A Very POTUS Narcissist


On 20th January 2017, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America.

Various people have expressed their opinion that President Trump is a narcissist. This article is not going to be a detailed piece about whether he is or not. That is unnecessary and frankly, adds little to understanding. President Trump is one of our kind. That is apparent but hardly remarkable.

All US Presidents have been shown to either have been narcissists or have strong narcissistic traits. Indeed, some of the most successful and popular US Presidents have been clear narcissists, exhibiting significant charisma, magnetism and grandiosity. This includes Lyndon Johnson, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

This is not limited to the US. Wade through history, both recent and distant and leader after leader of countries, empires and dynasties can be shown to be narcissists. Other traits such as psychopathy and Machiavellianism are prevalent. In order to get to the top and rule a country one must have an unshakeable belief in oneself, to know what one is doing is right, to be unconcerned by offending feelings, to be driven, have a strong sense of self-preservation, manipulate, charm and inspire. Average will not cut it. Being an everyman will not get you there. Our kind do get there. Repeatedly.

It is therefore not a surprise at all that President Trump is one of our kind. What perhaps is surprising to some is that it is so obvious. Indeed, it almost at times appears like a caricature of narcissism since for someone so successful there is little or no credence given to the maintenance of the facade for which successful narcissists are infamous. The facade is there but with President Trump it manifests in a different manner.

If you think that this is going to be an article bashing or lauding The Donald then prepare to be disappointed. Go to your relevant echo chamber if you want to read about that. This article is to add the perspective of what can be expected from President Trump as viewed by one of his own. Naturally dependent on your perspective, you may regard it as good, bad or some of each, but it is a detailed observation about what to expect, from one who knows his own kind.

  1. He will get things done because he and the country are one.

Why is this? Donald Trump wants the USA to be great again. He campaigned on such a slogan. He wants this because then the United States of Donald Trump will be even greater. The US is an extension of President Trump. In common with our kind, he does not want to be controlled by his environment; he wants to control it. He regards the country and its people as an extension of him and he exerts the ultimate authority over it all. He wants that country to thrive because that means he will thrive through the production of all of the fuel that will come his way.

Like any leader he will face opposition to his plans. President Trump campaigned on building a wall between the US and Mexico. It may not turn out to be concrete all the way along, it will not be some Great Wall of America, but there will be a barrier. Why? Because that is his monument. He wants to create a monument to himself. This edifice which is the ultimate symbol of control. A wall, a fence, a barrier says “You can come in, but not you.” It says “I am going to protect you on this side and stop you on that side.” By creating this wall, President Trump creates a manifestation of his desire for control and also a physical and lasting monument to his perceived greatness. There will be attempts to exclude it from spending bills, to frustrate its construction but President Trump will see it done because it is his wall. It is him.

2. He will get things done because of an indefatigable desire to maintain superiority

In common with our kind, President Trump regards himself as in a class of one, above everybody else and why not? He is the oldest and wealthiest President in history. He has no governmental or military experience before taking office and he could not even rely on being a film star (although TV may half tick this box). Yet he became President of the United States and thus the most powerful man in the world. He believes that such a position is his right and entitlement and that the office was always destined to be his. To ensure he maintains superiority he will not give up. He must win every fight, he must ensure his opponent stays unsettled, belittled and whatever it takes to remain the one who has superiority. Witness the refusal to shake hands with Angela Merkel the German Chancellor. Diplomatic protocols and political niceties do not matter – he does what he wants and such an act ensured, in his mind, he held the advantage in that meeting.

President Trump’s stance on refugees is well-documented after he warned that admitting refugees from generally Muslim nations presented a threat to US security. Wasting no time, he issued an executive order suspending a refugee programme for 120 days. This was halted by a federal judge. President Trump did not wait around, he issued a revised executive order. Again this was halted by federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland. President Trump has stated he will fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court and he will.  A narcissist who wishes to maintain his superiority over his spouse when arguing about his late arrival from an evening of drinking will engage in blame-shifting, projection, denial, deflection, word salad and many more manipulations so he maintains the upper hand. He will twist and turn to stay on top. President Trump is no different. His desire to get his way will mean he will also twist and turn, order, demand and so forth so his superiority remains intact because to him as one of our kind it absolutely has to.

3. He will get things done because he is, from his perspective, always right

The Narcissistic Perspective which I have explained previously in Toxic Logic means that whilst we are looking at the same facts as you, we have differing perspectives. Those who are not of our kind find this difficult to grasp as they regard their perspective as the one that must be right and our stance is illogical, but to us our perspective is logical and right because it serves us and our needs.

This unshakeable belief in always being right serves to drive President Trump forward. It means that when he faces an obstacle, it is wrong and he is right and therefore it must be removed, surmounted or broken through and such action is also right. The maintenance of this perspective results in frequent and extensive blame-shifting. A Gallery of Villains is created who are shown to be irrational and dangerous opponents seeking to damage the righteous and right narcissist.

Take a look at President Trump’s Gallery of Villains, those who are to be blamed for various ills and who he shifts blame onto in order to remain right. Obama, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco (Marco Rubio), Muslims, China, Washington (“drain the swamp”), Mexican Americans, Democrats, the BBC, environmentalists and of course, the media, to name some.

Now of course it is hardly unheard of for an administration to blame others for current problems but the scale and extent of this blame-shifting is entirely representative o four kind and it will continue. Other people will always be at fault so target your annoyance, your hatred at them but not President Trump. He will not shy away from blaming anybody. His spokes person Sean Spicer has been criticised by President Trump, he is not afraid to chuck bodies on the bonfire be they longstanding villains or fresh ones, even from his own side.

By placing the blame always somewhere else and maintaining his superiority of being right, President Trump will continue to forge forward. Yes, he will create enemies, he will create protests and divide people, but of course he does not care. Why? Because he is right and they are at fault. 3 million protesting? So what? They are wrong and anyway it is fuel to him. Millions did not protest and millions voted for him, that is what he will be thinking.

4. He will use the narcissistic quality of victimhood to his advantage

This ties in with blame-shifting also. Our kind regard ourselves as victims when it suits us in order to engender sympathy, to derive pity, to manipulate, to achieve what we want and this is borne out of our perspective that the world is a cruel and harsh place where it  is seeking to do us down. By playing the victim we seek to blame-shift and avoid accountability whilst generating justification for our own actions.

President Trump is an extensive deployer of the concept of victimhood for the purposes of creating loyalty, stigmatising opponents and maintaining his stance as the one who will be the saviour. In his speeches he has referred to

“people that were mistreated by Government for many, many years”

“victims of illegal crime”

“American carnage”

“The jobs left”

“they’ve made us look foolish”

He creates a justifiable (from his perspective) them and us approach and of course that is in keeping with the narcissistic trait of split thinking. There is no grey. You are either with him or you are against him. You are either the perpetrator of awful activities against his people (and by extension him) or you are going to do something right and be loyal people (and by extension validate him). President Trump has no time for those he has painted ‘black’ with this split thinking. They are the enemy and have no standing. Again, those in the Gallery of Villains will be undermined through the application of narcissistic traits which leads us to the next point.

5. He will create his own truth

Much has been made of the concept of living in ‘post truth’ times. The adoption of a reality which accords with the needs of the narcissist is one of the hallmarks of narcissistic existence. The creation of a world where we are the ultimate controllers of everything around us, is important, and in order to do so, everything must be bent to our will to achieve this and if we cannot bend the world around us to do what we want, we create our own world, which is essentially Sigmund Freud’s extension of the latin quote

‘Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo’

(If I cannot bend the powers above, I will move the Infernal Regions)

Accordingly, this has led to the rise of fake news. If the output of the villainous news outlet does not accord with the narcissistic perspective then it is denied and labelled fake news. A new world with a new logic is being created and this will continue. It is worth making the point of course that this bending of facts is committed by both sides, since a slant can always be placed on news, however this moves beyond slants and spin but instead the wholesale dismissal of news as being fake and therefore invalid.

This creation of a new world outlook will continue and therefore anything that is presented to President Trump that does not align with his outlook will be dismissed, rejected and labelled in this manner.

This truth creation is a double edged sword. On the one had it maintains the belief of superiority and the ability to get things done, but it will also bring about conflict. Of course, that conflict will be caused by those regarded as being in the wrong and will lack any foundation of validity.

6. He will improve the US economy (but at a cost)

President Trump is a successful business man. He is worth between $3.5 and $10 billion dependent on who you ask, but what’s a few billion at that level? That denotes success. He knows he is successful. His self-belief (both based on achievement and delusional grandeur) means he knows best for the economy and in part that is right. His stance on trade which will see a more protectionist approach, his stated desire to create 25 million jobs over 10 years and his tax proposals will be achieved. This will see the US economy move upwards and there will be economic growth with a larger economy. Other countries will rush to court the US with shifting trade arrangements because the US is the ultimate trade partner and what it does dictates the global economy (witness the sub-prime fallout of 2008 as a recent example). Against this, the proposed enforcement of immigration will see millions of unpaid labourers removed. This will ultimately have an adverse effect on the economy but not after a period when domestic workers will be able to enjoy the boon afforded by the emphasis on hiring workers from the US. This will be a useful vote-winning and populist move but it will affect the economy so that the economic growth which will still occur, will not be as great as it might have been. The main cost however of this will be an increase in the deficit but President Trump will not care about that. It will be someone else’s fault and he will be focused on showcasing his triumphs through increased employment and an upturned economy.

7. Creation of an echo chamber

President Trump has already surrounded himself with admirers and those who think like him and accord with his values. Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State) worked for Exxon for 40 years and thus is a fellow rich businessman. Steve Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary) is a Wall Street insider from Goldman Sachs amongst other financial institutions. James Mattis (Secretary of Defence) is a popular and well-liked retired general who is known for blunt comments – just like the President. John Kelly (Department of Homeland Security Secretary) clashed with Obama on illegal immigrants between the US and Mexico. President Trump has installed his son-in-law as an advisor and his daughter has recently had a formal position created for her. This birds of a feather mentality ensures that he is surrounded by like thinkers who will accord with his views and provide momentum to what he requires.

It is not all one way traffic however. President Trump will make changes and volte faces as it suits him (as our kind regularly do) although any kind of allegation of contradictions, about turns or hypocrisy will always be rejected – it has to, superiority has to be maintained. An example of this is how in late January President Trump signed a Presidential Memorandum removing traditional military and intelligence advisers as regular attendees of the National Security Council’s Principal Committee and he appointed Steve Bannon (a clear Lieutenant) who is his chief strategist as regular attendee. By 4th April, the influence of HR McMaster (National Security Adviser who replaced Michael Flynn who had just 24 days in office) reversed those changes. This epitomises the compartmentalisation that we engage in. What was right yesterday, is wrong today and is then right again tomorrow and those decisions and outcomes remain separated.

In our minds the decision was always right all along and history has been revised in accordance with our narcissistic mindset and the need to maintain superiority (see The Revision of History ). If President Trump sees that it will achieve what is to be done, then he will make those changes. There is no dithering, no hesitation. The changes may contradict previous stances but not in his mind. His mind will always find a way to brush aside such allegations.

8. Frustration will cause achievement but foster resentment

In accordance with his huge sense of entitlement, what the President wants done must be done immediately and if not it is a criticism and his churning fury which is always there will start to ignite.

All narcissists have this fury. When we are criticised (which is not the same as criticism that a non-narcissist experiences) but rather, it is fuel free criticism and our fury ignites. Some of us can keep this under control, others cannot and it manifests as heated fury (physical violence, property destruction, shouting, name calling) or cold fury (cold shoulder, silent treatments, exclusion, sulking) .

President Trump suffers such narcissistic criticism often and this wounds him. His fury ignites. He does not go so far as to physically assault people, that is not his major weapon – Twitter is.

As a prolific tweeter, President Trump uses the social medium to display his heated fury and in turn the re-tweets and likes by the tens of thousands provide him with fuel which heals the wound caused by the criticism and his fury abates.

On the 7th February, clearly frustrated (and thus wounded by this criticism) of the dilatory nature by which his cabinet was not in place, he tweeted

‘It is a disgrace my cabinet is not yet in place, the longest delay in the history of our country.”

It was not the longest delay but that does not matter. His impatience and frustration is evident, something our kind suffers from and he sees no need to hide it.

Following Meryl Streep’s criticism of him at the Oscars, President Trump again turned to Twitter and referred to Streep as a “Hillary flunky” a clear response to being wounded.

When things are not being done to his liking and at the required speed, this will feel like a criticism to him. His fury will ignite and he will dismiss people, criticise them openly through Twitter and other means and take other steps to get done what he wants. This will have the advantage of causing matters to progress and people to operate through fear (love and fear being the chief reactions caused by our kind) but behind this will be a growing resentment at those who feel they have been badly treated as a consequence of these manifestations of ignited fury borne out of criticism arising from delay and frustration.

9. There will be no smoothing of the bombastic, straight talking

There are those who may have thought that achieving the goal of office and the standing that comes with it, then President Trump might somewhat calm down and apply some finesse and diplomatic gloss to his behaviour and words. There is unsurprisingly no evidence of that having happened so far and nor will it.

He, of course, as explained above is right about everything he says and everybody who disagrees is wrong. This straight talking has appeal, obviously to many voters who became tired of the coded speeches, political spin and doublespeak of other candidates and administrations. President Trump’s plain speaking means he regularly labels people (another narcissistic trait) and as mentioned above one of his biggest was to refer to Hillary Clinton as Crooked Hillary. He has repeatedly insulted news reporters in conferences and of course famously imitated disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski at a party rally in 2015.

This incident also evidenced President Trump’s capability for compartmentalisation and the revision of history (both of which will serve him in maintaining the upper hand) as later he declared

“I have no idea who this reporter Serge Kovaleski is”

and went even further to evidence our split-second contradictory behaviour by adding

“Despite having one of the all-time great memories, I certainly do not remember him.”

He also revels in taking hold of plain speaking directed at him and his allies. When Clinton referred to his supporters as a “basket of deplorables” this was seized on as a badge of honour and appropriated. Insults and plain speaking are in his domain and he will continue to use these devices to further his aims whilst turning the tables on anybody who uses them against him.

Such an attitude will enable him to get business done, to face down opponents but for every success achieved through this he is likely to create another problem through alienation and insult.

10. He will do what he wants

In accordance with the narcissistic sense of entitlement, failure to recognise boundaries, lack of accountability and preoccupation with unlimited success, President Trump will do what he wants. He considers himself unfettered and will adopt a Nixonian stance of

“When the President does it, that means it is not illegal.”

This will allow him to drive matters forward, he will consolidate popularity with his own supporters but he will draw challenges and disapproval elsewhere. Hence already his support remains high in his core supporters but his approval rating as a whole has fallen. Your opinion does not matter because if you are not with him then you are wrong and not to be listened to. You can be shuffled out of his inner circle and someone else will be found instead to provide the validation that narcissists require.

Furthermore, President Trump was democratically elected which means that this can only reinforce his belief that he is always right. His evident magnetism, driven attitude and bluff charm appealed to millions who felt let down and abandoned by a technocratic elite. But winning the electoral college vote was not enough to accord with this sense of right and entitlement. President Trump asserted that he would have won the popular vote as well if millions of immigrants had not voted illegally. Whether there is any evidence to support this assertion, it does not matter. This view accords with his sense of grandiosity – he in his mind achieved total victory because he will adopt the perspective which allows this to happen and this unlocks and maintains the right to do as he pleases.

Already, during his presidency, President Trump has spent 15% of his time at Trump owned or branded properties. Why not? They are his properties and he is President. He can do as he pleases. Mar-a-Lago has become the Winter White House. People criticise this mixing of official and self-interest but President Trump rejects this. He can do what he wants. They are wrong for a hundred reasons that the narcissistic perspective puts in place by way of defence mechanism.

This mixing of of self-interest with his duties as president has caused his critics to think this will cause him problems because of the emoluments clause of the US Constitution. President Trump’s lawyers disagree saying the emoluments do not apply to him. President Trump added clarification stating

“The law is totally on my side, meaning the President cannot have a conflict of interest.”

Again, he does what he wants. Again, this will allow progress but with an associated cost to those left by the wayside by this juggernaut approach.

11. Conflict looms

It is highly likely that President Trump’s administration will engage in conflict. This seems less likely with Russia (although of course his critics will continue to maintain that he is some kind of pro-Russian stooge being worked by Putin) but more likely with China. The US is the world’s dominant power. President Trump wishes to reduce the US’s role as the world’s policeman and adopt a more isolationist approach. This will occur and will be done for several reasons, one of which is to address the fact that China is a rising power. History shows that major conflicts are always triggered by the appearance of a rising power and the dominant power’s need to maintain dominance. One might regard this as an obvious response and one of self-defence, but add to that the fact that the Commander-in-Chief’s narcissistic self-defence mechanism to remain dominant and superior in everything, it makes for a flammable situation. Already President Trump’s tweet about Taiwan’s ruler congratulating his election ruffled Chinese feathers and the Chinese will not sit idly by if Taiwan is interfered with. Strong talking from President Trump is likely to lead to conflict between the US and China although the scale of such conflict is difficult to gauge.

Similarly, President Trump’s stance with regards to Muslim refugees, ISIS and most recently Syria will result in US intervention in the Middle East. He will maintain a firm stance against ISIS and terrorism which will maintain popularity with his supporters but will naturally irritate in various degrees the countries of the Middle East.

President Trump will put himself first which means by extension the US will come first. The two concepts are inextricably linked and this will cause tensions and conflict overseas but will bring with it populism and patriotic support.

There is much more that might be written about what the future holds. President Trump will continue to be supported by many who see him as the catalyst that the US has been waiting for and if this means cracking a few eggs along the way, then so be it. Nobody can deny he is a man of success – wealthy, President, famous – and that is because of his inherent narcissism which has driven him to achieve all of this.

He will have made opponents in business and now those opponents are lining up in academia, the media, politics, (national and international) and on the street in protests. This will not concern him as it is all fuel to him. Love him, hate him, but never ignore him. There will be those who will now be compiling a dossier of transgressions with a view to impeaching him in due course. The attempt will be made but he will survive it. This is because as one of our kind, President Trump is designed and engineered to survive. He will always have supporters and even his detractors will fuel him and cause him to continue. He has before and this will not change.

He must remain in control. He must remain the one with the whip hand. He has to be superior and everything about him is programmed to bring that about. He will achieve much and will cause division but that does not concern him. He will be challenged many times but he will have to be dragged out of the White House before he will go anywhere else and of course before that will happen one must have regard to the others of our kind who have a vested interested in one of the brethren operating in this rudimentary, obvious and effective manner. They will protect their investment. We always do.





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  1. maria, i meant i grew up around astrology, not narcs .my apologies. but my mom is insane she is the only one. we all gang up on her. she doesnt have a chance with us.but this is after all of us kids have grown up and realized shes off. but most of us married narcs. i feel for you to have many narcs around you as a kid. i like how you handle it.

  2. I had to stop reading comments after Maria expounding trumps’ moral traits “like other leaders”. WTH? Like “grabbing their p’s because they let you do that”. Trump University.. Claiming bankruptcy so many times, hiring illegal workers, and where is the dang tax return? Evil. God help us, danger danger will robinson. NO kidding, no surprise the guy is a narc – however, the fn world is now his, not just a harem or ten. I hope no one actually gave him the real code to the football.
    I need to take a break from Narcsite.

  3. So very well thought out and written. As a New Yorker and US citizen I have known of Trump for decades. In NY most of us are aware of how self serving and fake he is. It amazes me that America embraced him as they did. Fact is stranger than fiction right now.

    1. Thank you. I am not surprised that he has resonated with a significant part of the electorate P2017 although I understand your standpoint.

      1. In retrospect I do now understand how and why he won, however, I was not only surprised immediately after the election but deeply concerned for my country and the rest of the world. It has felt as if half of the US became brainwashed flying monkeys! Your article has actually given me some measure of hope.

  4. sweet comments.
    i dont read daily horoscopes, its not useful to me. my moon is in my narc husbands neptune and he can do anything to me and i will walk away and thinking why did i let that happen. i grew up around this stuff but dont really care about it. my mom just sent out texts to warn mercury retro tomorrow. i would like to know H.G.s age. or his north node. smile.

    1. geminimom
      i also grew up sorrounded with narcs and sociopaths..
      i have never hate them..
      they re- enforced empathy in me.
      is not pleasant being abused.. but i have learned love.. instead of hate.
      i do get upset.. but it is like that verse that says: ” love suffers long and is still kind.”

      1. Hello Maria!
        Very interesting comment…could you please explain a little bit more ?What do you you mean by ..” they reinforced your empathic traits”? Have you grown up with narcissists- sociopaths parents?

  5. superxena
    i like your : ” study case”.. interesting..
    in case studying one have to learn to see the case holistically.
    Especialky with Narcissistuc people.

  6. Superxena and WEB

    He is the president now for months and you haven’ t noticed yet his plans to implement more moral standards?
    One for example that it is very dear to my heart is the abortion issues.

    Or you rather have another war monger Bush ?
    Or wishy- washy Clinton?
    Or another Obama’s administration disaster ?
    The list could go on.. and on..

    1. Hi Maria! Trump has been very ambivalent regarding his position concerning abortion.He has shifted from pro to anti abortion.A person that shift like that DOES NOT really have moral standards( in my opinion)

      As far as I know..he just has prohibited US funds to finance foreign organisations that assist abortion. This is an economic decision..No new implementation of moral standards.This would immediately lead to the shut down of many clinics ( Planned Parenthood) forcing women with low resources to perform risky abortions.Do you call that implementing moral standards?
      I think that is exactly what HG was trying to explain on his article: without putting moral values on what Trump is doing it is important to see the real repercussions of his decisions…
      I respect your points of view…but isn’t it time to look through what he is really doing and understanding that these decisions are not as “moral” and positive as they may seem? A little bit of awareness is good to have! After all..isn’t it one of the reasons we are here on this blog? To gain awareness?
      Wish you luck in this process of learning and gaining awareness!!!

      1. Superxena
        I appreciate your sentiment.
        He is the president and i believe we should uphold him in prayer and good wishes that he will make the right moves.
        We are not to cursed him and badmouthing.. it will send bad vibes and bad result.

        1. Maria! Thank you.. We could keep eternally speaking about Trump. I have nothing personal against him. But I don’ t think that is the point of this blog.
          I see him as a “study case ” for the purposes of this blog. HG picked him as an example where we can recognise (all )the mechanisms to spot a Narcissist : how he i.ex. :deflects,gaslights,manipulates and compartmentalises. For me Trump is just a study case…
          It has worked for me to be more objective and less emotional…learning to make more cold hearted,rational analyses !!!
          Best wishes

  7. the gemini and leo in donald trumps planets tell he puts home first. and maybe being a narcissist he will be extreme.

    1. Talking about Sun Signs

      I do not believe the daily horoscope or such predictions..
      but i notice something similar with people belonging to the same Sun Sign of the Zodiac.
      Gemini are truly sweethearts, intelligent . inquisitive and good comunicators.
      Although can be very contrarious.

  8. one more comment if I may… as HG stated, the “WALL” is nothing more than a MONUMENT! any logical person knows it is not going to stop illegal activity… in the meantime, I move to LEGALIZE all drugs!!

    1. Ms brown
      I think it can slow it down a lot.
      What would you do?
      Too much open borders and ” free for all” policies have proven to be disastrous.
      It is the truth.

      1. where is that, maria? what is free for all policy? where is this the truth? oh and btw, I am a huge Trump fan and supporter, Narc or not…. and yes, irrelevant to the subject of this writing…

  9. too bad that this amazing insight written by HG turned into a quasi political debate….

    1. It is not Ms brown
      we are discussing MrTrump’s possible assetts to the U.S.A.
      And i am an hopeful person .

  10. Interesting HG, you approved of my comment about having read the whole article, have not approves of my comments in response to your reponse about my saying Fancy was correct that came first before them.

    And thee response about how you’re wounded.

    That sort of manipulation is a symtom of your wounding..

  11. Further thoughts, HG. Is it not the ultimate narc brushstroke that POTUS has the strike launched while he is dining with the Chinese head of state at Mar a Lago? This is like a Goldfinger move. I hope you are not experiencing pathological envy over this one.

          1. LA LA LA LA LA… I’m not listening, (hands over ears).
            Not hearing about polished domes this fine Sunday!

  12. The answers you provided on Facebook were very constructive. Never once did you veer of point or get sidetracked into a further political debate.Your responses only verified the true intention of what your article was meant to convey. Good job HG!

    1. Thank you Star. I am pleased you noticed (as did others). In fact all did, except one particular person. Tells its own story though of course.

      1. By my own admission I don’t know enough about politics to have an informed opinion so I’ve kept out of the political side of the debate but I have to say I am SO enjoying the exchange. It’s making me chuckle to see HG having to deal with what I had to deal with 24/7. Is it wrong to smile at that? The no logic & no sense & low intellegience & the complete inability to genuinely process what has been said of the FB woman and Vashti (one and the same perhaps?) is at best frustrating to most. And when you have to deal with that kind of attitude 24/7 it becomes so much more than frustrating, it becomes psychologically damaging and emotionally draining. To me, there’s a bit of divine justice there and I’m finding it amusing.
        No offence HG and I’m sure it’s amusing you more than frustrating you (which I’m glad about, truly) but even so I’m enjoying it from a spectator point of view. 😊
        P.s. so the article was about your own personal opinion of Trump rather than the narcissists view? …… *runs for her life*

        1. Hello Karen,

          1. By all means enjoy the sport – as you wrote I find it amusing rather than frustrating and in both instances I have allowed the exchange to be seen for the purposes of further dissemination of information and behaviour so people can see how it manifests. I have no need for fuel from it since they are tertiary sources. The ‘case studies’ arising from the exchanges are the point.
          2. The article was my personal opinion about a narcissist, written by a narcissist. It is as simple as that.

          1. Oh HG I’m sorry! The last part of my posting was said tongue in cheek and as such was supposed to make you chuckle. (Or even a half smile would have surficed) Failure on my part 😊
            Yes it’s interesting watching others disect and analyse. Unfortunately I’m still too busy trying to catagorise my ex. Maybe when I’ve put him in his box I’ll be better equipped to case study others. It is all so fascinating though and at the moment I have the ex somewhere between mid lesser to high midrange. Still a lot to figure out as he displays lots of characteristics of all types! I LOVE analysis though and it keeps my brain ticking.

  13. I commend you on trying to explain the obvious to the FB woman.
    The one question that kept popping in my head was that you said that typically two narcissists don’t marry.
    Yet we have Bill and Hillary Clinton, who are clearly both Narcs.
    Your thoughts on those two please?

    1. Thank you NAV, I was doing so because
      1. It was important to demonstrate the reality of what the article was;
      2. I was giving her a polite chance to recognise this and apologise, shift her stance etc – clearly she either could not see it (most likely) or felt that backtracking was too much for her to do and therefore could not do it and instead kept going making her look all the more entrenched and stupid.

      Typically they do not but it does happen. I have of course written about When Narcissists Collide and I have yet to deal with all schools of narcissist. The latter parts will address situations such as those involving Bill and Hillary which will explain why their dynamic has endured.

  14. Excellent article,analytical and objective. Very interesting to read what you think from your perspective. I have some questions:

    1. You speak about the costs and repercussions that Trump’s decisions are having (or going to have in the long run) not just in the areas of USA’s ( and world wide’s) economy but as well on other areas such as :environment,integration,immigration..among many others.
    But what about the costs and downsides it will bring to him? How long do you think he is going to push in order to achieve his ” legacy”. Is he blinded by his sense of omnipotence to that degree that he will push so far that he will eventually cause his own destruction?
    2. As you stated,he probably has a group of “your kind” that supports and protects him because they see him as a “profitable “investment ..but for how long do you think he will be profitable to them? As far as I understand ,there is no loyalty whatsoever among “Your Kind”. So he might well be abandoned sooner or later.
    3. Do you see any resemblance on what is happening now and the World situation in 1938-1945?

    Sent from my iPad

    1. By the way, all this analysis you do about Trump makes me think about the book : “Beyond Good and Evil” by one of the most known German philosophers. Have you read it? And what do you think about his philosophy in this book?

    2. 1. I do not see he will necessarily bring about his own destruction. He might conceivably be assassinated, after all, it has happened to other leaders, but I do not consider that this will happen. There may be an impeachment attempt. It will fail. He will remain in office and continue to drive forward in his own inimitable manner. He knows what he wants to achieve and he will keep going.
      2. He is the POTUS and therefore he remains of considerable use to our kind.
      3. I see a comparison in the clash waiting to happen because a rising force is challenging the dominant incumbent.

      1. Thank you for your answer HG.
        1. I can see as well those scenarios you give. Although about the impeachment attempt I am no so sure it will fail. Why domyou think it will fail?
        2. I agree with you BUT it totally depends on what you stated on your answer number 3.
        3. I totally agree with you..a clash is to be expected…it remains to see how it manifests itself. This is what is terrifying..
        The effects of all this are already manifesting themselves worldwide..
        For me all this Trump thing is like entering TheFun House.. With all these mirrors that distort the reflections,stairs that one climbs and climbs and lead nowhere, walls that are ” crooked “…

  15. Re: Fancy from FB

    Lets see if I can channel the ghost of Don Rickles…..*eyes roll up in head*

    OMG look at her! Was anyone else hurt in the accident? Fantastic Sam’s called they want to settle out of court. Do you share the same hair stylist as Trump? Nice scare-do. You’re so dumb you put a band aid on that hair to fix it.
    Okay that was mean. Forgive me fellow commenters. She’s entitled to her stupidity, she’s hiding behind a tree in her profile picture for God’s sake. Can we coax her out with a promise of a job building a wall?

    1. I just looked at FB after reading all the comments here about it, I had to….Lord! HG did a good job trying to bring her back to the point that it was analytical not political. She just couldn’t go there. This inability to have a discussion without the passion is worrisome. I say, pop a Xanny Fanny.

      1. I was actually proud of HG. He really did try to work with it. In real life I wonder what kind of hell would he have reigned down on her? I would love to be a spectator in HGs life. I think if I was his secretary I’d hold up signs like 9.5 or 7.8 behind his victims back whilst he shredded them. Office humor.

        1. Hahahahaha…and why secretary? How about associate or colleague, girl! (inner fem coming out). Office humor, I am sure, would be outstanding!

      2. I just went to see that on FB, and I’m so sad to see fellow human creatures with holes in their brains talking to each other displaying no insight into themselves and reality.

  16. I’m surprised that anyone would think Trump is a greater. I can only assume that because he’s made it ‘to the top’ and ‘has the power’, that they equate his ‘great’ achievements (for want of a better way to put it) with being a greater. The childish impudence *clearly* displayed, and regularly so would put him down in the ‘lesser’ end of the spectrum surely?

    I wonder how Nixon thought of his fall from grace. Whether he really could rise above it all in his own mind and maintain his sense of superiority, or whether his construct was affected.

    Lastly, I’m getting a bit bored of popcorn now…. can I have some of your strawberry ice cream HG?

      1. hmmmm… then however delicious it may be, I can’t afford it. Still pretty skint from paying the price before.

        I realise I could pay in installments of course, ‘on the never-never’ 😉 but the problem is that you’re still paying for them long after you’ve found out they are nowhere near as good as they’re made out to be…. like a DFS sofa. 😀

      2. Well yeah, I suppose that wretched advert made it more widely known, but it’s used across the retail sector anywhere that does Buy One Get One Free on anything. I now envisage that you shop in the type of establishments where prices aren’t displayed. ie: if you have to ask how much?, you can’t afford it. 🙂

        1. I rarely go shopping in terms of visits to stores. I do not have the time. I buy online and have recommendations made to me by certain stores.

  17. Well.. for me building walls to keep out drugs dealers and criminals it is a very good strategic down to earth realistic good deed..
    Because one cannot keep out evil by compromising or negotiating.
    Therefore if Donal Trump is trying to truly keep out a lot o evil and evil policies.. then he deserves a monument!
    And if it takes a Narcissist to do that.. then glory be to God.
    That is my sentiment.

    1. Hi Maria. Being an Italian woman, I wanted to get your opinion. Trump has often been compared to Silvio Berlusconi. Do you agree?

      1. Love
        😀 i am fully Italian myself
        Berlusconi??? Never.
        Berlusconi have zero gut.
        I do not follow Italian political wrangling as such , but just enough…. I live in England Love for many years now.
        In West Yorkshire precisely.

        1. Hi Maria,
          You live in England? Are you American as well? Just curious as you show strong support for Trump, I just assumed you were American.

          I understand you feel he supports values you hold dearly, just beware that he can be quite inconsistent in his own values as well. Because, as a classic narcissist, he has limited development in his own value system, it will shift with the wind, “as the fuel demands”.

          I hope for the best, of course Maria, I mean I live here so you always hope for the best of the “ship’s captain”, just not holding my breath.

      1. Hello NSS
        How are you? Your comment reminded me of a tunnel that ran from a town in Mexico to a town in Arizona. Many things came through that tunnel, so they say.
        A wall can be built, yet where there is a will there is a way, it’s a matter of making it happen.

      2. That is not the point Not So Sad
        the point is:
        he is daring to do something which seems outreageous, in that he will show his power..
        however if it is for a good cause.. then let the “abused bridges” be drawn back .. and keep the villains out..
        It is a practical principle after all.
        We keep our house safe don’ t we?
        So why not trying with a country?

      3. my thoughts exactly, not so sad…. because they already have demonstrated that they can/will do that (Nogales/Tuscon boarder)

    2. Hi Maria,

      I respect the fact that you wish to have a safer more secure country. And, even if we do not support the same politics, I do really understand your desire to keep certain things like drug dealers out of the country. With that said, that is a very difficult thing to do and a wall will not do this (in my opinion). It is a very complex thing to keep the US safe and I do not think Trump understands this level of complexity as it has never been his specialty. Further, his type and presentation of narcissism is getting in the way of seeing other views, which really worries me. Like you, if a leader is a narcissist and he does good things, I am all for it. Several in the past have. I just do not think this one is competent enough to make the changes that we all, as Americans, wish to see. I hope I am wrong. In my opinion, I think the way to keep “drug dealers out” is different than building a wall. I think it involves also investing money into finding out why people use drugs, how addiction works and why people sell drugs rather than get a degree or do more legitimate types of work. Is it poverty? Is it mental illness? Is it a poor educational system? Is it that the drug (like marijuana) is actually effective in treating certain medical conditions that we do not acknowledge? I don’t know the answers to all of this, though I do know that it involves all of this in the solution. It is complicated. In short, yes, narcissists can and do some great things in society…and some really destructive things too. I hope the later is not our fate.


      1. Indiglowsky
        I understand..
        But, let us wait and see.
        I read that Mr Trump and heard it from himself, being against many evil things like one big one for example: abortion…
        and many others..
        So i do not care if he is a Narcs or not.. .. if he has still some goodness to put it into some use, even if it would be for his own agenda.. then it is good enough for me..

      2. Hi indiglowsky

        I am not American.
        I am fully Italian.
        Born and grew up in the enchanting region of Tuscany.
        I was a Christian missionary in Bangladesh and India.
        But i live in England now for many years.
        All political leaders all throughout history have been under scrutiny .. its normal…
        All of them show strength and weaknesses like any other human being.
        However is when the positive strenght of character is pushing fowards to implement sane and healthy policies that truly comes to light the fruits for the benefit of the people….provided the adversaries knuckle under..
        its a battle..
        Although i am not American and do not live there… i do wish for it a good leader.
        And regardless the rentless hateful campaign against Donal Trump.. he looks as promising as he’s saying.

    3. Hello Maria!
      I find your comment really interesting! But do you really think that building a wall will ” keep out drug dealers and criminals”?
      I think the problem is far beyond more complicated than that.
      If there is a supply of drugs it is because there is a demand.
      In my own personal opinion building a wall between USA and Mexico will just force USA to search for alternative suppliers( as long as the demand of them exists). That in the long run will have a higher cost for the American economy.
      As for the supply : if you ask someone who usually “works”( or in most cases is unemployed) with a salary far below minimum wage ..if they have the opportunity of gaining 100-200 …more within the black market..what alternative do you think he/she choses for surviving?
      I am not defending the drug market or criminality…I am just stating that the problem is more complicated than just building a wall. In this case it is an internal problem that lies on both sides/sources :demand and supply …
      What do you think?

      1. Superxena
        Yeah.. i do understand your point…
        but one had to start from somewhere…
        and building wall it is a strong messagge..
        i know that it is better to build bridges… but if bridges building has been abused.. then it is time for the bridges to be drawn up.
        Like when they used to have bridges outside castles.. they had to be drawn for protection…

        1. Yes Maria..that is exactly what it is :a message, just a message (in my opinion just to stress his omnipotence) but a message that causes “more” evil on both sides… It is the wrong end…

    4. Hi Maria,
      Another fact I forgot to mention about The Wall…Trump’s punishment to the Mexican Government for refusing paying the wall by imposing a 20% import tariff upon Mexican goods would not really decrease the demand of certain products ( perhaps slightly) but it will increase the costs for the American buyers…so in the end ,it will be the Americans who will be paying the Wall at a greater cost.
      This is just another example of the many examples of the real long term consequences of Trumps policies in the American economy…
      Just an opinion..open to suggestions…

      1. Superxena , Okay
        But I feel positive about Donald Trump
        I am not into ” political correctness” that much… but what strikes me about Trump is his high good moral traits… something that it is lacking in many leaders.
        So let us wait and see.
        Let us not howl with the wolves!

  18. This is wonderful and so glad I stopped what I was doing last night to read it.
    As I have gone through and read the comments here today and last night FB, I see things are still the same in some areas.

    1. Hello Twilight! Thank you for your comment..I will say for me she ( Vatshi) sounds more like a low lesser…based solely by the way she redacts her comments..no solid arguments…that for me indicates a very low cognitive function….

      1. Hello Superxena

        If I hadn’t been observing this blog as long as I have I would fully agree with you, I have just seen some passive aggressive comments from her to which is why I added mid. That and what she puts off tells me much more then what she says.
        Thank you for sharing your views.

  19. OMG HG!!! Just read The fb posts … some folks just don’t get it!!! He is not sane nor a critical thinker as most of his “followers”. Just stand firm and do your thing… impressive!
    Still consider the post brilliant and timely.. so you knew about the invasion beforehand perhaps? (Loooove conspiracy 😏 Theories so please don’t disappoint me now)
    Keep up the marvelously job!!!

  20. Do you think Obama (including Michelle), Bill, Hillary, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are narcissists?

    1. Obama is. I have not considered Michelle. Bill? read the article. Hillary? Yes. I know who the latter two are but not enough about them to pass comment.

      1. All the people I’ve named, are narcissist. And Huma is the particular type of disgusting narc who pretends she doesn’t know her preverted husband Weiner constantly cheats on her and prey upon younger women only until the media exposes and embarasses her. She has no dignity. She’s tries to cover it up and when that doesn’t work she tried to make it seem like it was okay for a grown man to harass to younger women. Every other year (lately every year), the media is exposing kust how much he doesn’t (and never will) respect her and she’s left embarrassed with no self esteem.

        Weiner is a politician outted out of office and very unpopular, currently in court. Huma works for Hillary. The worl together because they’re two women who can comfort each other about not having any dignity.

        1. Wait, I thought the “media was the enemy”. However, now you are referencing them outing the disrespect this politician has for women. (Which I do not doubt, common among politicians in general, unfortunately and narcissist) Do you see what I was saying, we HAVE to have the press as a check and balance on the US government. I mean, this is why Flynn is out…because the press caught wind of his Russian dealings that was not shared by the guilty parties. He would not have been fired if it wasn’t true and request immunity if it was not true. The press has its uses.

          If we do not have a broad spectrum of press, we will be gaslit into never never land!

        2. Vashti, I respect you have your own political view. That is the freedom we all have. However, I fail to see how Huma is a narc for accepting her husband’s cheating. I look past her personal life and am proud of her for being able to rise to a certain level in a country where she has twice the obstacles: being a woman and of different ethnicity. Interesting the woman you find lacking in dignity has the same origins as your name. Knowing the hardships and difficulty in succeeding in a foreign country, shouldn’t we be united rather than blaming and shaming?

      2. President Obama is a super empath. It takes one to know one.
        Don’t you dare conflate this beautiful human being with your despicable kind..

          1. Would you care to expand?
            I think a lot of narcissists are misled by him because he presents an ideal image of a narcissist, the reality is he is a super empath with strong narcissistic traits.
            Such assertion though defies all logic.

          2. You are entitled to your opinion ED and it is always interesting to receive differing views. To expand would require an article for the purposes of doing it appropriate justice, so it will have to wait for the moment. Look out for him appearing in the series on famous individuals.

          1. Thank you for replying,
            Yet I am curious as to I have been reading many stating I am a super empath. How do you know you are one?

          2. I am familiar with the post, yet thank you for sending it, as to if not I would have found it to be informative.
            I am trying to understand your statement that Obama is an SE, and you know this because you are one.

          3. logic 101: would a narcissist fight for healthcare for the poorest and make sure the Affordable Healthcare Act passed the political hurdles in Congress?

            The answer is clear.

          4. Would a narcissist create revered art worth millions?
            Would a narcissist write music which has endured for several decades, resulted in hundreds of millions of records being sold and brought enjoyment to hundreds of millions of people?
            Would a narcissist invent technological advances which have impacted worldwide?
            Would a narcissist bring about the independence of a country from occupied rule?

            Just because good arises from certain actions does not mean that person is not a narcissist.

          5. Nope, narcissists only know how to destroy, they don’t possess the creative positive energy that comes with higher spectrum emotions.
            You are too busy gathering fuel all day, every day, and night. Didn’t you say that you’re preoccupied with your evil machinations?
            Nope, no narcissist has created or built anything for other people.
            I could go on with president Obamas accomplishments but I went to see the movie The Witch Hunter, which I’m still watching.

          6. Fuel comes in positive and negative forms and the creation of art, music, jobs, money, inventions etc are all outcomes which draw praise, love, admiration, adoration and so forth – all positive fuel.
            It is incorrect to state that all we know is how to destroy. That is the prevailing feeling from a romantic entanglement with our kind because the positive fuel goes stale, but the admiration for achievements comes from colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances and strangers – all of whom are more likely to remain in extended golden periods as I have written about.
            Of course we cause positive outcomes.
            Many of our kind are driven to succeed, want to be the best, want to leave our mark on the world and in doing so we create positives.
            How many pop stars, actors, entertainers are clearly narcissists yet they entertain millions through what they do, creating a positive experience with no down side – are you telling me that Madonna and Kanye West are not narcissists? Madonna who claimed she used Kabbala fluid to neutralise radiation in a Lake and a blatant exhibitionist. Kanye West who stated his only disappointment in life was not being able to watch himself perform live.
            Picasso was one. Steve Jobs – look what he created and see how he behaved with those who would not accept what he wanted and how he regarded his former partner and daughter. There is an extensive list of which these are just a few. Gandhi who thought that an entire government would take notice of him starving himself but he brought about the peaceful independence of a country through his self-centred behaviours.
            Your hypothesis that a narcissist cannot cause good outcomes and that just because someone causes good outcomes is not a narcissist is entirely without foundation.

          7. Yes, and Jesus was a narcissist too, with a secret agenda. Look how he destroyed all those merchant tables in a narcisstic rage at the Temple in Jerusalem!

          8. Oh HG!! Please profile some of the great and highly revered narcissists. PLEASE! I bet the debates and fuel frenzy would melt the walls. Plus, I love to stretch my mind on this too as of course some are harder for me to identify than others due to their great works. A learning experience for me. Shall you start with something extremely controversial, such as a god like leader as Jesus or Moses or Mahamed OR remain political like Ghandi or more modern like Obama or Hill or ….gasp…the Pope 😂

            I say this with respect for all my spiritually oriented friends. I do love those guys above too. And have an agnostic respect that is pretty deep.

            And, I’d love to see the “discussion” 😂

          9. Trying to interpret– meaning I should tread lightly on that request or keep my eyes peeled?

          10. Oh no! Please don’t do it! The comments will get very ugly. I will have to do 3 sessions of yoga just to be able to read your blog. 😉
            What can be said about someone that married a 9 year old girl? I know times were different then but seriously this will be destructive! Lets not create an underground empath cage-fighting ring.
            ❤ Om shanti shanti om. ❤

          11. I see a future book entitled “God, the Ultimate Narcissist” and I start feeling flames licking my toe as. I mean seriously, who gets so ticked off that they flood the world? That’s seriously some fury 🤣And makes a kingdom of humans in his image and sacrifices his own kid? PatriNarc?*joke tone* I’m so going to hell for saying this. 😈

          12. Indy, Bloody Elemental already wrote abt God being the ultimate narcissist. I can’t remember which thread though. Regardless, i’m keeping my eyes peeled too👀

          13. Yeah I thought so. From what I recall, she made a good case of it too.

          14. ED
            How was Jesus flipping tables showing this to be in a rage? I find your view intriguing to why you see this as such,

          15. Thank you I wasn’t sure.
            If it was not I was curious as to why someone would see that to be such.

          16. Well, apparently there’s now more evidence that Jesus was a narcissist than pres. Obama.
            Jesus flew into not just a normal rage, but what appears to be the exact replica of narcissistic fury. I recommend searching YouTube for the scene in Jesus Christ Superstar.

          17. I do find that interesting that you say no narcissist can do good, yet you are here learning from one.
            Is not this a good thing?
            Is it not a good thing for us to have a place to understand what has happened and others that understand to help support us when we are going through a rough time and want to contact the one we were entangled with?
            Was it not a narcissit that gave you “insight” as to what a supernova is?

            As far as Obama, we shall have to agree to disagree on him being an SE.

          18. Any positive outcome of a narcissist’s actions is secondary to the primary aims of undertaking such actions, it’s never the primary aim.
            President Obamas primary reason to take the oath was to undertake the actions I mentioned above.
            Any positive outcomes of actions taken by a narcissist are a by product. That’s the difference.
            Simply compare the obvious stark contrast between potus44 and potus45 and you’ve got the answer as to who is the narcissist, as the latter one is undoing all the actions taken by his predecessor.

          19. ED
            No one can ever truly know the primary aims of someone else. We can not even really be certain of the primary aims of the people with whom we are most intimate, much less people we do not personally know.

          20. ED
            I do not dispute HG’s description of the three primary aims of a narcissist. My point was that we can never be sure of another’s motivation and reasoning for their actions if we are not positive that they ARE a narcissist. Some people’s reasoning is flawed and will not even lead to their objective, some’s reasoning is purposely deceptive, other’s may be several steps deep to get to the real reason for their behavior.

            The point being that when someone we think is normal (non-narc) does good – even possibly great good that helps many people, we can never truly know why they are doing it. And if they are really narcissists? Many people who do or create great things are really narcissists pursuing one of those three primary aims.

          21. All I hear is you communicate is that we can really never know anything, and that is not true. You either are afraid to look objective reality in the face, or wish to stay comfortably numb and blissfully ignorant.
            As to Obama, I’ve done my part, I read his books, I heard him deliver speeches before he was president, I work hard to elect him president in 2008.
            I’m not confused, Ive done my research.

            And one final nail to the coffin of the Obama the narcissist is the fact that Complex B is almost nonexistent among black people. I’ve found scientific studies that prove that.

          22. Without wanting this point to turn into a discussion about race, because that is not the purpose of it, I have two responses for you ED.

            1. I would be interested to learn of the studies that you refer to because the ones I have found on the subject point to NPD being of a higher incidence amongst black people; and
            2. There are two words which blow such a theory apart because even though he is one person, the extent of his narcissism is akin to 100 000 narcissists. Those two words? Kanye West.

          23. It’s not about race, and at the same time it is, because there is no incidence of complex b among African black people, and in lower percentages among African Americans.
            The link below is a study of African American inmates that clearly illustrates much lower numbers of psychopathic inmates compared to white American inmates, and a complete, inexplicable lack of sociopathy among African American inmates: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2674783/

            It is especially notable because it corroborates my claim that NPD is not a personality disorder, it is a genetic disorder particular to the white race.
            Occurrence of this disorder among Asians and African Americans is much lower, due to mixing of races.

          24. Emotional Detective, I appreciate you citing your source for this information. With all due respect, I absolutely disagree. I’ve been with a variety of races. Yet they all had one thing in common: cluster B personality disorder. My experiences were with African American, afro Caribbean , and pure African … And I can tell you without a doubt that they exhibited the most extreme traits of the disorder.

          25. Hi ED and Love and HG,
            This is a very interesting discussion, how diagnosis and class and race interface and perhaps how presentations of a PD could be
            1.) genetic
            2.) psychosocial (including class, trauma history, history of experience of racism, etc)
            3.) cultural (cultural beliefs related to diagnoses in general as well as toward mental health services)
            4.) access to mental health diagnoses/services

            Or all the above, mixed together. Which I posit.

            ED, I like that you are asking these important questions and researching this as it is important work.

            Now, on a side note, one of my ex-narcissists was African American. In the places I worked, however, majority with PDs were white. This could be due to multiple factors, including having the money for treatment, culturally protective factors of support, cultural distrust of the mental health world, or even genetic factors (I do not know)…though, my thinking is it is very complex and no simple answer lies here.

            Nice topic to think about though, as so many things are more than it seems.

          26. I agree Indy. Cultural perception and trust of ‘the system’ are big factors. Also, treatment or therapy only occurs when mandated by the courts. In some countries, therapy/rehabilitation are non-existent and the only goal is for the criminal to serve his/her time.

          27. This is a part of my research for my book, which will shed light on true cause of ‘narcissism’. I believe it can be cured with genetic therapy in the future, and hopefully you’ll be able to feel like the rest of us.
            All narcissism is a lack of emotions. The rest of the narcissistic behaviors you describe are familiar to us as well. We do silent treatments, we triangulate, we do all of it, we are confident, egotistic, ego driven too, we are strong and intelligent, and we hurt people, and we kill too. All of it is magnified by a narcissist because he lacks any inhibitions that developed in modern humans, aka emotions. That’s all it is. A hundred thousand years ago all humans behaved like narcissists today, until we evolved emotions that enabled us to create a civilization.

            As to Kanye, I don’t know him enough to make any statements, I never watched Kardashians as I watch very little tv. But I am more inclined to believe his mother in law is a narcissist.
            Kanye as most African Americans is not purely black, his race is already mixed so he has white blood and white genes in him, which makes him susceptible to narcissism.

          28. Interesting and thank you for expanding.

            So you have written ‘all narcissism is a lack of emotions’ – so what am I feeling then when I experience hatred, jealousy, fury, pride, power, envy, antipathy, irritation for instance? I feel those. I do not lack emotions. I lack some, not all.

          29. logic 102: would a narcissist fight to repeal DOnt Ask Don’t Tell? Narcissists think homosexuals are lower forms of life, even homosexual narcissists will never admit to it, because they don’t want to be seen inferior
            logic 103: would a narcissist fight for equal pay for women, support Planned Parenthood, abortion rights? narcissists think women are inferior forms of life and they want to control women’s bodies.

          30. I understand your view and why you see him as you do.
            I just was wondering if I had missed something. Thank you

          31. I think I may be a super empath too (I may have evolved to that from the othe types over the years, however). But who wants to be a regular run of the mill empath or co-dependent? 😉

          32. StrongerWendy
            I agree. We don’t like to think of ourselves as run of the mill ordinary. 😊 For my self I like the term “energy empath.” Makes me want to do some energy work….

      3. lowsky,

        The sad level of your desperate supidity was already very clear along time ago with your first unecessary comment and you make it even clearer. 💅

          1. HG, Ha, ha! That was one of my mother’s favorite sayings! She often used it on my father and myself – to no effect with him, of course. He was a very grandiose, center-of-attention type narc – always telling jokes and stories. He would just agree with her, laugh and say how that reminded him of a story… Brings back happy memories!

          2. Out of respect for your blog, HG, I will disengage from Huma. It is so easy to jump in, stay hooked, and I’m starting to see how negative fuel can be tasty at this point. I suppose, though, playing with the mouse like an amused cat isn’t the path either. Plus I’m building an appetite. 😂 See how I get stuck? Good testing ground here, tho! *chuckles*

          3. Thank you for standing up for me Indy. That was very kind of you. I agree that disengagement is best. Negativity energy gives me heartburn. ❤🔥. Remember the good ol’ days, when the most controversial comments were my declarations of love to Mr. Tudor and Claudia changing names? Ahhh, those were innocent times. “We were young and wild and free”… How did Bryan Adams get in there? Anyhoo… I forgot what we were talking about. Sending you 💜💜💜

          4. Hi Love
            I do, I do! I actually almost asked you to cue Michael Jackson, BeatIt and bring the leather. Haha

      4. I am not stupid. I didn’t use the word desperate for nothing dear💅

        Desperately attending to someone NO MATTER THEE INTENT, for any reason that’s nonbeneficial amongst their own sad selves is very very stupid. Especially when they have not achieved the results they so badly wanted.

        Stupid? They’re embarassed too 💅

          1. Stupid is as stupid does
            All over a horrible song you didn’t agree to like or the fact they kept claiming they had something on you yet failed to provide this proof.

      5. You’re stupid.. And you try to hide that by selectively not approving my responses that proves that.

        1. Thank you for the amusement. Believe me, I am far more intelligent than you. That was the case even before you started with your posts. Your other posts are in moderation because they are duplicates of what you have already written (perhaps you cannot recall what you have written or you are so caught up in your fury that you feel a need to write the same thing again) or because they do not make any sense.

          1. Thank you for keeping duplicate rantings for me to have to filter through in my email. A very non-stupid move!

      6. E.D.

        ” President Obama is a super empath. It takes one to know one. Don’t you dare conflate this beautiful human being with your despicable kind..”


        “How do you know you are one?”

        😂 HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA ! 😂


      7. Intruiging discussion, especially your comments, HG.
        Not so sure about Steve Jobs, though … hm … Your examples would show though that there are narcissists open to spirituality (or at least claiming to be).
        Gandhi is a good one. I just tossed his book yesterday.
        Many Gurus are narcissists. Ah, sorry, this is not the Holy Narcissist post.

        Obama a super empath ….. Healthcare act out of goodness …. *laughing tears*

        1. Ava101
          Many spiritual leaders are narcissists. And ordinary narcs can certainly seem very spiritual as well. Since they are very grandiose they can feel that God made them extra special and that they are special instruments of God.

      8. Re: can a narc do anything that benefits others?

        I have to say that I was very sceptical about this idea when I started reading HG. I had associated doing good with being good, a notion that HG expertly manipulates. But alas, here was a self proclaimed narc explaining coded behaviours and encouraging those in need to “seize the power” from their tormentors. How do I reconcile such an anomaly?

        I now realize that although romantic narc entanglements are devastating, it is only one facet of their life. Outside of romantic entanglements, there seems to be a somewhat different dynamic at play and it allows good things to come from a narc, as long as they are unintentional byproducts. HG openly admits he has his own undisclosed ‘aims’ in writting this blog and if his posts happen to help others, so be it. So why can’t that apply to other narcs who have ambitions in more public spheres (business, social movements, government)?

        It’s not difficult to imagine a narc exploiting the benefits of being associated with something that serves the greater good as they covertly work towards an entirely different goal. To me that seems not only possible, but quite plausible. Even Trump may seem to act altruisticly (recent Syrian targets for deaths of children), but it will always first and foremost serve his own ends. For me, public figures not acting on consistent principles is a red flag. So in Trump’s case, why has he never before spoken out or showed concern about children dying in other Syrian attacks or in other war zones?

        The one constant in both private and public spheres seems to be a narc’s cunning, which probably varies widely. Right or wrong, that’s what I’ve been able to piece together so far. Your thoughts HG?

      9. “That is untrue. You can not prove it. You’re only aayong that because I’m a threat to you as you’re manipulative dark arts do not work on me.”

        Hilarious. 😀 😀 😀

    2. Francy is right, because as I’ve myself immediately noticed… absolutely none of thee 11 “points” you’ve typed makes him a narcissist at all… And some are entirely inaccurate to begin with…

      Also, as stated in my first comment, he can do that. He does have to like who he does like.

      This particular blog of yours is not an example of your side.. Thee only thing narcissist about the article was trying to make it into one because in and of itself it’s incorrecy to begin with amd Fancy was keen enough to notice that.

      She’s also correct about some of thee other commentors who pray to you as well. It was calling her a bitch that was stupid especially when they should’ve been minding their business.. Your, grown.

      1. 1. You noticed immediately yet it has taken you this long to comment and you do not actually offer any explanation.
        2. You have also failed to understand (yet again). The article was not about WHY he is a narcissist but to explain what behaviours would follow from being a narcissist.
        3. Fancy (not Francy) actually accepted a number of the points. She stated as such in her first post.
        4. How can they be inaccurate when it is an article about what is likely to happen based on my perspective?
        5. Your second paragraph makes no sense.
        6. It is not inaccurate at all. Fancy’s issue was the omission of Obama as a narcissist that was what got her all worked up and then she started arguing with other commenters but did so about politics not about narcissism which entirely missed the point.
        7. Your final paragraph is difficult to understand. For the avoidance of any doubt, I did not call her a bitch, another commenter did.

        Unfortunately for you, the advancement of a constructive discussion is outside of your reach and you are just resorting to contrarian behaviour as exhibited recently. As can be seen repeatedly here, people can express contrary opinions and I encourage debate. I will disagree at times and with force, other times I agree or at least understand the perspective. The comments bear that out. This will not be recognised however for reasons which are patently obvious so I shall just start spooling out the rope again.

      2. 1) I did not wait. My very firat comment was about how he could do that. In other words, there’s nothing weong with calling Hillary crooked or refusong to shake Merkel’s hand. So your lying again yet again…

        2)You’ve missed the point. The point was that you simply couldn’t use Trump as an example, because he doesn’t apply. Hence point 1 of this comment.

        3)When I mentioned your 11 “points”, I was speaking for myself.

        4) As you already know, I was not talking about what you’re predictions were. I was walking about the things were trying tk state as fact.

        5)Yes it does.

        6)Not that was not her main issue with you. Furthermore, she was not agruing with commentors. It was her comment to you they were under. They were the omes arguing with her and she was responding back to them. Either way, she could do that.

        7) I didn’t say you called her a bitch. You know meant anothwr commentor, hence why you mention them in your 6th point.

        “Unfortunately for you, the advancement of a constructive discussion is outside of your reach and you are just resorting to contrarian behaviour as exhibited recently. As can be seen repeatedly here, people can express contrary opinions and I encourage debate.”

        That is untrue. You can not prove it. You’re only aayong that because I’m a threat to you as you’re manipulative dark arts do not work on me.

        Unfortunately for you, your so called greater gets wounded and quite easily. It frustrates you every time I (and as I’ve now and notice before ) any nobody calls you out.. You’re a narcissist. I’m your enemy and you need fuel. I get it.

          1. Fair question Ms Brown. I have responded for two reasons

            1. To correct errors; and
            2. To demonstrate the nature of a particular dynamic which I believe is instructive to readers and will enable people to test their new found knowledge and skills.

            I have not engaged in extensive answers as it does not as you identify, warrant doing so and I have also removed posts which were duplicates and nonsensical.
            I take the view that there are many outcomes and dynamics that appear on this blog. From constructive robust people looking to learn and move forward, from very hurt and angry people, people who are confused, people who are borderlines, those who are narcissists but do not realise, those who have other conditions and therefore I think it is useful to allow these all to be exhibited. Of course, it is not something I allow to rumble on forever once the point has been demonstrated.

          2. “From constructive robust people looking to learn and move forward, from very hurt and angry people, people who are confused, people who are borderlines, those who are narcissists but do not realise, those who have other conditions and therefore I think it is useful to allow these all to be exhibited.”

            That is so interesting to me personally HG. I think I fit into all the categories above save narcissist. I’ve been confusing myself lately by questioning if I have Borderline personality disorder rather than suffering with C-PTSD. I understand the symptoms are similar but maybe my psychologist got it wrong…maybe I actually have BPD? It’s testament to your keen analytic eye that you can recognise different traits in different people pretty rapidly. How I wish I had that gift! I STILL think the best of people even though I should’ve learnt my lesson by being burnt.
            Once again, thank you very much HG.

      3. Vashti,
        There is a limit even for the most patient person. It is really irritating to read your non constructive comments. So I would ask you some questions. Depending of course on the way you answer will speak for itself:
        1. Why are you on this blog?
        2. Have you had any personal experience in the dynamics empath- narcissist.
        3. Are you a narcissist?
        4. Why are you so aggressive ?

      4. supper,

        First ask yourself a vital question dear… Why are you even saying something to me to begin with..? – Because I really don’t know what makes you even think you can.. 💅

      5. Vashti…Thank you for your “answer”. It speaks for itself …it clearly answers my question number 3.

        There is a limit even for the most patient person. It is really irritating to read your non constructive comments. So I would ask you some questions. Depending of course on the way you answer will speak for itself:
        1. Why are you on this blog?
        2. Have you had any personal experience in the dynamics empath- narcissist.
        3. Are you a narcissist?
        4. Why are you so aggressive?

        1. Hi Superxena,
          Yeah, I am with ya and/or she’s into getting a rise out of people and is into stirring the pot (tasty fuel) and either way it’s not respectful or productive. One can be a narcissist and still have intelligent respectful convo. Some of the best debaters are narcissists! Not in her wheelhouse I guess.

          Oddly enough, I have this odd urge to get a manicure 😂

          1. Indy! Ha.ha..you really made me laugh..actually the only thing her comments motivated me to was to change the colour of my fingernails! Well…first it was irritating now she is more like study material.. Perhaps you can help me figuring out which school and cadre she belongs to? First I thought a Low Mid Ranger…but then since she has no awareness whatsoever of who she is / or she is denying it she would fit the Lesser school. What do you think?
            I have to confess that I had to do some homework and went back to my notes…HG’s articles : ” The Fuel Matrix” Part one and Part two were very helpful. I quote HG’s paragraph describing the Lesser and the LMRN:
            ” The Lesser School
            Beginning with the Lesser school of narcissist. Recognised through his lower cognitive function, lower control threshold, propensity to erupt with heated fury, aggression and lower energy levels. As you know, there are three divisions within the Lesser School. There are differing considerations applicable to those three divisions.”

            The Lower Mid-Range Narcissist (“LMRN”)
            The LMRN is of reasonable cognitive function. He has no awareness as to what he is. Whilst passive aggressive features are the forte of the Mid Ranger Narcissist, as a lower, he does gravitate towards the aggression of the Lesser Narcissist. This means that when there is an ignition of fury, the relevant victim may well experience the manifestation of physical violence. There is not the blunt fury of the Lesser, but the risk of being punched or kicked is there. The LMRN, when heated fury is ignited, will respond at times by throttling the victim. There are potential substance abuse issues evident with the LMRN also. He or she will work and have a reasonable job albeit it is unremarkable.”

            Help me out here: which school do you think she belongs to?

            This comment may seem cruel….I am usually a love devote,decent,compassionate,moral compass and caring empath…but as a Super Empath..one reaches the point of enough. I agree totally with you…just because one person is a narcissist …doesn’t mean that they have to be disrespectful..specially with persons they do not even know…
            Always rewarding ( funny sometimes)and educational reading your comments … Are you a Super Empath?

          2. Hello strongerwendy!
            Completely agree with you! Thank you for your contribution! Which elements do you think define her as a Lesser?

          3. Hi SuperXena,
            I say we paint the town red 😂
            I do not know enough about her (or maybe him?) to classify honestly. I think the best strategy for this one is no contact/ignore, despite how tempting it is to try to make sense of her contrariness and engage.

            I don’t know, labels are tricky for me. I do not like boxes and categories but I see the use for them. I suspect I am a Super based on HGs descriptions though I cross into others as well and seem to be an energy type as well. All I do know about myself is once I’m crossed (which usually takes time), it’s on. 😂

          4. Hi Indy!
            I understand your position… For me her/his comments are working as study material…it is impressive to see how a Lesser reacts very instinctivly…My ex was a Greater so this is my first encounter with a Lesser..It surely differs significantly the way they operate depending on which school they belong to. I understand that you do not like ” boxes”..but the classification that HG makes of Schools and Cadres has made me understand and seize MANY loose ends. Besides….it is really unfair that she/he is acting so disrespectful not only against HG but to many others bloggers. It is like she/he wants to sabotage the hard work that is put in here for learning,sharing healing and finding new ways in a respectful and constructive environment..Ignore her/him if it is the best for you… Doing this helps me in training to be more objective and less emotional…well at least trying😀
            Best wishes😀

          5. Hi SuperXena,
            I think labels are definitely immensely useful. It’s my job actually as a diagnostic not to work in categories and labels. They can be very helpful in many ways. And limiting in other ways. It is one of the reasons I hold back here. I do it for work and I do not fit neatly in a box in real life in other areas. I do value their use and HG’s categories are insightful and I respect the amount of keen observation of human nature required to create his own categories, some more useful than standard diagnoses offered currently.
            I’m practicing a skill I need to strengthen here, not getting caught up in trying to make sense of the illogical. And knowing when to step away when logic is no longer Heard. I like to give everyone a chance and try to understand and this was a good “batting around the mouse” for my training 😂
            Best 🍿🍿🍿I got popcorn tho 😂

          6. Hello Indy!
            Thank you for sharing your healing journey with me. It is interesting to read about the many different ways we the empaths are struggling with in this journey!
            I can imagine that finding some logic in what your ex narc did or say was a hard task for you. Somewhere on the way I stopped trying finding logic on my ex narc behaviours and accepted that there was no logic under my perspective. He had his “own” ( bizarre for me ) logic and I had mine…
            I agree with you about HG’ s work and his keen observation of the human kind…Curious that the ” boxes”/ division he has structured of Narcissists and Empaths was the ONE thing that helped me the most…When I read about this…the many pieces of a strange puzzle suddenly fitted. I had then (in a box with my puzzle ) more clearly what I am dealing with.. I do not try to understand why now…but I am relieved to know the “WHAT”😀
            I find it hard though to “place” HG in this Blog “Matrix..”on the one hand it is hard not to feel some (intellectual )connection with him…but in the other the fact that he really does not have any ” connection” with people brings me back to reality of who he really is.. Strange ..isn’t it?
            Enjoy your popcorn😀It is time for me to have some quality time with my wonderful 15 year old son😀😀

          7. Hello Superxena

            Whatever they were trying to prove of HG they proved to be themselves, in this showed an example in action of what to look for. I would go with lessor mid in the way HG has categorized things.

          8. Vatshi! You provide us with plenty of study material here on this blog…so keep on ,by all means! We are almost unanimous on which school of narcissists you belong to….So follow the thread😉
            Perhaps we should open a tread named: “Which school of narcissists does Vatshi belong to? ” Please vote. I am sure plenty of blogers are willing to participate! You are also welcome to participate in this pole!

      6. Ha ha ha 😂. If you believe any part of you holds any bit of relevance, by all means whatever relevance you see, you entitled to 💅

      7. lowsky,

        Maybe you should also invite supper and then maybe the two of you can stop thinking about me.

        My greatest thanks,


      8. Wendy,

        Your on a blog by an anonymous person voluntarily engaging in what’s none of your business because you’re pushing 50 & still don’t have your priorities straight… – No wonder you’re here seeking what should’ve been for you elementary advice.

        1. Not only are Lesser traits pouring out, never have I seen such a polarized display of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
          It is when someone is so incompetent, they think they are exceptionally skilled. The higher the confidence level, the higher the incompetency.

  21. I read the comments on FB last night and I have to say i admire your patience in explaining people over and over again that this is an analytical piece from the narcissists perspective not a political stand.

    1. Thank you ABW. It was interesting and the reaction of one lady provided considerable amusement to me. It was clear from the article that is was an article about how to expect a narcissist to behave, who just happens to be POTUS, written by a narcissist but she just could not get it. Reading it you can see that it is balanced and essentially states – “Since he is a narcissist he will get things done but will alienate people along the way but that is not a concern”. Nowhere in the article do I state “this is good” or “this is bad” the reader can work out themselves if they regard such behaviour as good or bad and I credited (most) with the intelligence to understand that.

      I think what got her panties in a twist was the fact that I did not say Obama was a narcissist in the article nor have I written a similar piece about him. Unfortunately for her she turned it into a political rant, completely missed the point and made herself look stupid.

        1. I never got around to doing that, I was too busy laughing at the image of her stamping her feet, frantically searching for memes and jabbing her keyboard. Probably still hammering away.

      1. She was still going strong thru the night until a few hours ago. It’s her new cause to make people understand Obama is the bigger Narcissist.
        HG you deplorable Liberal…

          1. Oops you did it again… stirring the pot with the tertiary sources that you DON’T get any fuel from but they think they got your number. Lol
            But sure, I’ll play along. Poor, poor wounded HG, let Clarece make it all better!

          2. Exactly right Clarece. If they took the time to read and digest (as nearly all people do who read and comment) they would get this, but a very small number do not and that usually reveals something about them.

            Yes, feed me fuel! I am so devastated!

        1. Hi MLA,
          Hahaha, that made me nearly spit coffee!! You know, one thing I love about this blog is that we can be conservative or liberal and still have good analysis and conversation, save a few.

          Hey, HG, wanna join me on my next march/protest 😉 I will even let you throw some meat pies! However, when those cops come, I am outta there with the ACLU. Unless you are a lawyer—then we are besties(jk)

          1. I will have a Kardashian sister give you a Pepsi 😉
            (I actually have respect for law enforcement and military, it takes a lot of courage to protect the masses)

          2. Lol – Glad I gave you a chuckle. I’m rather fond of the SNL commercial with Scarlet Johannson as Ivanka wearing COMPLICIT perfume too.

      2. Love,

        There is somethig very wrong with men to disrespect you amd support the haraasment of younger women. It is weakness. Why can’t she accept being respected with better treament than that from a man instead. No respecting woman should settle for less.

        She did not”rise” and she didn’t not rise because of any “struggle as a woman or her ethnicity” pr becaiae of any work. She got down low and dirty and fails at trying to hide it. RISING, is when to you are a dignified women who settles for no bull shit and NEVER condones ‘second class’ behavior from men. Speaks up about and against men who has nasty behavior of her husband.

        That you would even ask such a question and as though I failed to mention how I already provided reason for how shes, says a whole lot about you.

        Just because she’s a women or a type of ethnicity, doesnt mean that I have to respect or support nasty evil habits. I don’t. Never will. Neither her being a women nor a certain ethnicity jas nothing to do with this anyway.

        “Interesting the woman you find lacking in dignity has the same origins as your name. Knowing the hardships and difficulty in succeeding in a foreign country, shouldn’t we be united rather than blaming and shaming?”

        She does not have the same origin as my name. And whether we are from the same origin has nothing to do with it. One doesn’t have to respect a person just because they’re of the same origin.

        We can blame and shame as necessity requires. And if she was so proud about herself, she wouldn’t allow a man to treat her as such, and repeatedly. She herself ia not united.

        Thank GOD, she’s not a woman in my origin.

      3. Love,

        There is something very wrong with staying and supporting men that disrespect you and supporting the harassment of younger women. It is weakness. Why can’t she accept being respected with better treament than that from a man instead. No respecting woman should settle for less.

        She did not”rise” and she didn’t not rise because of any “struggle as a woman or her ethnicity” of because of any work. She got down low and dirty and fails at trying to hide it. RISING, is when you are a dignified women who settles for no bull shit and NEVER condones ‘second class’ behavior from men. Speaks up about and against men who has the nasty behavior of her husband.

        That you would even ask such a question and as though I failed to mention how I already provided reason for how she’s a narcissist, says a whole lot about you. Thats alone says she self interested and selfish. And there’s tons many more political reasons why, like trying to cover up political wrong doing. Working for, actively participating in and KNOWING grossly illegal acts are taking play his HIGHLY narcissistic.

        Just because she’s a women or a type of ethnicity, doesnt mean that I have to respect or support her and her nasty evil habits. I don’t respect her. Never will. Neither her being a women nor a certain ethnicity has nothing to do with this anyway.

        “Interesting the woman you find lacking in dignity has the same origins as your name. Knowing the hardships and difficulty in succeeding in a foreign country, shouldn’t we be united rather than blaming and shaming?”

        She does not have the same origin as my name. And whether we are from the same origin has nothing to do with it. One doesn’t have to respect a person just because they’re of the same origin.

        We can blame and shame as necessity requires. And if she was so proud about herself, she wouldn’t allow a man to treat her as such, and repeatedly. She herself is not united.

        Thank GOD, she’s not a woman in my origin.

        1. I appreciate your response Vashti. I do not know her on a personal level, nor do I know the intricacies of these “vile evil” acts of hers. My intent is not to get in a long heated argument with you nor will I make assumptions about your character based on your words. To each his/her own. God bless.

      4. Well, Obama allegedly wiretapped Trump’s phone and we will have evidence about three weeks ago.

    2. Agreed! The FB comments are almost as entertaining as this article.
      This was worth the wait HG! Outstanding!

    3. I second that. It is hard to be objective with this topic, given the passionate views associated with him on both sides!

  22. Excellent piece … All the way through I was wondering do you admire him? I don’t think you like him ? The last 3 sentences gave me the answer there is admiration there … To me he stands for everything that is wrong on the World.. x x

  23. Interesting to note is that Germany still maintains its victim role inspite of our very own narcissistic leader (in regard to the response to that insult): German press noted the refusal to shake hands but maintained “maybe he didn’t hear” … yeah, right. This typical narc victim behavior (denial, ignoring what happened): ‘I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way’ – even though it was evident. But what hardly anyone noticed either is the fact that Merkel waited till noon to congratulate Trump on his election, and a very short message it was. On the other hand, German press noted Merkel’s diplomatic speak at the Trump-Merkel meeting (labelling the meeting a very “open” discussion, reminding Trump that the EU negotiates trade terms, not single countries), American press did not. But as he gets what he wants anyways (higher contributions to NATO where promised long before the meeting, etc.), I’m not sure how productive his power plays with Europe are. I hope his extreme stance will make other countries reconsider their compliance and lack of protection of self interest. Not that any of this matters.

    1. Hi Ava,
      Interesting observation for sure. I interpreted her meeting with Trump and her interactions with him as somewhat fearful (her nonverbal were protective of her body) and in shock he replaced Obama (someone she got along with well and respected). As a woman in the presence of a man known to womanize and diminish women and not acknowledge women in power, it is intimidating and (for me) infuriating.

      All I got to say is that it is going to be an interesting decade with all the world changes and the wars waging.

      1. Interesting for sure. I think I will emigrate sooner than I had planned. 😉
        I didn’t regard Merkel as intimitated, more amused and diplomatic. Maybe a little surprised at first.

        1. I do agree with you in that she was amused 🙂 Definitely diplomatic. I also sensed fear. It was almost a sense of fear for what is to come. I think she was also thinking of what kind of threat he poses to world organizations that effects Europe (ie UN).

      2. Well Indy, I got also a sense of fear of what is to come, esp. on a day like today, provocing a f**** war with Russia and us in the middle.
        Have you watched the video about Trudeau (hope I spelled it correctly) countering Trump’s handshake? Most interesting, Trump’s handshakes (and refusals).

        1. Scary times. He doesn’t understand international things and he doesn’t do “gray” or nuance, suggestive of his type and level of narcissism. So for him, it is not going to be diplomacy. It is war or no war. I used to have dreams as a child in the 80’s of a nuclear war. Id wake up in sweats over it. I can only imagine the fear our children have right now, if I am feeling this too. He is a press-don’t press dude who loves that he is the “most powerful man in the world”. Oh yes, the handshakes….heheheh…Justin Trudeau got him good! Love that man.

      3. Wow, Indy, nightmares! Yes, I understand. I was really depressed back then, also feeling the negative sides of what was going on and the world. Still am. My narc-mother didn’t get it then and doesn’t get it today, said, she was concerned I would see everything too negative. …
        Hard to say what Trump understands about international affairs. 😉
        Yes, Trudeau seems cool.

      4. Meant to add that justin trudeau isnt too shabby to look at either lol oh la la oui 😂 carry on …

        1. Indeed. He acts empathic though I suspect he’s one of the narcissist brigade. Though honestly I could not point to any characteristic of his that makes him a narcissist other than power and charm. And us empaths have that sometimes too. I would need HG to outline him (that would be outstanding as I do like JUstin And his politics. Except his wishyness with US decisions. He would precisely be the type of narcissist I would fall for too. Sigh….those darn liberal narcs (kidding around tone).

      5. Id also be interested in a blog on justin trudeau. I just assumed him to be a narcissist bc i cant imagine being in politics and surviving unless you were. He does seem classier than trump and not as in your face. Trump i feel is making not wearing his mask a new trend amongst narcs to be accepted. Anything he seems to do off the wall is accepted and his awful behavior is just him being trump. Setting a new bar on narcissism. Why wear a mask if you dont have to. This is my opinion and not meant to start a debate.
        Justins hair is so dreamy compared to trumps scary combover lol 😂 not relevant but thought id sneak that in 🙂

      1. oops… posting slipped.. I guess I’m responding too much! So the mason thing was for HG, and to the Trudeau post.. “yah, eh!”

  24. Great. Was waiting for this, HG. So POTUS was completely against intervention in Syria and now he’s bombing them because of the babies. Swift turn. Your interpretatioN, please. Worldfuel?

    1. Hi Laurie, several ways to deal with this :-
      “I have never said I was completely against intervention in Syria.” – Compartmentalisation and denial.
      “I said I was completely against intervention in Syria at that point in time however I cannot stand by and allow such acts to be committed against innocent people.” – Pragmatism
      “This goes far wider than you realise and intervention is completely necessary.” – Deflection. I have info you haven’t because I am special and you are not.

      As I pointed out in the article, adopting a u-turn is not something that concerns us.

  25. I was, from the start and still am, a Trump supporter. Side note, I do not identify with any political party.

  26. Donald Trump can say what ever he wants about anybody. Just as anyone can say or blog an article about him.

    Calling Crooked Hillary, Little Marco and refusing to shake hands with Merkel are non – issues.

    The important thing is that he stays true to himself. Everyone staying true to themselves in and of itself is beneficial for, everyone.

    1. Yah, for real, and when during the campaign it was said that he likes Putin and Russia likes him, well that should have been enough to scare people – too much disdain for crooked Hillary. I have to admit I thought little Marco was funny, boring Jeb took his glasses off too late in the campaign (exclamation point here); and pocahontas, lying Ted..” leave Brittany alone”, er I mean “leave Heidi the hell alone” also makes me laugh… I absolutely love Alec Baldwin on SNL.

  27. HG, Trumps constant “tweets” of pure rage and foot stomping seem like more of a lesser or mid range. Yes, he’s very wealthy but he behaves like an infant. Don’t greaters keep it together better than that?

  28. He will be a one term president. In short two years he will be a sitting duck for the remaining two years when Democrats win both houses, for decades to come. And in four years there will be a New Democratic president.
    And such status quo will remain for the rest of the twenty first century.

  29. Thank you. I’ve been very much looking forward to this article. Surprisingly, I read it with a great sense of calm. Come what may. The sun will continue to rise in the East and set in the West. Fortunately your kind has absolutely no control over that. ❤

  30. Excellent Job!!
    I wish I could send this to all the news outlets it definitely shine light and stop the head scratching, and wtf,????

    1. He did not die in shame. It is said when they found him, he killed himself as not to give his enemy the pleasure ..💅

      That’s deep.

      Good example for a narcissist though..

      1. He killed himself because he was a coward and did not want to held accountable,like all narcissist do not want to be held accountable!!!

        1. Hi Unbothered,
          Indeed, a coward. And while in hiding in a bunker. Not openly. The man was not just a narcissist. I am not sure if he would qualify for socio or psychopath but my guess would be sociopath as he was organized enough to become a leader. However, he was definitely mentally ill on multiple levels. (Based on what I read and seen in news reels).

      2. Vashti,
        You must know you picked a very powerful name to use as your identity here. Queen Vashti is revered by many feminists as being a strong woman who stood up to the King. Her story is told with reverence. Why do you not act in accordance with your name and offer uplifting support to other women who have been abused? A true feminist uplifts, not degrades other women. I have witnessed you talking down to Love in this forum for asking a simple question about your view of Huma as being “evil”. The feminist in me calls you out on that poor form.

        Huma is likely not a narcissist if her husband, Weiner, is (which I think he is definitely scum and a sec addict). Huma is likely codependent, which kept her attached to him. By the way, she left him last year.

        Purim is over, take off your mask. I understand why you support Trump, as he supports Israel (if that is your country connection as hinted by ur name).

        Now, if you wish to educate me, then proceed with facts, I welcome it.


      3. Vashti I my name en Mio don’t need you to tell me anything about it, lowsky 💅

        Understand I am not calling you “low sky”. I calling you how I wrote it; lowsky. Pronounced low-ski. You are nothing but a yapping piece of non importance to me too.


      4. “Ah, so you recognise you are of non importance. Some insight at last.”

        You can say what you want but your attending to me. You’re a narcissist that I have losing it.

        You’re fuel level’s been high lately. Don’t worry I understand HG.

        1. Attending to you? Not at all. Amused by your continued behaviour at having a song criticised. Definitely. Amused by you lashing out at constructive and balanced readers who see you for what you are. Definitely.
          Losing it? Not at all. Your fuel level is clearly low but then the lower cognitive types often struggle.

      5. There is no known FACTUAL reason why Hitler killed himself AND his wife. There is only SPECULATION….

        1. @VASHIT “it is better to remain silent and appear stupid than write as you do and remove all doubt” ~ HG Tudor ~

      6. brown,

        You’re hiding under HG, you have nothing of your own. I can’t even say your respect level is low because there’s nothing there to, ms.👌


  31. Very good analysis. As I read this I was wondering if these predictions equated to the proverbial “going to hell in a hand basket”. I think my question was best summed up by your description of “Nixonian.” I’m old enough to remember Nixon as president and do not relish a repeat. There are certainly many similarities, especially the lack of maintaining a facade. Yes he will single-mindedly work to achieve his objectives and yes the fate of the country is tied to his efforts, but just because he is a single-minded narcissist does not mean that what he wants to achieve is best for anyone, even himself in the long run – again think of Nixon. But also like with Nixon, we survived and we will this time, too.

  32. Very well written HG. Objective and excellent analysis of his behavior as a narcissist, and also summery of his 10 weeks in office (which has felt like a year). Despite his very high level of power, I still do not believe he is a Greater (in my humble), given the lack of intellect he exhibits and lack of smoothness.

    Now, I know he feels the fuel though protests and political action from the other side. I know. However, I could not justify to future generations if I sat back and ignored and put his antics on “extinction”(No Contact). It is hard when view points are so passionately divided and thus logic (including science) is viewed with suspicion of partisan motivation. When the press is no longer viewed as the checks and balances for the people but as “the enemy” because he is wounded by them. Now, I know not all press is good/accurate. However, he is well beyond scolding them…he is making them the enemy. This scares me as an American. Yes, most politicians are narcissists, but this is more. This is a narcissist that is recklessly impulsive and lacks experience in international relations. He doesn’t do nuances. And most international relationships are about nuance and interconnectedness.

    It seems peace is not something we will be seeing for a long time, unfortunately. I feel for the next generations to come.

    1. He’s somewhere between upper mid ranger and lesser greater.
      His success lies purely on the shoulders of his father’s success who poured upwards of two hundred million to bail him out of failing endevours, and a bit of luck that comes from the signature narcissistic fearless risk taking. I do not call that being successful, if you have to file for chapter eleven three times. In that view, he’s a midranger.
      I do not think that he knows who he is, and neither does anyone around him.

      1. Emotion Dectective, i believe he’s a lesser – an upper lesser. In my opinion, he’s not passive agressive enough to be a mid-ranger, nor has the control to be a greater. HG, what is your opinion? Uncle Peter type? Lol

        1. I form the view he is an Upper Lesser who has managed to achieve considerable personal success which would equate with a Greater but everything else about him accords with the Upper Lesser, as you state an Uncle Peter type.

          1. That makes sense. I was thinking a lower mid given level of financial success though he is indeed not passive pouty type, far more aggressive. I would not put it past him past domestic violence. I think an ex accused him of such.

        2. Well it looks like I overestimated him. I’m surprised that he’s even less than I thought, and in that case I have to accept it. HG knows better what he is.
          If the world knew..

      2. Hi Emotion Detective. I agree with you. I do not think of him as a “self made” success either. Definitely on the shoulders of his rich fam. I also agree that he is likely lacking insight into what he is in totality (lacking sufficient intelligence as well) and thus that knocks him out of the Greater realm.

        1. Agreed. What he knows how to do is how to appear intelligent by surrounding himself with intelligent people. They create the image of a greater narcissist, greater than what he really is.
          He fooled me watching the Apprentice, because his smart advisers and his smart children were his spokespeople.
          He creates an image of a greater N, but he’s far from it, and he knows it.
          That image was completely demolished during the campaign, when he opened his own mouth.
          The true reason he won and turnout numbers corroborate it, is because Sanders voters between 24-34 stayed home. Hillary handed Donald presidency. Oh well, it’s a lesson for the future we won’t repeat any time soon.

          1. Truth. Although I love Sanders (he represents my home state and I have seen what he did there in the form of programs for those in need and he is consistent in his views since the 70s, people know it too. Environmentalist and pro-women. He is a true Hippy)…and it was the Sanders voters that killed it. I did what Sanders said, support Hillary as he no longer had a chance and the alternative was not what I personally believed in. Sadly, Hillary did not strike folks with the level of realness they were seeking and felt left out of the government machine. I get it. I am a liberal for sure, though I do think we need to open communication with those that voted Trump rather than isolate them. It is the only way. A divided country is weaker. God, I hope we get it together.

          2. The problem is Hillary may also be a narcissist, this is why she hasn’t resonated with our kind – empaths and normals(independents). She played dirty nasty political game with both Obama and Sanders. She has no insight into what she does is visible to Democratic base, largely composed by empaths. She had better chance of winning if she played fair, and she would have been president today.
            This is how narcissists have no insight.

            As to communication with the other half/kind, I’m afraid it’s impossible. Trump base is composed of narcissistic people, narcissists, and some clueless normals. A dialogue with them is virtually impossible, all that you get is word salads that form outlandish conspiracy theories spewed by Red State or/and Stormfront.

          3. Fair points ED. I would say that the majority are normals who are clueless in the sense that they do not know what Trump (or Clinton) are. Thus it came down to either entrenched loyalty to being a Republican or a Democrat (as some voters are like that), gender bias but a lot of it, in my opinion was essentially one represented a liberal technocratic elite from a political dynasty and the other was seen a straight-forward, successful rough diamond who was not “tainted” by Washington. His rough edges were dismissed as straight-talking etc (in the same way people talk down the red flags of people they engage with romantically who are narcissists). Similarly with Clinton, people saw her as educated, on the side of the disadvantaged and focused on those a positive traits (whilst talking down/ignoring those elements of her character which were narcissistic but they did not know they were). People identified with certain elements of that person’s campaign and played down the less attractive elements.
            Next to nobody will have thought – Trump is a narcissist or Clinton is a narcissist so I will vote for them.

          4. HG, terrific summation of Trump and Clinton, what they represented to people and why people voted for them! While I do agree that nobody would have voted for either bc they were a narcissist, some of us did recognize them for what they were and vote for what we believed to be the smarter, more politically savvy narcissist. 😉

          5. I have to agree with that assessment of why Trump versus Hillary got the vote. Trump appeared authentic to those voters felt left out and viewed Hillary as part of the educated elites representing the Dem that are part of the political
            Machine. I originally wanted Sanders because I had a similar distaste for Hill. However, once he was out, for me it was educated ecperienced woman in international affairs (and a narc or codependent–not sure honestly ) versus a sales man who I never liked, felt like he was a crude bully and never felt he was the real(narc). And my view is more social leaning and less business oriented but that is my personal value system and I realize a balance between the two is best.

            I do think there is hope for communication tho, between both sides, if we put passion to the side and validate each other’s grains of truth and experiences. Then, I think compromise is possible. Hoping

          6. It was a terrible terrible fluke that he won.
            The silver lining is that won’t repeat the Sam either mistake again. And the fact that the young Democratic base protested against dirty political game, and dishonest politicians, gives hope for the future generations. The massive crowds that went to Obama rallies, and I witnessed it personally, is a sign that we are becoming more empathic as a society.
            I am very positive, we have strong Democratic structure that won’t allow the Dictator to perpetrate evil as he is planning to.

          7. I apologize for the typos, I’m typing on an iPad, should check the whole comment before I post.
            It was: we won’t make the same mistake again.

      3. lowsky,

        “Anyone that refers to the press as the enemy does not value freedom of expression or the inherent checks and balances of the press on the government.”

        Ha ha ha ha ha. It is you that doesn’t value freedom that you’d try to correlate one freedom of speech against the media as such.

        There’s something wrong with your spidey senses.

        1. Vashti,
          Seriously, this is how you choose to engage in a debate? No facts, just emotional dramatics while putting a silly nail painting emoji? Listen, I enjoy a real debate. Step up or dry those nails.

          In case you are not fully aware of American law, Freedom of Speech, Press, and Religion are all part of and protected by the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights here in the States. They ARE related. Here’s a source for you:

          Dictatorships strip the freedoms of press pretty early on. It has been studied sociologically. It was in Hitler’s and stalins playbook as well as in more modern autocracies and dictatorships seen in Russia and Notth Korea (to name only a few). It is a really good way to isolate people from others in the world and gaslight them, especially if you control the press, true narcissist tactic.

          Now, if we’re talking about my Spidey sense, I sense you’re a very angry woman who is projecting it onto this blog for some unknown reason and I would be interested to hear about why that is so. This blog is for those recovering from narcissistic abuse and learning how to avoid in the future. Why are you here?

          1. I will add this. Indy and I are diametrically opposed in many ways. I often do not agree with the points she advances but I recognise that she does so in a balanced, constructive and considered fashion. An approach I endorse on this blog. By the same token, she will not agree with much of what I am and how I act, but she recognises the value to be obtained from my work. She has her agenda but does not impose it on others. She does however recognise that considered observation and constructive debate are pillars of learning and exchange. She is also noticeably tolerant.

          2. Thank you, HG. ”Tis true on many levels and despite our opposing views, I very much enjoy our exchanges and have benefited from them. And, this is your blog and I respect that. Let the debates ensue 😊And, I still would invite you to march by my side.

          3. HG,
            I did wish to say something about what you said above that I do wish to challenge- it is true that I do not approve of narcissistic behaviors, including many you describe that you have engaged in, this is true. The pain of my past tangos with narcissists remind me of how damaging it is. And, I wish to say this (as I was troubled by how you said it), I do not reject or disapprove of “who you are”. That is far deeper, and painful for me to read. I disagree with your behavior AND I think you are simultaneously a pretty great person doing a beautiful thing here for all of us. Even if politically we are very very different (which is not new news to us regular readers). Again, this is the “dialect” and the beauty of the gray view of the world and of people.

            Narcissist, love thyself!
            (If only it were that easy)

          4. Indie I couldn’t agree more.
            I found my way here desperately looking for answers/healing. I admit to HG making me shudder uncontrollably whilst reading his articles in the beginning. I also feared him.
            I read a lot of interactions between HG and Clarece which only served to deepen my fear and image him in my head as Hannibal Lector no less! Lol. And I actually still do! (“Do you still hear the lambs screaming Clarece”) lol.
            I knew I ‘had’ to be here and continue my search for understanding but I didn’t ‘want’ to be here. Too raw and too painful and at times HG’s voice would morph into my ex’s. Become him, so to speak. Not very productive to my healing.
            However, the more I read and the more I bonded (not sure that’s the right word but can’t think of a more accurate one at present) with HG the more I understood and valued him. The war in my head was that I didn’t WANT to value or respect a narc. It was a total conflict psychologically. In the end I realised I feel what I feel and that’s ok! Acceptance is a good thing. (sometimes) I also came to realise that it isn’t my drama…I am a spectator and as such I’m no more than tertiary fuel (if that!) I guess I’m a low level enabler but to the same extent I’m fuelling from HG far more.
            Now I feel no conflict in thanking and respecting HG. I AM grateful. Extremely. And that’s ok!
            Just as a foot note….since I have been educated here I suffer approx 50% less panic attacks and I can also sometimes go out of my house on my own (unheard of before I found my way here) How could I not be grateful! 🙂
            I’ll say it again – heartfelt thanks HG and heartfelt thanks to all commentators. Without you all I would not be where I am today!

          5. Thank you Karen, I acknowledge your honest comment and congratulate you for embracing this work in the right spirit which will lead to assisting you and others.

          6. Hi Karen,
            Your bravery is commendable and growth so clear!! Not everyone makes it out, never mind show the improvement in symptoms you show! Congratulations and yay!!!! to getting out of the house!!!! No small feat. This is indeed what gives me hope and makes this blog beautiful. Stories like yours, my own experiences in growth, the info I learn here from HG and others that I subsequently can share with others in my work and personal journeys. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

          7. Hi Indi, again I’m in agreement and thanks for your kind words. It’s an uphill struggle but I WILL get there. My story differs from most as I hated the man but he had me emotionally trapped (suicide attempt after I attempted to leave him) and he continuously emotionally blackmailed me by using my son. I had no jealousy or longing for him back when I escaped but I didn’t in my wildest imagination think I would be suffering once he’d gone. That should’ve been my time for rejoicing. However, through doing my own research I learnt that freedom doesn’t come so easily when you’ve been dealing with a narcissist. But this is why it is so valuable to engage in this blog. Education = progressive freedom 😊

      4. lowsky…

        “In case you are not fully aware of American law, Freedom of Speech, Press, and Religion are all part of and protected by the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights here in the States. They ARE related.”

        As smart as you want to sound dear, your response STILL, has nothing to do with mine.. 💅

        There is nothing new you can teach me about America or American history. Or any history in regard to what you’ve mentioned. Trust.

        Your spidey senses always fails you and that’s probably what you should be more interested in. Ciao.

    2. Alot of the media IS thee enemy.
      And he is not “wounded” by them. For he attacked the media (and rightfully so) LONG BEFORE he even thought of running for president.

      Yes, some things he said and does is controversial, but alot of the press is just trying to get petty revenge by attacking him and his family on things that are non – issue normal things that any other human being would do.

      Greaters are not smooth and intellectual. They operate by being who ever they need to be at whatever time, place, person or thing.

      1. Anyone that refers to the press as the enemy does not value freedom of expression or the inherent checks and balances of the press on the government. Dictators say things like “The press is the enemy”. Now, media is often biased, indeed. And, can be off the mark for sure. Legit press is different. Some journalists are down right heroes, risking their lives to speak the truth in autocracies, dictatorships and such. Some have been killed doing their job to out corruption. This is what the news reporters are doing.

        Now, on narcissists: They get wounded when criticized. We all do, honestly, though they are impacted more as it is their mask that is being marred. It is about image. When the media are critical of Trump, he rages. When they praise him, he sets it up as example. It is fuel for him and it wounds him. He is fighting back like an angry leopard, teeth and claws. Speaking of which, I sense an anger vibe from you, am I wrong? I am not sure why though. Some of us have come to this blog angry because of having recently been hurt by a narcissist. I was. Wondering if this is your experience or if your upset is something different. Care to share?

      2. Indy, if you think the press is independent, you are mistaken. Press agencies and media companies belong to very powerful people.

        1. Hi Ava101,
          No, I know they are not independent. I know. However, their existence is very important as a checks and balance on our government and when a leader refers to the press as “the enemy”, including journalists from Pulitzer Prize winning organizations, our ears should perk up and be on guard of what is next. There are some better sources of news than others, some more unbiased (not completely though) than others. Some, like I said, are true heroes. I know I have a more liberal bend, so when I think of balanced press I think of Reuters, BBC, NPR. Now, there are folks that follow the atrocities of press from places like Brietbart (shudders)…and with that said, I believe all voices/press should be heard. Much of the press, because they are being called “fake” have resorted to recording and using direct quotes from tweets to illustrate their point.

          So, bottom line is, I hear your point. And, we must be vigilant.

      3. Read his fucking tweets and stop bashing media! He is a fucking lunatic and a danger to the world. I don’t give a fuck what he does nationally but don’t fuck up the rest of the world! Seriously.. get real.. stop blaming free press or simply move to Iran or North Korea is you want censorship!
        Read his tweets!!! All the craziness are there and NO FAKE NEWS

      4. Indy, I cannot answer that, or HG will tell us again what this blog is NOT. 😉 But maybe do some research on Reuters. 🙂 Yes, there are great journalists. They tend to vanish off the face of the Earth. I keep adding bookmarks to my browser of sites with information which I find really useful – and they keep vanishing, too. 🙁 It is true that the media is very biased towards Trump.

        1. Hi Ava,
          I totally understand and definitely wish to respect this blog’s focus. And, I do agree, most press has a bias…some more than others. And yes, many are entwined in some sort of controversy for sure. We must be vigilant in weeding for sure. I also believe in hearing a broad spectrum of press to weed out where the grains of truth may lie. That is hard, when we are trying to find the grain of truth in the words of a narcissist in general. Thus, the investigation and use of our minds begins. Gaslighting is too easy when you have control of what is published and not.

      5. Vashti,
        In my clinical experience, as I work in the mental health field as a therapist and diagnostician…and in my personal experience with a broad range of folks in the dating and social world…HG’s writings on narcissism and sociopathy is spot on. Very consistent with my clinical experience. I am not a lieutenant by any means. And, he has helped me escape from abuse of a very cunning narcissist personally.

        I suggest, if you wish to learn more about narcissism that you read the articles on this blog and compare them to other sources of good repute, such as Sam Vakin. These guys, who are narcissists, know this stuff in and out. Do you work. Look it up, if you are in this situation or are motivated to do so.

        Greaters, in my experience, are very very rare. I have possible met a couple…MAX. Most are mid-rangers and lessers. And, the greaters I have met are smooth, intelligent, and the best of the best at verbal jujitsu, and incredibly entertaining when you are on the outside as a secondary or tertiary….and devastating for their primaries in devaluation and discard. Greaters know what they are and use it to their benefit quite effectively and successfully (for good and harm). They are intimidating at times (sometimes with just a glance or a vibe) and addictive like the finest honey other times….very dangerous and alluring. Just FYI.

      1. Low Sky here (Beware when sky touches earth as it kicks ass 🌪🌪🌪⚡️⚡️⚡️)

        You crack me up 😂 I thank you for this. May you find peace.

        1. Indy
          Lol I believe you can now claim the longest name here.
          Indy the Marcher of Northern lights in the low sky
          Maker of spells and potions

    1. Additionally, I just re-read 1984 and the Handmaiden’s Tale. They were even more chilling to read years later as I watch the news each night and see the attempt at the revision of history (i.e. gaslighting) in real time.

  33. Fantastic article HG. In regards to Trump and his monument, it only seems to be getting even more important. He recently proposed cutting bio-medical research to fund his wall. His grandiosity truly knows no bounds.

    Great insight into the mind of a narcissist yet again, thank you.

  34. Yes, the splitting and ‘attacking your own people’ behaviour is there 🙂

    George Bush Jr. wasnt particularly bombastic,
    although he had the unshakable belief he was always right, “you’re either with us or against us”.

    He was a bit of a ham. Liked to impress the reporters with his golf swings.

    He seemed to be very ‘hands off’ really.

    1. I thought W had a great sense of humor and could laugh at himself. I’ll never forget when the shoes were thrown at him when he was speaking. “Reflexes of a cat”!

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