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Not long ago this blog achieved 4 million hits which has followed hard on the heels of striking 3 million just a couple of months ago. My thanks once again for your continued involvement and interaction and do of course keep spreading the word.

In celebration of this further milestone, we shall have a competition. With prizes. Yes the generosity of your dear Narcissist-in-Chief is boundless.

First prize is a free audio consultation, second prize is a free e-mail consultation and third prize is a personalised message and signed paperback of one of my books. The winners will be sent the relevant protocol ahead of the consultations in the usual way.

Below are 20 questions. The answers can be ascertained from my work. The closing date for answers is 8am GMT on Saturday 6th May 2017. All you need to do is provide the answers in relevant order in a comment on the blog in the usual way. All comments containing answers will be held in moderation until 6th May 2017 and the winners will be announced on that date.

You may only submit one entry HOWEVER if you submit an entry and wish to revise it you may do so as many times as you wish. Your latest entry will be the one accepted for submission and judged.

As you would expect, my decision is final.

And no you cannot ask the answers in questions to me on the blog beforehand!

In the event of a tie, I will arrange a tie-break question and announce the arrangements for the same on the 6th May.

I look forward to reading your entries and thank you again for reading my work and participating in the blog.

Here are the 20 questions.

  1. How tall am I? (In feet and inches).
  2. If an individual who is involved with a narcissist, finds their empathy dimmed and themselves behaving in a similar way to the narcissist so they fight back, this is a particular event. What is it called?
  3. What business is my Uncle Peter involved in?
  4. Which school of narcissist uses silent treatments the most?
  5. There are two types of obsession which causes hoover triggers. What are those obsessions?
  6. What are the two key factors in determining the potency of fuel (be it positive or negative)?
  7. What is the name of my sister?
  8. I achieved a particular percentage in an English class although it was much to the annoyance of Matrinarc, what was that percentage?
  9. What are the four cadres of narcissist?
  10. How many mobile telephones do I use?
  11. What is a F.R.E.E. ?
  12. What causes the ignition of fury in a narcissist?
  13. What has been the longest duration between the end of the Formal Relationship and when I hoovered that person at a later time?
  14. What is my family motto?
  15. What is a Golden Wedge?
  16. What must you cross in order to achieve your freedom from my kind?
  17. I have been married once, but how many times have I been engaged?
  18. Name two sins of the empath.
  19. Am I left-handed or right-handed?
  20. Who delivers the brutal truth to enable you to seize the power?

324 thoughts on “4 Million”

  1. Hi HG,
    Did you post the winners and the correct answers to this contest? There were a few questions I was unsure about and would like to know what they were.

  2. Hello HG

    Quiz answers are still in moderation…
    Is today the day that the winners are revealed?

      1. I sure hope WordPress doesn’t crash when you go to load everyone’s answers… Lol
        How will you choose the winners if there are a lot of people who get all the answers correct?

          1. Ha. Ha. Ha. Prime aims. Mr. Funny Pants is back in the house.

  3. Hello, so I still have 9 questions to go and your GMT deadline only gives me until 1 a.m. PST tonight my time to complete them. 🙁 will do my best but just now finishing up for the day at work and will have to entertain (er fuel?) my mother this evening – which will most likely involve wine and watching keeping up appearances and/or abfab ( sigh…). Will enjoy the wine though. Anyway, I’m afraid I won’t finish in time. For the life of me I can’t find any reference to your left or right handedness….Good luck to all the participants. 🙂

  4. Ha, for what it’s worth, there seems to be several similarities between Fallout and real life narc interactions. Random encounters with hideous creatures and badass criminals/outcasts, etc. Requires you to be both strategic as well as the ability to think on your feet and “shoot from the hip”. Have to use the right weapons in your repertoire accordingly…to exploit the weakness’ of your enemies. Also need to protect yourself from and avoid radiation poisoning or it slowly accumulates, resulting in sickness and death. Lol!
    Coincidental we play these games??? Hmm, interesting thought.

  5. HG, I have just posted my answers to the ‘4million’ quizz in the comments section here. Have you received them? Just checking ;-P I do not think I will manage to wake up before 8am tomorrow to resend haha

  6. Ok – I really, really, really was going to have a go at the quiz but to be honest, I have been so busy, so utterly stressed at work that all I have wanted to do when I get home is kill things on the xbox. It’s very therapeutic.

    Besides – my menopausal rage and current midlife crisis would force me to answer each question with “death to all people”

    I need a holiday. Even my own rage exhausts me! Pass the JD.

    1. Thank you, Flickatina for that laugh!!!! “Death to all people” has been my vibe today…hahahahhaha…I told a colleague of mine that perhaps I am not meant for people(which means I am in trouble as I do people work LOL), I am starting to loose patience with arses. Even just rude jerks get on my nerves lately. A friend was rude with me for making an honest error and I just want to bite her head off….Maybe I need to learn this gaming thing…I am not a gamer by any stretch.

      1. How much money could be made from Narc/Empath hunting game? Choose your side and navigate the game in that mode to see how far you can get. Then we’d see if the information is getting through.
        Level 1:
        People in restaurant/bar. You have to observe and interact to identify the Narcs, Empaths, and normals by either walking up and with total resting bitch face say: you are insignificant, throwing a bright red cape over them, or in the case of the normal-notifying Ripleys.
        On to level 2………..and so on.

        Id never finish. I’d be stuck in Empath mode smothering Lessers in their sleep.

        1. Hey NA… Develop and publish that. I think I know of someone that may be approached as an investor, wink wink…..

          1. NA…i know a patent attorney…i would tell you who he is but we can’t share. I will send out a smoke signal. Seriously…please think about patenting it before someone else does…*coughhgcough* PS…I don’t smoke but I’d find an alternate way to make some.

          2. Ms Brown
            Haha. Wink wink is the one with all the minions at his disposal. Im happiest behind the scenes.

      2. I didn’t think I was a gamer either. You just need the right game. I recommend Witcher 3. I killed a few monsters and I feel a bit better now. The urge to slaughtered and drink blood has passed. 😂

      3. NarcAngel – and this is why I love you!!

        I have Skyrim but I need to finish one game before I start another. I have very poor co-ordination so I can’t be getting confused with the controls of two different games.

        One thing I like about Witcher is that you can play Geralt in different ways. You can make him a mean, selfish womaniser or a righteous hero. These choices will affect the endgame. When I play again I had thought of trying the mean route. The problem is I won’t be able to keep it up!

  7. I can’t help but think you might be regretting the contest, HG! I know I would be (if I were you) lol 🙄

      1. I don’t think he will. I mean, simply because if this contest I purchased 4 of HG’s books. Haven’t found the answer to my remaining questions yet, though 😆

      2. as in distress(ed) (pain in the arse 4 million submission issues and questions) that you now have to deal with….

  8. Hi HG,
    Just sent you my answers. Were they received or should I email or resubmit them?
    Thank you

          1. Hi HG…I emailed my revised answers around 5pm your time. Received? Thank you

          2. Yes thank you. I have solved the mystery of the vanishing answers. They were ending up in the spam filter, must have been the numerous numbered posts. I have just spend half an hour freeing various comments from Spam Dungeon.

          3. Hahahaha Spam Dungeon! I love it!
            I thought you had your email settings on Automatic Discard without the Golden Preview first!

          4. (Only use my answers EMAILED at 5pm. Not the ones posted here)

          5. Aww HG you never stop your hard work for us☺️
            Take a break! You deserve it! Damn that spam folder!

          6. Thank you Jenna. Yes, I will need to trawl it more often, I was intrigued to find numerous legitimate comments in there aside from the quiz answers.

  9. What’s my favourite cadre of narc so far, HG?

    Answer this and be in with a chance of winning some homemade potent fuel. Not just any homemade potent fuel, but Aberdeen Angus potent fuel


  10. H.G, are we allowed to ask for hints if we need clarification on one of your contest questions? I have 19 answers and am hung up on one. (batting eye lashes with a smile and wink).

      1. I’m hung up on the 2 types of obsession for a Hoover? On the part of the Victim? Or the Narc?

  11. Hi HG,
    I just posted my answers, but they do not show as “in moderation”. Did you receive my submission? 🙂

  12. I posted my answers here. They were in moderation but I cannot see them anymore. Do I have to post them again?

  13. Not sure if my post with the answers went thru but im looking forward to seeing the correct answers. It was fun!🙂

      1. Friday night but i didnt see it posted as moderation so it maybe didnt go thru. There were a few questions i didnt get so thats ok. Itll be interesting to see the answers when theyre posted 👍

  14. I just posted my responses to the questions but it does not show on my screen as “awaiting moderation”. I just wanted to be sure it was received. I have it copied and saved just in case it did not go through. Thank you!

      1. I just did and it disappeared again. Please confirm if you got it? If it did not work I will email it if that is okay.

          1. I just emailed you my answers. I hope that is okay since I tried submitting it several times on here with no luck. Thank you much!

  15. It does not show up here like my other post-just wondering did you get my reply to your 20 questions?

  16. I won’t be able to answer all the questions as I haven’t been reading this blog long enough. I have answered 10 questions. That’s probably not good enough 😆

      1. I overcame my apprehension and bought Fuel. It was and is an enlightening read. Idk if this online thing will keep working. Thank you NA. You boosted my confidence. I still won’t buy online from any other merchant.

        1. 1Jaded1
          Thats great! So much easier than going out old school to track stuff down. Baby steps. You can get everything at Amazon anyway. They could make a fortune selling Narc punching bags with various signs you velcro to them like: Youre the one. Shes just a friend. You get the idea…..
          Wait. HG should sell those in his mecca of merchandising when he gets it up and running. Remember you heard it here first when he tries to gaslight us that it was all his idea.

          1. It wasn’t the big A. I guess where there is a will there is a way…as long as HG is ok with it. Your ideas are hilarious.

      1. Hi 1jaded1,

        I only buy from Amazon if the *vendor* is Amazon (*sold by* Amazon) or if I know who the vendor is.

        If it says —> ‘Ships from and sold by Amazon(.com)’ <— (the box including the price on the right side of the screen), it is safe. The *vendor* is Amazon and all HG Tudor paperbacks are available (*sold by*) on Amazon.
        As for Kindle e-books, they are sold exclusively by Amazon so it is safe to buy and download them too.

    1. Amy S,
      Same here! I read several books and articles on here and am answering the best I can. I do not think I will get all the questions right but I will try my best and hope for the best! 🙂 Good luck!

  17. Congratulations HG. I hope there will be many milliions more to celebrate in the future.
    And thanks again for all your work.

        1. It means to do or say something which will cause an angry and fiery reaction.
          It comes from lighting the said paper on a firework which gives you a few seconds to retreat before it explodes.

          1. Happy Saturday Mr. Tudor. Thank you. In American slang, we say ‘they’re going to sh*t a cold purple twinkie.’ 😁 Excuse my French

          1. No worries Love! I’m hoping someone that really needs those consults to rid themselves of an abusive ex or current partner wins those. I was aiming for a book if anything at all. Then I can analyze HGs handwriting 😂😉

          2. HG
            You sign with your feet?
            I’ll add that to the list of other amazing bodily things Narcs do, like thinking with their dick and walking around with their head up their ass.

          1. Haha. Indy. I accidentally answered one of the questions. I didn’t intend to participate so i will be in the group who answered one correctly. I am laughing in spite of myself.

          2. Hehe, laughing with ya, Jaded as I will be in the magically poofed group. Lol

      1. Yessss that potion didn’t do what it was supposed to!! Instead of correct answers it made them in invisible type. Back to the cauldron!!!

  18. Now, lets make this a REAL game. All readers may submit one question to you, and you have to answer. LOL

      1. Yes, but I mean, Like whats your name? LOL. Just playing. Defusing a bad night. Yes, you do answer….

  19. Congratulations, HG! I’m so glad I have found you! I found you just in time. I would have gone crazy if it wasn’t for you 😉

  20. Congrats. I am one of your newest readers so I won’t enter, but thanks for your work.

  21. KNOCK,KNOCK ..how are my FELLOW COMPETITORS doing? How long have you got on the ” track” of the contest? It feels like running blind on the track😉

      1. Hello Twilight!
        I am good thank you! How are you? Sunny day here in Stockhom…although a little bit cold…Are you participating in the contest? It feels like you know all of the answers😉

        1. Hello Superxena

          I am great thank you! Humid here. It is cool at the moment yet expect to warm up later this afternoon.
          Yes I am. There are many that know all the answers.
          Are you participating? I thought I saw you commented you were. If so, you will do great!

          1. Hello Twilight!
            It is still cold here in Stockholm..strange for being April…Yes, I am participating😉 Actually, I have just submitted my answers…although I know they are not going to be published yet…I can’t see them under ” moderation”… It puzzles me…Friday night…yeah!! 😇😀

          2. Hello Superxena

            It is hot here in Virginia today.
            I submitted mine afterwork about 2 am I believe. I wouldn’t think to much on seeing it under moderation. I have had that happen depending on which device I was using at the time. One would show it another wouldn’t.
            I think it’s been 20 days sense my last day off, yes enjoying this Friday!

          3. Hello Twilight!
            Virginia! I have not been there…I have lived though in Boston and New Haven while studying there for some time…How warm is it? Here in Stockholm is about 5-8 degrees…Exciting with the competition..Good that you have submitted your answers as well..you will do great !!!

          4. Hello Superxena

            It is 86 today. 5-8 degrees sounds nice to me at this moment. I have been here for a while, but have lived in many places.
            Autumn is my favorite time of the year here. Cooler weather and so many colors.
            My family was military so I have lived in a few places.
            The competition, it was a marvelous idea of HGs.

      1. HG, how are you this patient? Great trait you have here with us! I figure in your personal life it may be different 😀
        If the email bounced back to me, i would have just disqualified it.

      2. I applied ‘ no contact ‘ to all narcissists I know 😂 ( just joking 🙃). And excluded myself from the tiebreak.. 😭😭😭

    1. This is a great idea! You could give us a prompt and see what people come up with.

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