it is having a very unique effect on me, with what I am experiencing

  2. i’ ll do my best to stay away from that eruptint raging deadly volcano.
    Because i am one now too…
    I might be too optimis though.. …tks.. tks… tks..

      1. A number of things. Certain emotions, empathy, compassion, a capacity to feel for other people in a way that would make me feel good.

        An extra pair of hands.

      2. But, I thought you were perfect. I see some progress, or having smoke blown up our bottoms. Which is it? Feeling like Marilyn on a New York subway vent.

        Indeed, an extra pair of hands. LOL

      3. But I thought you didnt really have the desire to change and you got what you needed from being this way? Do you think its possible to ever have that capacity to feel for other people in a way that will make you feel good? Is it possible for narcissist to change that way? Is it possible for you?

      4. Hello KJ, I was asked what was missing, not whether I wanted those things. I already have the capacity to feel other people in a way that makes me feel good, it is called fuel.

      5. HG you desire to feel empathy and compassion?
        I can see the extra set of hands cause your fingers must get awfully tired typing all the time.

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