Nothing To Fear

I am fearless. I am a pioneer who marches into new lands where I stake my claim because it is my right. I am blessed with my formidable powers that enable me to strike down my enemies, vanquish my foes and take that which rightfully belongs to me. Driven by my raging fury I will consign those that stand against me to oblivion. No wall can keep me out, no fortress will prevent my ever onwards march. It takes a special person to have no fear. Few are imbued with this for only a few can stand astride the world and survey it knowing it belongs to them. To be free of doubt, devoid of concern and unburdened by conscience enables me to move forward without fear. This is entirely necessary. Fear paralyses. Fear inhibits and stunts. Achievements cannot be secured when one lives with fear. New horizons cannot be reached with fear lurking on your shoulder. Fear will set you back and keep you back. I cannot be restrained. I must not be harnessed or withheld for I must always strike out. It is by lacking this fear which infects so many of you, that I am able to bring my greatness to bear on those around me. To live without fear is true freedom. As Evey declared in V for Vendetta

“I wish I wasn’t afraid, all of the time.”

Fear prevents potential being reached. Fear dissuades and controls. Fear is the enemy of progress, it is the opponent of invention and it is the foe that will quash your dreams as if they never existed. I am blessed with the capacity for knowing that what I will do will succeed and thus I am freed from fear. My plans in the workplace will be met with acclaim and admiration so that I am not held back in formulating and presenting them. When I enter the room, heads turn in acknowledgement of my ability. Not for me the skulking walk of the frightened who must keep to the shadows for fear of failure. When I approach somebody I know they will like me, want me and admire me. This enables me to succeed in all my interactions with people, from the barmaid to the chairman of the board. All of this is because I am free from fear.

You know fear all too well. You tell me of the stifling effect it has on you. The tremble it injects into your voice. The clamminess of your hands as you reach out to shake someone’s hand. The churning stomach and the light-headedness. The dread that washes over you as the alarm goes off and another day lies ahead of you seeking to challenge you and grind you down. You live surrounded by fear because you allow it to control you. You allow yourself to be governed by your feelings. You have not mastered them. You have not cast aside those that you do not need and instead you choose to be a slave to those feelings so that amidst them fear comes and takes you with its cold hand about your neck and pulls you downwards into a quagmire of uncertainty, worry and fear. You fear how you will be regarded when you attend a drinks party with new people. You worry about how your dress or shirt will look. You worry about money, family, health,friends, the environment, taxes and your sports team. You have allowed fear to permeate every level of your life and in turn it has weakened you and held you back. Look to me. Do I show fear or concern as I go about my works? No I do not. How many times have you looked upon my kind and remarked how we always succeed, how nothing bothers us and how we always triumph no matter what happens? That is what comes with being fearless. That is what being a leader, a pioneer and a titan is all about. I am without fear and thus I make the world mine.

This lack of fear is what draws people to me. They are mesmerised at the nobility that I possess. They look on in awe at how I tackle every obstacle with that unerring fortitude,driven on by my unswerving belief in that what I do is right. I am not bound my convention. I am not hampered by rules, regulations or procedures. Those are devices for the frightened. Artifical creations put in place to give those who are less than me, less than us, something to hold onto. You cling to these laws whilst I strike them down. Like a crusading knight I ride into battle and fear no defeat for victory will always be mine.

I fear nothing.

It is nothing that I fear. But I will not admit that.


43 thoughts on “Nothing To Fear”

      1. And Mystical Survivor of Tornadoes currently. After reading my nickname, Thinking about opennng a potion shop in Salem, smiles to self. Hehe.

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  1. Engineered. i think now what had happened to one of my sons when he was younger was engineered from the icky sister of my husband. nothing happened but the struggle of trying effected my son and his uncle beat the crap out of the cousin for trying. that word is making me see things in this family im in.
    i posted in this story because i get lost in your blog. this is my response from the cookie jar.


  2. HG, Very expressive last sentence: ” It is nothing that I fear. But I will not admit that”. Are you referring to the narcissist’s ultimate fear? The fear to fall into oblivion? The condition or state of being forgotten or unknown.?


  3. How, in what circumstances, have you faced death, HG? Since you have stated that without fuel, you cease to exist, I’m a bit confused.


    1. You must draw the distinction between death and ceasing to exist. The former is the physical death. The latter one remains alive but no longer exists because the construct has collapsed and I have been consigned to oblivion.

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      1. HG, if the construct collapses, you will not be consigned to oblivion. I do not believe that. You are beginning to know yourself through more and more introspection, aided by the good doctors. You need not fear – nothing.


      2. HG!
        Instead of letting this fear of the “false” construct collapsing dictate your need of fuel can you consider BELIEVING to build up a new construct based on different premises without the negative effects of the one you have now? Why do you think that the collapse/ deconstruct of your actual construct would lead to oblivion?


      3. I understand the concept it depends on whether this is achievable without consigning me to oblivion. It would lead to oblivion because I would no longer exist.


      4. HG….that makes me reflect about something:we maybe have a different concept on what is “existing”. So my question to you is: what is ” existing” for you and what is no existing”? For me oblivion does not mean the same as no existing…What is your reflection about this?


      5. Oh!!!Wait,wait ,wait..I made my “own” interpretation of your answer into something positive!! What do you mean by ” Being that I wish to be”? Can you expand your answer ? Please…


      6. Is that your definition of “existing”? ” Seen in the way that I want the world to see me”.
        What is your concept/definition of ” no existing”?


      7. That simple? NOW I am feeling silly for asking..I was expecting a long ,long philosophical answer😡😉😉but I will accept you answer…this time!!


      8. Consigned to oblivion. Written about that more than once . Very Zen to an empathy.

        My Roget’s thesaurus defines oblivion thus:

        2.1 Nonexistence.

        Inexistence, non subsistence, non being, nullity, nothingness.

        506 Oblivion

        Forgetfulness, obliteration. Lethe.

        918 Forgiveness. (See 919 Revenge)

        Forgiveness, pardon, grace, indulgence, amnesty, oblivion.


      9. HG, do you ever remember a time in your life when the dread of oblivion was absent or not as strong as it is today?


  4. Well, death for non believers is ceasing to exist. You must be a believer. A comforting stance that I wish I firmly grasped at this point n my life (I’m agnostic). Now, when/if the construct collapses, the real world begins, like your version of the Matrix, you do not know what is on the other side.

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  5. My previous N once told me that he wasn’t afraid of anything, not even the devil himself. It made me stop in my tracks.


  6. “Said prince charming on his white horse”…
    It’s a fairy tale, a mask that’s being put on a stage.
    I do believe narcs have no fear of being the jerks they are but that’s too easy; taking advantage of someone in love doesn’t qualify as courage.
    Try telling the truth, for instance, that’ll be fun to watch.


  7. HG

    There is one fear that it is healthy:
    ” The fear of the Lord is the beginning o wisdom, and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”


    “Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”


  8. I haven’t been in contact with him for 9 days now. The first week was hell and this week is even harder. The pain has been so concentrated this week and my being cannot help but overly indulge on the emptiness I am left with. How could the best thing for me feel so bad? I was not interested with relationships until I met this person who gave me the courage to face my fears only to give me a VIP experience of his show that paraded everything I didn’t want and more. I feel emotionally batterred by the realizations pertaining to the triangulations I wasn’t sensitive enough to notice before. Damn, it’s all coming back to me now. I was no less than loving and understanding. How could I be left with this kind of pain. I’d rather be the narc if this were the case. It’s terrible how I would have to go through everyday minus the habit of him. He did so well on making me think about him. Now I am left with the lack of power to do things for myself while he enjoys the embrace of his new primary source and the drinking with the secondary sources. All praises to him for being so good at what he does. I can’t wait to get over this. There’s no way to go but up.


    1. Hi StregthAchiever,
      I understand. Those first 30 days are like coming off an addiction. Trust me, after you get through the first month it gets better and better. No contact helps with this, like abstinence from alcohol or drugs the cravings to contact or fill the void goes down. Being here helped me stay strong and keep no contact. you will find a lot of support and understanding here.

      Hang in there!


  9. You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
    Eleanor Roosevelt


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