The Narcissistic Truths – No 230



20 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No 230”

    1. SVR the Confessions series and the alliterative titles contain various elements of my life, as does Fury. There will be more detail on my childhood and familial interactions in forth coming books. More on a day inside my wonderful mind in the books 24 hours.

      1. I’m doing good. Having sleep problems lately. I think it is from all this chaos in our world. I can handle a little bit but not a whole lot. Mr. Tudor, I’m almost envious of your kind. You function on minimal sleep and go through life unaffected. You survive off of chaos.
        I survive off of touch, affection, and love (whether real or perceived). I wonder if your kind was created to continue the human species in case of an apocalypse.

      2. Chaos, yes. Too much right now in the world and our country. I have to ground myself regularly.

  1. HG, which book of yours do I purchase giving description of the different types of your kind? I just purchased 2 you had suggested to me, fuel and fury.

      1. HG why does the narc not like wearing condoms? Is he not concerned about STI s?

      2. Oh I see. So your kind really don’t like us but you need us. Dependent on the very people you hate. A woman even gave birth to him. Unbelievable.

      3. I am confused. I thought that once someone is in the golden period, everyone else is second rate. Also, if you make a statement like “It was real, but it won’t be again. That feeling doesn’t come back.” is that just narc BS because generally the golden period comes back in doses in that fantastic push-pull of a narc relationship, or is it true? Just what I think I have a handle on this behavior, the goalposts are moved. Such fun!

  2. Someone to sit on lol.
    HG I have no idea why I want to speak to the narc but I do. Better just behave..

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