Clear the Smear!

Clear the smear !





5 thoughts on “Clear the Smear!

  1. Thanks HG, literally for everything !

    I’m playing a very long and drawn out game of chess with the original MN, he’s a mid for sure. He does know what he is, so perhaps on the cusp of being a greater (The other one, the greater is being bloody annoying).

    Anyway, I’m slowly, slowly using his own Nness against him so that he hoovers me repeatedly and is desperate for it to work. So much so that I know he is also clearing his smear of me himself.

    Without you HG never would have been possible. I never looked for revenge or justice or to clear my name. I had decided to accept it was what it was. This has just been opportunist to begin with. I don’t even need to be horrible to him (well maybe a little bit of NI here and there, but never too much), it’s all very much about sowing little subtle seeds here and there.

    Thank you 😇

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome, I always like to read your updates on your chess match, it was a pleasure to provide my perspective through the consultation.

      1. THanks HG, yes anyone who is considering a consultation – please do go ahead. HG really understands and provides excellent and accurate advice.

        There was a time when I thought, maybe I should stop reading your blog and put the whole N thing completely behind me.
        I’m so glad I didn’t do that. Because the more I read and coupled with your very helpful consultation the more I realise that I need to keep myself informed.
        Although I can never truly think like an N. I’d say I’m 80% there and 100% with the lessers and mids. Which allows me to live my life unaffected by any attempts from these people to destroy me.

        I had another one at work, a female N. SHe was determined to cause me to become paranoid and anxious and destroy my career. But her words and actions had no affect on me whatsoever. A few years ago and they absolutely would have done.

        But being able to stand strong against these types almost sends them into self destruct mode as they clamber about desperately seeking other fuel sources.

        I haven’t yet learned how to hide my epathic traits, nor do I want to. So this means I remain a target, but the Ns have no idea what they’re dealing with.

        And I really don’t do anything that bad. Its all self preservation and subtleties. Who would realise that subtle little actions or words can have such a devastating impact.

        Essentially, when you truly understand the Ns inside and out, you can come out on top. But it is certainly not by seeking revenge.

      2. I will still need future help with those damn greaters !!! as and when 🙂 🙂

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Always available I relish outwitting my own kind

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