Sitting Target

sitting target

The book to read to understand what traits YOU have which causes narcissists to target you.

The book to understand which type of narcissist is drawn to you so you can identify them in the act and counter them.

Unrivalled, comprehensive and straight forward. Don’t be a sitting target any longer.

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13 thoughts on “Sitting Target”

  1. Mr.Tudor , is it possible that he made the mistake choosing me?That I’m not a right material for a narcisstist, not emphatic enough maybe etc?

      1. Thank you. I don’t think I possess those qualities mid-range elite narcisstist is looking for as stated in your book , therefore this could be one of the reasons he discarded me.

  2. People who have been in a relationship with a narcissist may also find useful the book “Chained – The Narcissist-Co-dependent”. I have read Sitting Target and Chained and I think these two books belong together. People who are not full blown co-dependents usually have some co-dependant traits too like poor boundaries, for instance. It is important to know what narcissists look for.

  3. Another gem! I’m not a people person, i don’t feel comfortable meeting new people.I think I scare people off , they’re afraid to approach me or I just distance myself . I have a group of friends, people who didn’t gave up easily, got to know me and proved themselves over time , who I feel safe with…and I’m generous, I would do anything for people I love or care about. He appeared shy, a bit insecure ( in personal relations) , quiet, well-mannered… He made me trust him using all his devil tools and he abused my trust. Lesson learned.I will now build my wall so high that no one can climb it .😡

  4. I am now in the middle of reading my 2nd book written by you, Mr. Tudor. I intend for this one to be my 3rd. These books along with this site have been invaluable tools in my journey towards understanding this disorder and protecting myself from future emeshments and damage. Thank you for your continuing contributions in knowing this largely misunderstood and destructive condition!

  5. I am looking forward to reading this and more of your books. I ordered 2 and finished one while patiently waiting for the next one. They are so valuable. Great stuff ! I saw that a person asked a question on a popular forum as to if Narcs have patients when choosing a target or victim. Lol
    The person who is a proffesional answered “they are not demons or vampires” …”they are people they don’t have victims and target’s ”
    Wow is all I have to say. Staying away from blogs because I cannot tolerate stupid people right now. I am in anger mode. Thanks for. ….”keeping it real !”

    1. Thank you for reading. Yes, there are many supposed experts out there who do not know what they are referring to (i.e. they miss that it is narcissism) or they think they know all about it when they do not.

  6. This is an excellent book. It really speaks to every victim of a Narcissist. When I read it I was amazed at how close it mirrored my dealings with narcissistic men. Anyone that reads this blog needs to read this book. It will tell you exactly WHY you became entangled with a Narcissist. HG thank you for this masterful work. 💙

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