Revenge – True Revenge

Most attempts at obtaining revenge over the narcissist fail or are petty in nature.

Now you can read how to pursue the ultimate aim and secure true revenge.





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  1. SuperXena says:

    HG…A new book? The Empath Strikes Back..very interesting. Would it be related to the concepts you presented on Revenge-True Revenge?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is all about Jam Tomorrow SX.

      1. SuperXena says:


      2. SuperXena says:

        “It is all about Jam Tomorrow SX” …and you mean future faking? Right?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          In part.

          1. SuperXena says:

            ….I shall wait then and find out when this book comes out.

  2. Connie says:

    Just read your book out of curiosity and although it is nice to entertain the idea of revenge, I wouldn’t go down that road (well maybe just a pamphlet from the local old folks home, for laughs) because I don’t care enough if he topples or not. Waste of time.
    Also I’m wondering how to do no contact whilst seeking revenge. Isn’t the idea to get the narc out of your mind completely and doesn’t a revenge campaign contradict that? You are essentially keeping yourself engaged, exposed and readable.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed Connie, that is why I state it is not for everybody and in essence you ought to have not yourself to a point of sustained no contact and effective purging before considering this. To implement no contact see the book No Contact and to address the purging, see Exorcism.

      1. Connie says:

        Thanks for your reply. I’ve been quite succesful at no contact for over five years. Yes, still get the occasional phone call, my car window shot at, my property damaged and a drive by now and then but have not responded to any of it and am glad it’s not worse. Revenge would for sure put a big bullseye on me. Will check out the subject purging as I’m still trying to learn all about this condition. Lived it for decades with spouse, mother and brother. Couple of coworkers as well. I’m not interested in experiencing anything like it again. Your info is about the best I’ve seen by the way, HG. Thank you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you.

    2. Lisa says:

      Hi Connie. I did go down that road and it did work a treat, in my case with the tHiNg, GCN. Did exactly as I had planned by following HG’s book to the letter. Didnt see nor hear from him for a year!…..he went into hibernation/decrepitation/and lonliness. Until now…….. He’s baaaack!!!! Let the stalking begin……because yes, I will be doing it all again! In fact, Ive already started…
      (thank you HG)

      1. Connie says:

        Hi Lisa. Glad you are happy with the way things are going. It’s not for me. I don’t want to spend any more energy or time on it. It’s just not worth it to me. I’m finally free!

  3. Hurt says:

    Do all schools of narcissists seek revenge or only the greater?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      All may do so, but the Greater is more motivated to do so than the other schools.

  4. superxena says:

    Hello catlady2468

    I found this comment of yours while going through the blog.
    I wonder if you have got any answer ?
    Have you considered booking a consultation with HG. I have had many consultations : both by e-mail and audio consultations which really have helped me to move on and move forward. If you haven’t ! , I would strongly recommend it …!
    I was stuck ( as it seems you still are perhaps?) in an emotional battle of which I could not come out.
    I am not an expert in this matter( as HG is) but I can share with you my own journey.

    You might find very useful ( as it did to me) in your process of emotional detachment the following articles and books of HG:

    1. Exorcism
    2. Escape
    3. No contact
    4. Fuel
    The book Revenge is a “hard” one .I have read it several times until I understood that first you have to detach completely emotionally from your ex narc before even considering go through a Revenge campaign. And even though once you get there you have to think if you are really strong to implement one.

    Emotional Battles Part 1,2 &3. These articles help to go through the painful emotional battles.

    I hope you have got the answers you are looking for! And that my contribution based on my own story helps you!

    Best wishes!!

  5. NorthStar says:

    Advice, please HG? A few months back I escaped/unceremoniously dumped by email, a Greater. (I didn’t know what he was at the time) I have been No Contact since, but did receive an email and hoover by proxy. I fell for none of it.
    Unbeknownst to me, there was other supply. One girl, is his work trip supply (out of town girl), who had to move up in rank after I caused the narc injury. The other girl is new (likely post-breakup). Of course they don’t know about each other, just as I had thought he was a kind and faithful soul. If these women were to be anonymously informed of each other’s existence (provided they were fully hooked on the Greater) and were to dump him, would this be a good revenge? What kind of fallout could I expect? I don’t know if he would attribute it to me. Your insights are greatly appreciated and this site has been immensely helpful in my healing. Thank you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It would be a form of revenge to disrupt his fuel from the new IPPS and the IPSS although if he is a greater do not hold your breath on being able to cause them to break away from him.
      If he learns (and he probably will) that you are behind the cessation of these appliances (or attempted cessation) and he is a greater, you will be subjected to a malicious campaign.

      1. NorthStar says:

        Thank you for your response. I believe in another reply you said he’s an upper mid-ranger. Whatever the label, I am happy to be done with it. I’d rather work on myself so as not to fall prey to another Decepticon. Those women will learn, just like I did. I doubt I’d get caught, but knowing he’s tied up gathering other supply gives me a break anyway. The mask is off and I’ve done my best to be out of the sphere of influences (that I can control). I’ve managed to turn some old friends against him…they’ve known his awful behavior for years. This narc is so in his own reality, he doesn’t even see/care that people talk behind his back. People are catching on.

  6. catlady2468 says:

    Currently at Chapter 6 Pillars, is it odd to be taking notes?

    I am in limbo though, falling between escape and discard. Long story short (haha impossible with these relationship dynamics!), he originally moved in with nothing more than a suitcase but when i grew tired of devaluation and suspected after apology three that he was full or BS just saying words without a substance (and not really at faking substance past the 6 months in as IPPS when he must’ve been satisfied that i was hooked) he refused to let me end things by refusing to move out claiming this and that as his own (my things)… I know now because he’s excessively entitled and bathes in neg supply as much as possible, but seriously questioned of he was developmentally sound some of his lies were so absurd, his stealing so obvious once i knew he was mind playing me to create self doubt… Anyway, i stood my ground for months every day it was war. Biggest power struggle since my damn childhood – it was ridiculous – but he finally (after working on an IPSS as a candidate for new IPPS for three or so months which he’d deny of course) left after an hour of arguing about why he should go, then threats to call police etc to force him out (part of my previous problem with getting him to leave was co-tenancy but one hoover and feigned apology about a prior, I made him sign off that right as a condition of quid pro quo due to not trusting him with my stuff, my pet, or my… Well, trust frankly).

    But he’s twisted it now based on the few messages I got initially (I wanted my cellphone loaned to his pathetic ass returned) from an escape (or was it/can power struggles be an escape if N is forced to “lose”?) to a full on discard/absent silent treatment full of smears and victim mentality (and of course I reacted by clarifying who locked out who *sigh*).

    And now I am literally dead to him – not a peep and sure as hell no phone returned or payment to me for my phone… I know I need to go no contact and stick with it. I just don’t know which would apply in that situation…? Escape? Discard? It’s both with a bit of N injury maybe in between?

    It’s the first time he’s had any (seemingly) backbone in… About 16 months now! I’m so used to the self pitying obstructions it’s strange to be emersed in so much silence.

    1. catlady2468 says:

      Ps. Sorry for type-o’s… my cellphone hates long posts

  7. Lisa says:

    HG…I mean ‘oops’….and ‘thank you’ by the way! Hence…edit button needed.
    Ahhh, I rest my case… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Lisa says:

    LoVeD this book!! Followed instuctions as closely as humanly possible. Ha!! BANG BANG BANG!!!
    He ( the ‘thing’ I will now call him as of today), ended up in a crumpled, decrepit, friendless, pile of blubbering loneliness. Couldnt have happened to a nicer bloke (if you ask me!! ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‰) Revenge IS sweet…..
    Thanks HG.

    1. superxena says:

      Hello Lisa! Interesting comment! What school of narcs does your ex narc belongs to? Lesser,Midrange,Greater?
      Could you tell me more about how you did it? I am very interested on knowing!!Thank you๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Lisa says:

        Hi SX. The ‘thing’ is a Greater Cerebral. He in his mid 60’s so is well practiced at his craft. Typical stalker, rager, liar, verbally abusive alcoholic and anything else you can put on that list. 6’3″” of negative attitude. Carries himself like a gorilla (literally) while trying to suck in fuel from everyone as he goes. Just the image of him thats stuck in my head, sends anxiety running through my veins.
        As for revenge…..firstly I TOTALLY ignored him when I saw him. And I do mean TOTALLY. Which was often because of the stalking and hoovering (letters through post,messages,photos constantly!) It eventually sent him into fury mode, in public, because he would try to get my attention, even speaking to me but I IGNORED him at all cost, which enabled me to get an Intervention Order. In the mean time I was reading HG’s Revenge book and followed (most) of his great advise. I searched places like..funeral homes/caskets..incontinence pad places for samples..nursing homes..wheel chair companies..funeral insurance companies..walking stick/frame companies……(what ever I could think of!)…
        I had all these places send brochures to his place, one by one (of course), and over again (using different companies), so the ‘thing’ had a nice constant but inconsistant, bombardment of mail, phone calls and/or letters. It wasnt hard. My aim was to hit his Death and Aged nerves!! Knowing this was going on gave me great pleasure after all the damage he had done to me. I think thats when my Supernova Empath really decided to break free. I retained my Empathy on the outer, but my narcissim was working over time in my head. Yeeehaaaa!!!!
        Finally I got word from his house mate (we have little contact. He is now the main victim). He informed me of the latest about the ‘thing’. He was f****d!! Couldnt move away from his bed!! No friends. No invitations to ANYTHING over xmas/new year. (not all because of me, but because he had burned too many of his bridges as well). A big blubbering decrepit fuelless dirty unkept shell, eating himself up from the inside out!!
        Music to my ears! Call me heartless!? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿ˜‡ ๐Ÿคฃ ๐Ÿ˜‰….
        Havent heard from nor seen him since.
        Is it only a matter of time??? Could be, but Im up for another round. Good luck SX. Keep me posted!!

        (THANKS HG!!!)

        1. superxena says:

          Hello Lisa!

          Thank you very much for your answer! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!

          I am glad to hear from you: another Super Empath with the narcissistic traits ready to launch…when it is needed!
          No ,I absolutely do not think you are heartless..both our empathic and narcissistic traits are an asset…specially the latter when entangling with a narcisisist.
          Very clever the way you targeted his weakest spots๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜€ Being a Cerebral and at that age…he is certainly very aware of getting older. You really targeted his ” Achilles tendon” !And it obviously worked!
          Well done!!!!
          Mine is a Greater Somatic,54 years old. I am working out in which way I will proceed. But I think I know where to target๐Ÿ˜‰
          I will keep you posted!
          Thank you for your kind wishes!
          Wish you the best๐Ÿ˜€

          1. Lisa says:

            SX, you are welcome. Another thing I might add is that the ‘thing’ has a favourite, and easy to get to, pub. Been going there for EVER!!! The owner THOUGHT he was a great guy (bit opinionated, but great) AND wealthy!! He’d sit there on his phone talking for all to hear “but I just gave you $15,000 the other day and $25,000 a month ago, and now you need more!?” Well…..I filled her in on all the home truths. I had stopped going to that pub because of him but returned after 18 months. It is a new owner so she didnt realize we were connected. I let her know (nicely) about the stalking/intimadation etc., and that he has NO money, lives on welfare, in a government house which he stole, from a disabled friend, drives a crappy car (he had told her ALL the opposite!)
            He gets public transport so as not to get caught drink driving. All fine and reasonable for ‘normal’ people, BUT….he tried and tried to intimidate me out of that pub. (Via msgs and letters etc). HIS environment and all that stuff…. well, HELL NO!!! Thats where, ultimately, the fury kicked in and the mask slipped for ALL TO SEE!!! Yes!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! (Scary as all f**k but totally necessary). So, the end result (biggest wound of all poor darling)….wait for it……..he got BANNED from that pub. HIS pub!! Ha!! ๐Ÿ’ƒ !! Any other pub needs a car to get to…..or a hell of a long walk. No more public transport for him to do his drinking. (He’ll drink drive…if he hasnt already….sooo….loss of licence here we come!!! ๐Ÿ‘)
            Another win for me, another point of revenge for the ‘thing’.
            Thats just all by the way. Forgot to mention in first responce.
            All in all, everything seemed to fall into place. Thanks for the congrats. (Yeah, I was pretty happy with myself).
            Hope you get the Somatic well and good. Hit him where it hurts ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Cant wait to hear….๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

          2. superxena says:

            Thank you very much for sharing your ” modus operandi” against your ex ..
            Wow..!!!!!!.it was a very “risquรฉ “thing to go to his pub! Confronting him like that….I assume that he was not well fuelled by then( being strange for a Greater) and you hit one of his weakest points at the right time: getting old, loosing his “magic”as a cerebral and being an alcoholic….

            What made you place him as a Greater Cerebral?

            For me confronting my ex greater somatic is not really an option now…it would not be wise..he has as well sociopathic and sadistic traits…A more ” under the table” approach would be the best right now…
            Please…tell me more and I will keep you posted!

          3. Lisa says:

            Hello again SX. God, where do I start?? I think perhaps we should do coffee!?! Lol. Ive done a lot of my learning from HG. I must say he has given me the knowledge, terminologies and understanding of narssism better than any other. (Bowing now HG ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ).
            Its funny really, because I used to keep a diary of the tHiNgS bad behaviour, years before I knew what he was. Now…comparing those words to my studies, BINGO!!! EXACTLY as I had written them. I couldnt believe it!
            As far as him being a Greater, there is so much I could write. (Examples of things etc.), but if you havent already done so, perhaps you could look up HG’s ‘The Greater Narcissist’ blog. It is him to a tee!! I left a few comments on that also (28/1/17). He is extremely evil, contemptuous, vile and arrogant. Full of malice and volgarity. Haughty, know-it-all, rageful tyrant. Very difficult tHiNg to be around. I could go on…. oh…also look up HG’s ‘The Fuel Matrix-Part Three. section 3 U.G.N: THAT explains him and my escape perfectly also. (Thank you again HG ๐Ÿ‘)

            The Cerebral part comes from him being…ummm….more brain driven (or so he thinks). He reads constantly (usually si-fi BS!), and assumes knowledge on most everything. He’d much rather read a book than have sex! Sex was only ever part of the golden period, (and it WAS awful I might add). Later however, it became non existant (through his belief in punishing me), and….now here’s the kicker…..I WAS EVER SO GRATEFUL!!! It wasnt a punishment…it was a reward!! I couldnt stand him touching me!!
            He is/was in love with his own reflection, and thinks other people are too. He considers himself a movie star look-a-like (I wont say which one however), and even has a poster up of this guy, so others can see the comparison!!! WHAT???? Funny….no one ever did! But honestly, that was all for show. He used to like to LET people think we were a normal married couple, (pfft!) but no, faaar faaar from it. He had no interest in sex, WHATSOEVER!! Thank God!!!!!!!!!!

            Hope that covers what you were interested in. Thanks for taking the time. And yes, stay safe! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          4. HG Tudor says:

            You are welcome.

          5. superxena says:

            Yes…coffee sounds like a good idea..but I do not really think it is possible…unless you want to come to Stockholm,Sweden๐Ÿ˜€ Where are you from?
            I like the “alias” you use for him…as you describe him he is not really ..appealing!Sex with him: NO thank you. My ex used sex as a weapon…although not very effective since he had some potency issues…๐Ÿ˜ฑ
            Thank you for your recommendations…I have read many of HG’s books and specially the articles you mentioned: The Greater and Fuel Matrix Part three. I also like very much an article named: What is in the Greater’s mind? I have printed it and read it every time I feel I am having a relapse! It sure brings me back to reality…
            Have you read it ?
            Keep you posted๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

          6. Lisa says:

            SX! Sweden hey? Im in Australia. Perhaps we could meet half way? Lol.
            No I dont believe I have read that blog you mentioned. I tried searching for it but got nowhere. (Help here please HG?). TY!
            The tHiNg had some potency problems also. But funnily enough, they were MY fault!! (Ohh of course they were silly me!). That was in the day where sex was actually given a go. I actually suspected he was gay!! (Still do!). He’s just creepy and I believe perverted so altogether yuk!! I still ask myself “WHAT was I THINKING?”
            Sounds like you are doing everything right. I wish you well for your future.

            Sending vitual coffee your way. Cheers!

          7. superxena says:

            Good morning from Stockholm!
            Thank you for your answer Lisa! I will write a more extensive answer later on. I just wanted you to know the name of HG’s article I told you about: ” I Want”. I have printed it ,otherwise I would have had problems on finding it! Sorry for giving you the wrong name. I should have saved you the ” searching” time.
            HG: Is it possible to have a table of conten/ list of your articles on your site?Or at least a function on the site that enables to “save”check /as favourites the ones we like? Sometimes it is hard to find your articles again. Just a suggestion๐Ÿ˜€

          8. Lisa says:

            Hi SX. Yes thats right. I did see that one. Was fairly recent if Im not mistaken. Thank you!
            And yeah (HG), I agree with SX about the ‘save’ thing on your articles. That would be great!! My inbox is full of email notications that I keep for reference on such articles. Also….while Im suggesting, along with SX, how about an ‘edit’ button for our comments. Quite often I have wished for one of those…like new…opps I mean now!!! Lol.
            Thanks SX for update. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          9. superxena says:

            Your welcome Lisa….just right now I am getting with the weather here in is snowing…when it is supposed to be Spring๐Ÿ˜ก Yeah! I vote for a ” favourite save function” and edit!
            You never know…he might listen to us! BTW: does your ” books” function work properly?
            Virtual coffee on its wayโ˜•๏ธโ˜•๏ธ

          10. Lisa says:

            Greetings SX. Yes just checked. Book function works fine. Sounds like you are having trouble?
            Snow? Wow! We are having 30deg weather here. Just beautiful now. Was up to 40degs. Waaaay toooo hot!!
            ….will save coffee for the morning thank you so much. โ˜•๏ธ (Ooo Swedish coffee?…its gotta be better!). Its 1:40 am here now. Off to bed I go. Nite SX. ๐Ÿ˜ด

          11. superxena says:

            Hello Lisa!
            Now I have the time to answer to you more extensive!
            Have you read HG’s book: Sex and the Narcissist?

            My Somatic ex Greater had impotence problems AND a compulsory disorder..masturbation๐Ÿ˜.Well..If you have read the book it describes exactly everything about it…My ex opened himself to me about it for help. Well…it is hard not to notice this..if you know what I mean..
            The first therapy we attended was exactly about that…
            I contacted his prior ex girlfriends when he told me about this problem and I got very valuable information from them this was a problem HE HAD..since it was the same for the other woman..
            Why did you suspect he was gay?
            Sometimes I had some doubts about it…but if you had read the book…it seems like their concept of sex is completely different from ours. The Cerebrals are not very interested in sex while the somatics use sex as a weapon.Funny…I asked my ex about homosexuals and he regarded them as inferior..of course if my ex was bisexual or had had sex with other men( just for trying something different) he would have never admitted it!

            Any way…Sex and the Narcissist…a little bit shocking book for us “decent”๐Ÿ˜‡moral compass empaths but worth reading!!!
            Work day tomorrow for me..
            Have a good day in Australia/ Greetings from Sweden

          12. Lisa says:

            Hi SX! No I havent read that book of HG’s. Sex was the LAST thing I was interested in, with the tHiNg! Even now, after all is said and (almost) done, I am afraid a normal sex life for me is a while off yet. I feel somewhat scared from the experience of being with him, (emotional I guess), even though I dont consider there to have been abuse of the sexual type with him. Had I wanted it with him, then maybe. Then it would/could have been considered sexual neglect I guess, if there is such a thing. So glad he was Cerebral!!
            As for suspecting he was gay, well there was no actual proof. It was just observations of things like what he would watch (or rather WHO he would watch) on TV or Movies etc. I would have thought women should have taken his attention, but I noticed it was men. I would take notice, while he didnt suspect it, because intuition and gut instinct were screaming so! He also would over react about men being gay. Oh my God!!! They were (in his mind) the WORST thing ever. Like….who is he trying to convince??? Everyone no doubt, that HE wasnt!! Hmmm. Odd. I just found it odd. And VERY limited in…shall we say….positions during sex. No intamacy. No emotion. Problems all round. Eewww. And the porn! Hmm. Tried to tell me he was ‘minding’ it for ‘a friend’!!! Yeah right! I just suspected it was gay porn, but like I said, I had no proof. If ONLY my supernova could have kicked in then!!! What a moment that would have been!! Oh well. Too late now.
            Cant believe you talked to your ex’s ex’s!!! BRAVE move!!! Well done you!!
            How long have you been studying this topic?? Me, over 2 1/2 years now. Need to stop soon, although HG’s writings are addictive. Im learning to trust my intuition more. I think its paying off.
            Catch you soon SX. Stay strong. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Thanks HG. ๐Ÿ˜‰ forever grateful…

          13. superxena says:

            Hello Lisa!

            It feels very giving to share our experiences ..I found A LOT of similarities on the steps we have being going through until we gained awareness.. although your ex was a cerebral and mine a greater. It is curious,,but I never had any evidence of him being bisexual…it was just a ” hunch”. That together with his sexual problems.
            I understand that you do not want to know anything about sex and the narcissist…Just give it some will enjoy again a perfect,normal sexual life soon…Just give the healing process a little bit more time…
   that you say was brave of me to contact his girlfriends and ask. Now I know that it was perhaps my SuperNova instincts that made me do it…I knew something was wrong and I was absolutely determined to find out what it was.
            How long time have I studied this ? OMG! I had to go to my book shelf and check all the books I have read since the first year I was with him( 6 years): I have read about 10-12 books on the subject and several sites !!! But none of them gave me what I needed to tie the last loose ends…until I found this site…It helped me to know what I was precisely dealing with..
            I have been on this site for 3-4 months…and I share with you the same feelings…it is almost time for me to stop…Sometimes it triggers me towards the opposite direction…
            Although I will always be grateful to HG’s work as well.
            It surely has helped me “over the fence ”
            Wish you the best…

          14. superxena says:

            *TYPO*: I meant you ex was a greater cerebral and mine a greater somatic…

          15. Lisa says:

            SX, yes. I knew what you meant. Hence ‘edit’ icon needed as suggested before to HG.
            I wish you well on your journey SX. Wow you have been on this road for awhile now! I was with the tHiNg off and on for 10 years. Mostly off really, but the ‘ons’ got progressively worse.
            Its getting to the point now that I am noticing my narcissistic traits show more and more. Im not happy about that, but in a way I think it is helping me ward of negative people and set some stronger boundries. Since learning the difference between my empathetic/narcissistic traits, I think I can further improve my future. I hope you can too.
            I wish you well SX. Take care. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          16. superxena says:

            Hi again Lisa!

            Quite a dialog we have here๐Ÿ˜€ Time for Coffee break:
            Wow… 10 years is quite a journey as well!!

            I am glad that you mentioned it…it is actually another POSITIVE OUTCOME this site has brought to me: more understanding and awareness of myself.

            I see my narcissistic traits as a SuperEmpath as an ASSET!!! It was exactly those traits that helped me escaping my ex greater( which I have understood is rare to succeed with )
            So I see these narcissists traits both as a WEAPON ready to be launched when needed and as an ASSET that helps me to succeed in other areas.
            I hope you learn to ” master” them. I know it is not so easy to balance them sometimes!
            End of Coffee break ….back to my customers๐Ÿ˜€
            Take care you too and see you ” around” on this blog๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. superxena says:

    I have read this book..several times actually! I can highly recommend it. The book Revenge explains thoroughly what the difference is between NO Contact and Revenge. What I found extremely useful was:
    1. The concepts of Core Principle( not reacting if implementing Revenge against the Narcissist) Are you strong enough to do this? Do you still have an emotional connection to the Narcissist?
    2. The concept of Ultimate Aim. It really makes the reader reflect about what is the motive of implementing a revenge campaign.
    3. The different toppling of the narcissist pillars depending on the type of narcissist you are dealing with.
    4. The risks of implementing a revenge campaign without being prepared.
    A MUST TO READ BEFORE CONSIDERING implementing a Revenge Campaign.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Superxena.

      1. superxena says:

        Your welcome HG!

    2. Sniglet says:

      I also highly recommend the book Revenge. Will there be a Revenge volume 2?

      1. Sniglet says:

        I just noticed that my profile picture is pink instead of the usual green. Interesting.

      2. HG Tudor says:

        There will be ‘The Empath Strikes Back’.

  10. D-updated says:

    HG I really want to know how a low, mid, and high narc would each react to a civil protection order. Do you ever talk about victims seeking legal justice or protection?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      See Showing Restraint

      1. D-updated says:

        What would we do without you?
        Does true revenge cover anything like this or is it entirely different?

        1. HG Tudor says:


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