4 Million Quiz Results




Hello and thank you for the excellent volume of entries by blog comment (Spam Dungeon notwithstanding) and by e-mail. I have had a tertiary source chained to my obsidian desk in Tudor Towers marking them all day. Before the winners are announced, here are the correct answers.


  1. How tall am I? (In feet and inches).       I am 6ft 1″ in height.
  2. If an individual who is involved with a narcissist, finds their empathy dimmed and themselves behaving in a similar way to the narcissist so they fight back, this is a particular event. What is it called?   An Empathic Supernova
  3. What business is my Uncle Peter involved in?   Chocolate (I accepted confectionery and candy)
  4. Which school of narcissist uses silent treatments the most?  The Mid-Ranger
  5. There are two types of obsession which causes hoover triggers. What are those obsessions?    Fuel and Malice
  6. What are the two key factors in determining the potency of fuel (be it positive or negative)?   Proximity of Supply and Method of Delivery
  7. What is the name of my sister?    Rachael (I accepted Rachel as well)
  8. I achieved a particular percentage in an English class although it was much to the annoyance of Matrinarc, what was that percentage?  76%
  9. What are the four cadres of narcissist?   Victim, Elite, Cerebral and Somatic
  10. How many mobile telephones do I use?  Four
  11. What is a F.R.E.E. ?   Flawed Reason (to) Extract Emotion
  12. What causes the ignition of fury in a narcissist? Criticism (I accepted wounding as well)
  13. What has been the longest duration between the end of the Formal Relationship and when I hoovered that person at a later time?  12 years
  14. What is my family motto?  Victoria Aut Morte (Victory or Death)
  15. What is a Golden Wedge?  A dis-engagement (discard) which is designed to keep the door open for a future hoover and is delivered with various back-handed compliments.
  16. What must you cross in order to achieve your freedom from my kind? The Emotional Sea (Emotional Ocean also accepted)
  17. I have been married once, but how many times have I been engaged?  Twice
  18. Name two sins of the empath.  There are numerous but the ones I have written about so far are Positivity, Listener, Truth Seeker and Honesty
  19. Am I left-handed or right-handed? I am ambidextrous although my dominant hand is my left, so I have accepted both those answers
  20. Who delivers the brutal truth to enable you to seize the power?  HG Tudor

Thank you for the many entries and the generally high scores achieved. Good to know you have been paying attention.

The outcome resulted in several tie break situations (hence the delay in posting the results and the winners) and following that whittling down, the winners are as follows:-

1st Place – E.B.

2nd Place – Sues1965

3rd Place – Matilda

I shall e-mail the winners to organise their prizes.


296 thoughts on “4 Million Quiz Results”

  1. What?!?!
    *clueless look as to why I earned such a comment*
    I’ll return to my stool with my cds and tape deck!

  2. The answers to quiz were interesting. HG does your uncle Peter live in the U.K. Currently? When you were born how many siblings did you have at the time? Have you only one sister? Reagarding your engagements are you including your premarriage engagement in the two engagements? What do the initials H.G. Stand for ?
    I actually knew quite a few of the answers through recent readings. I never entered though. Congratulations to the lovely winners.

      1. HG
        Youre the man. DG must be the other man. Unless youre the same man. Hmmm…..

        1. NA, this may be a possibility! He speaks highly of depeche mode. From politics, to operating in such circles, to country’s security, to royalty, and now to musician. What and who are you dear G?!!!?!!!

          1. I dunno. I looked deep into the eyes of our ice cream man yesterday. He kinda fits and he’s famous round these parts. Everyone adores him and runs after him but I see something sinister lurking beneath his Mr. Whippy paper hat.
            I think I’ve cracked it.
            I should work for the FBI.
            To flake or not to flake HG?

          2. Ok, i just watched 3 david gahan interviews. HG’s speaking voice is much lower and sexier 😉 so he can’t be DG. Singing voice, i’m not sure. I am waiting for that on youtube. Lol!

          3. “Pain (negative fuel), will you return it, i’ll say it again pain (devaluation)”
            Repeat 4x

          4. Live?! I’ll leave everything aside and tune in for that! “What goes on under”… (HG Tudor)

          5. It’s ok. You indirectly answered Indy with a pay-per-view special.
            That would be way harsh.
            I’m curious now though, with some of the conversation threads floating around…
            1. Kim was in devalue last fall, respite around the holidays, and seemingly back to devalue now. Hasn’t she gotten fed up with your push / pull behavior?
            2. Is her negative fuel poor, better or best compared to others?
            3. You answered another reader today that you do not have plans to re-marry. Had Kim hoped to be in a relationship leading to marriage or is she at a place where it’s not an issue for her?

          6. So she was the most vile? The others, including Kim, are they kind loving compassion filled empaths? Or spicey fire balls?

          7. HG
            Re: Live devalue
            Oh Tudor you are such a hoot. Stop messing with them by threatening Empath Bloodbath on pay per view. Of course no one with true empathy could really watch that could they? Hmmm makes you wonder.

          8. Yes. Then after the war they are depressed, filled with regrets and have ptsd.

          9. Your take on marine ‘A’ or is that just coincidence?

          10. NA, i assume it would be more of a devalue like poking his finger in the cake or hiding her posessions, or not answering her when she says ‘what’s wrong HG?’ Thus, the pay per view. Anything more would be too much for us to handle.

          11. Jesus it’s so easy to forget what you really are.
            Poor Kim.
            I hope she finds her way here afterwards 😕

          1. I doubt HG would have anything to do with lyrics of love. Personal Jesus maybe.

          2. HG
            Re: Love
            Of that I have no doubt. Little wonder the acting industry is full of Ns. Just didnt think youd waste energy writing about it was all.

    1. I like a few of depeche modes songs enjoy the silence and personal jesus were my two favs. I remember a girl in my highschool who adored them and she dressed gothic and in black. She kind of kept to herself. I like how dark their music sounds. Duran duran i loved as well. My favorite was 90s music. Nirvana i never get tired of and kurt cobain was my big 90s crush, rip kurt 😚 REM loved em, smashing pumpkins, stone temple pilots. Miss all those older bands.

      1. Both excellent songs.

        Duran Duran aren’t bad.

        With Nirvana, I always was pleased when Smells Like Teen Spirit came on because when it came to the energetic part of “Here we are now, entertain us” you could leap up and elbow someone in the side of the head who had been irritating you on the dance floor and make it seem accidental.

        1. I just heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in my car the other day and had happy college memories. That did not include banging someone in the head.

        2. HG
          your description of the songs and artists that you like makes me rethink your age. You might be alot younger than I initially thought but your voice and demeanor (via your writing) seems so much older. Have you ever divulged your age?

          1. Alexis
            And by older you mean mature, intelligent, and oozing with sex appeal yes?

      2. Ever try yoga Mr. Tudor? It might help you manage your anger issues better. No to 👊 Yes to ✌. Namaste

      1. Hi Music Lover,
        Great taste in music! I adored the 90s, more than the 80s actually. Smashing Pumkins, Blind Melon, Collective Soul, Audioslave, NIN…Duran Duran I liked in high school, INXS..

    2. Lol to the elbowing. Im not the typical head banging grunge chic but when their music comes on i become one 😂 foo fighters is another goody.

    3. Hi Indy…yes the 90s! ohhhh to relive that era! My favorite music but i like it all, 60s, 70s, some 80s, 90s and todays music. Im not a huge fan of country but oddly i like some 70s country.
      I forgot to mention red hot chili peppers. Collective soul i liked too and heavy and gel were my fav songs. Some of madonnas songs i liked as well like beautiful stranger and ray of light. I love my satellite stations bc i can pop from the 60s to the 90s then to todays music. My kiddos boo at the oldies tho lol! 😂

      1. Oh I loved the grunge era! Yes yes RHCP!!! Sister Hazel, Foo Fighters, Chris Cornell (swoon).

        Yes, some of the 70s and 80s were great too, and I totally agree, can’t stand country. (Except Patsy Cline) However, I dig bluegrass.
        I better stop or I will be called Casey Kasem lol!!

      1. You’ve made me laugh out loud twice today. It feels good.
        Hannibal Lector has left the building….

          1. Makes sense.
            Enjoy the silence.
            Personal Jesus.
            Never let me down again.
            And many many more.
            Coincidence HG?

          2. The new DM album (Spirit), which came out last March, is very good.

          3. Indeed it is. Not amongst their best – the Black Celebration, Music for the Masses, Violator period was the creation of cathedrals of sound – but still very good.

          4. But you wrote an article of feeling ‘nothing’ when you attend a baseball game, while others are enthusiastic and cheering. Why do you feel something for music? Is it selective depending on your interests?

          5. I did not state that I feel something for them, but rather I appreciate the music and how I utilise it.

          6. Isn’t appreciating something similar to ‘feeling’ something, admiring it, liking it, or in extreme cases, loving it?

          7. Im trying to work out what you mean by that.
            I was thinking do you mean you get something intellectually from the lyrics but then I remembered you enjoyed classical.
            I don’t understand.
            Would you be able to explain how you get something intellectually from a piece of music please?

          8. Is that your same viewpoint to writing to Beethoven? Meaning, classical puts you in a state of mind to focus on your writing enhancing the experience. If it didn’t you wouldn’t bother with it? Or would you also choose to listen to Beethoven just for a relaxed state of mind?

          9. State of mind and also to utilise the description of the song/music/lyrics for the purposes of seduction or devaluation.

          10. Stories of Old (bare) sung in A minor makes me melt. I agree HG. I would add Some Great Reward to the list…but I’m not you…stating the obvious now.

          11. Yes, those three albums were better than the new one. Although I have not had the chance to attend any DM concert, I personally find their live recordings much better than their studio albums. Can you/narcissists feel the *energy* of a live concert?

          12. HG
            When you are at a large venue (concert, football game) do you imagine that the energy, fan approval, etc is for you. Or that it is great because you deemed it worthy enough to attend? That may sound strange to some but I think you know what I mean.

          13. Alexis
            ** whispers**
            Dont tell him but I’ll just wait for that post to come around again. Theyre not the only ones who can phone it in and fib.

            Damn! He heard.

            FINE! Naughty stool! (Maybe I’ll see B.E, Entertainment, and AhOh there discussing Trump ’cause I havent seen them around lately).

        1. Karen CN
          Dont get too comfortable. He could just be laying on the floor wearing some other guys face.

  3. HG I’m intrigued about this “I have had a tertiary source chained to my obsidian desk in Tudor Towers marking them all day.” ???

  4. Thank you, windstorm2, ava101, Victoria, Love, NarcAngel! 😀

    And my congratulations to E.B. and sues423! Well done! 😀

  5. Great job HG,
    Enjoyed the Quiz. It was interesting and fun as well as entertaining reading the interactions from all. However, I’m thinking this might have triggered an old wound, thus, creating an itch I need scratched, ok? Acknowledging the greater being you are…my gut is having a hard time believing your sincerity and/or genuiness. The fact you would risk the possibility of exposing your identity?(legal, not ghost writer). Holding back just enough details for you protection? Sorry but, just can’t help but “smell a rat” a typical “ruse” often used by your kind? Are you just teasing us? Sprinkling tid-bits of reality with half-truths, to keep our seemingly insatiable appetites hooked and intrigued for more? Are you employing your expertise methodology and empowering your ability to “shepherd the flock” to gain current and prospective fuel?

    Funny, feels kinda like asking a world champion surfer directions to the beach…
    Then waking up the next morning in a hospital bed only to find the surfer standing over you, asking “What happened”? A little groggy you reply: “I followed your directions exactly as you said, last thing I remember I was mesmerized by the approaching sand and water” The surfer replied: “oh…guess I forgot to tell you about the cliff”

    Or, could it be just my radar is still overly sensitive and jaded due to years of gaslighting and deceit?

    1. You response is understandable but I apply a different dynamic here. I am proud of what I am building and have no desire to compromise that by not delivering to you the truth of what my kind are and what we do. I am able to do that fully because it does not impact on my private life.

  6. Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated.

    Proof that HG leads an ever increasing educated and weaponized army of Empaths.
    I did not know of the 76% in English but have opted for a spanking at the naughty stool over remedial bootcamp. So you could say there really are no losers (wink wink).

  7. Happy Sunday everyone! 🎊🎉⭐⚡
    Congratulations to the 3 winners!
    You’ve now graduated to level 2 of HG Tudor academy.
    Congrats All! Everyone is a winner in Empath world ! ❤

      1. It’s like karate. 10 levels. Level 1 is a white belt. Level 2 is yellow. At Level 10 – you’ll be a narc master with a black belt.

  8. Hi 🙂 and thank you!! to Indy, 1jaded1, Debbie, Jaeger, lansealan, abrokenwing, Twilight, Gabrielle, strongerwendy, foolme1time, SarahJane1977, Enjoying the silence, Jenna, superxena, karen1303, geminimom, Star, Amy S., Clarece, emotion detective, Lisa !! 🙂

  9. Dear all,

    I don’t want to clutter this space, so, I will just say:

    Thank you, lansealan, Debbie, Gabrielle, Twilight, SarahJane1977, foolme1time, 1jaded1, strongerwendy, Enjoying the silence, Lisa, emotion detective, Clarece, Star, Amy S., geminimom, karen1303, superxena, Jenna! 🙂

    As others have said: we all won! HG is an excellent teacher. The knowledge he provides sets us free, and that is the greatest gift of all!

      1. No truer words, Matilda!!! 👏🏼🙌🏻💪🏼 We are all “seizing the power”.

    1. So true Matilda. 😊
      We are stronger step by step with all we are learning.🖒
      And stronger for knowing of each other’s existence…that
      we are not alone.
      This blog gives a lot.
      Thanks to HG and all of you.🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹

      1. Debbie,
        Yes, it’s good to know that there are people who actually understand what you are talking about! And you realise that you are not crazy after all! ;-D

  10. Congratulations to all the winners!!👏👏👏

    HG, 6’1″ is a very attractive height for a man. But this is giving away too much information, isn’t it? I mean, we already know you live in the u.k., we know you have 2 brothers and 1 sister. We know you have an uncle in the chocolate business. We know your day job involves politics. We know many of your personal stories. We know what your voice sounds like. This is why i think you may be lying about your real height, but i may be wrong.
    Anyways, i can think of another question that could have been included in this quiz – how long does HG last in bed? Am i the only one dying to know this? It was not mentioned in ‘Sex and the Narcissist.’ 😄

    1. I knew the other stufd but I didn’t know HG’s job involved politics.
      Shit. He really is my old boss.

        1. Thanks HG.
          That actually makes it worse though as that actually further supports my suspicion. Haha.
          I will make no more reference to it though as I’m sure it must become tiresome to you to hear of all our guesses.

          1. Well in that case…. Haha.
            I really need to eliminate my old boss as it’s giving me sleepless nights. My imagination knows no bounds!
            Would you be so kind as to confirm you do not have a residence in North Yorkshire?

      1. @windstorm 2 – yes, I think that too. Something to do with country’s security services.I wonder why is he able to moderate our comments while abroad on holiday but not when on a professional trip sometimes.

      2. A broken wing,
        Yes, and several comments he’s made make me think high-level security.

    2. You’ll never know who he is. He could be John Smith, or Jack horn for all we know. HG Tudor is an absolute alias. Alias is the way to go. He isn’t the only person writing about narcissistic abuse writing under an alias. Victims’ of narcissism write about their experiences under alias’s too. Nobody will ever know who he really is. No photo, never shows his face. Why would he?

    3. I believe our “Olympian Between The Sheets” has lasted 5 times in one night. Ladies, enjoy your wine and your battery operated friend tonight.
      Your welcome.

      1. Oh my! Thanks Clarece. Was that a tie breaker question?
        One of my former narcs lasted 8 times in one night and then complained that he was broken down for a whole month afterwards. Big baby! 😭👶

        1. Lol, if it had been a tie breaker question, you would have found me in the top 3.
          Good work going 8 times! Impressive. I would think you’ll remain in your ex-Narc’s sixth sphere for quite a long time with that track record. 😉

          1. Very true Clarece. I’m sure there was another tie breaker to the tie breaker question. Narcs do love a competition. 😁
            For the amount of complaining he did, you would think I put a gun to his head. Sexual Olympian turned poor defenseless victim. Lol

          1. Lol no, I think he OD’d on one too many pills. 😁 Hence him being down for a month lol.

          2. No sh*t! I sent my ex-husband to the doctor once suffering from a friction burn for extended “sexy time” in the bedroom. That may be what happened to Love’s fellow…

          3. MLA
            Haha. Doctor for them-popsicle for me. Banana my favorite of course.

        2. Love, watch it! You might be wounding HG since he lasted 5x and your narc lasted 8! But it isn’t the number that matters is it now?

          1. Lol mine used ‘supplements’ to enhance his performance. Then he cried about the side effects afterwards. I would hope Mr. Tudor was all natural and he shed no tears for his efforts 😁

          2. Love, i do believe HG would be all natural. After all, he’s a greater narc with a super inflated ego. But i still didn’t get any responses to my query. I am curious how long the duration would be per session lol. I would wager 15 min. What do you think?

          3. Well being the narc expert that I am (lol 😁) I would say there are many factors that affect this answer. His age at the time, her fuel level, the stage of the relationship (golden period, devaluation, discard, hoover).
            My prediction is that he was in his mid 30s. She was a super empath. This occured during the beginning of the golden period (he was attempting to impress her with his superhuman abilities).
            I give each session 1 hour (start to finish), with a prolonged foreplay phase. Giving him adequate time to recover during the refractory period.

          4. Love, thx for sharing your expertise😀
            “superhuman abilities” lol
            But i wanted to know the length of time for intercourse only. You surely didn’t mean one hour for that did you? Because that would be superhuman for sure!
            HG just tell us pls!! It really should have been included in the book.

          5. Oh no, definitely not intercourse for an hour. Mr. Tudor would view that as good fuel becoming stale.

          6. I wonder who got the most orgasms, the partner or the narcissist? 17??????? Um, I like sex but shoot….I’d have to walk away and make tea. 👀☕️

          7. Jenna
            Not sure the time per session would matter. Ive been both thrilled for minutes and bored for hours on different occasions. Also, what counts? Foreplay? Well okay. Cuddling after? I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Wipe your dick on the curtains and get lost lol.

          8. Jenna
            I have no interest in cuddling. After sex my feeling is that I just let you get as personal as its going to get. When Im done with you Im done.
            I also hate foot rubs, head rubs, shoulder massages,……Im every mans dream lol.

      2. Wow MLA, did he confess this for real? 🙊 My next question would be at what age and if there were any substances involved. 🙈🙉
        (Mixing the testosterone levels of a 25 year old with stimulants can make a weapon of mass “destruction”. ) Not that I would know of such things. 😇

      3. Not to brag but my narc gave me 17 orgasms in one night lol thats the one drawback with some narcissists theyre amazing in bed unfortuneatly thats not the most important aspect of a relationship. Id definitely miss the sex part.

          1. Good one NA, lmao!

            Yes, admittedly the sex was at times over the top…😜
            Often wondered about my high-tolerance for pain…swollen and sometimes bloody lips, ears, nipples, etc. Never was just amorous nibbles…definitely a control/dominance issue? Lol

      4. I counted and it was more or less something funny but enjoyable nonetheless 😁 damn those narcs why cant they suck in bed…actually they do that too 😂 oh so good! Yet bad for us …sigh

      5. Correct. In ‘Sex and the Narcissist’, HG states, “i am a sexual olympian” if i recall correctly. How arrogant!

        1. Lol. HG, how do you know that no one has ever just faked with you? Like in a “When Harry Met Sally” kind of way? (referring to Sally in the restaurant).

      6. Lol to the tea comment. Actually i kept some munchies nearby for brief breaks in between 😁

        1. Narc Affair and Indy

          Snacks and tea?I was thinking more along the lines of a fire hose or a tag-in. Perhaps tea bags were involved…..ba hahaha.

          1. Jesus H. Christ NA, I’m still recovering from your comment involving “curtains” used for cleaning up with… lol

          2. Narcangel, well I wondered about that! Curtains are so difficult to clean and rehang. You’re far too smart to be creating all that unnecessary work for yourself!

          3. Well, I wasn’t sure if there was some exhibitionism happening in front of the windows, hence needing the curtains. Hey, no judgments…

          4. MLA
            Exhibitionism brings to mind….
            The front of my workplace is an entire glass wall. On one occasion I was waiting for someone to bring the car around. I hate small talk and was in no mood when someone said “oh are you waiting for a ride”. I replied with total resting bitch face: No but being an old Dutch hooker, I find habits are very hard to break. I added idiot silently. I love watching them working it out as they walk away.

          5. NA,
            Well ones mouth gets dry when engaging in marathon sessions, tea helps. And for an extra zing in the sheets, pop a mint too. Though the chaos of fire hoses, flying panties and curtains makes this sound like a sexual hurricane! 🌪💦

    4. it would depend on what he wanted to extract, i.e., positive fuel or negative fuel. Its not about the sex… correct me if I am wrong 😐

  11. It was fun competing! Congrats to all the participants and the winners. There is never stop in learning!
    Thank you HG for all the knowledge and work you put into this!
    Until next one😀

  12. Congtats to the winners!! 🍷🍷🍷
    I learned a few more things just by reading the answers. Thanks HG. Cheers!🥃

  13. Congratulations to all of the winners! And thank you HG for all of the knowledge! 😘

  14. I think about what you write. You are right. For me to invite a Hoover makes me a semi-suicidal, masochist. I do love freedom, but it would be so nice to be taken care of. It’s never worth the maintenance, though.

  15. Congratulations to the 3 winners!! 🍾🎊, Congratulations to you again HG on all your success!! 💕Xxx

  16. HG,

    JUST two days ago, I began to think that I might be a narcissist. It didn’t fully resonate but I began to treat my N ex w manipulations and such, I was getting him back and annoyed. I did well too! Anyhow, through this test I learned that I’m a 100% supernova empath. I would I give you a run for your money, I really would.
    On every road, at every turn, I’m learning. Thank you!

    1. Right? So I’m thinking one for his IPPS, one for work, one for IPSS and the last for his extensive bookshelves 😉

      1. Me too EB (two cell phones)! Different carriers too for maximum signal coverage.

        Many congratulations on your win!!

        1. Absolutely, windstrom. And better two different phones than only one with dual SIM cards.

    2. Oh Brian. I’ve tried to get him to consolidate and just purchase one phone with multiple sim slots, but he is stubborn.

  17. Your writings are great. I now understand better what a narcissist is. I think my father is one too. I have some questions. What is this “fuel” that you work so hard to get from empaths? I view it similarly to a shark sensing blood in the water and going for more, or cutting Victoria Tims at the knees unexpectedly. Would that be a good analogy? And, do you think a person could be both, an empath and a narcissist? ~ My ex is a narcissist and looking back I was very much the empath but I also had my harsh criticism for him with some brutal comebacks. I also played the multiple phone act not letting him see them, told he would not pass master with my family, judged his looks, finances etc – all very controlled to bring him in line. But I was also hurt by his behaviour, which is exactly what you described. So would that be an empath and a narcissist rolled into one? Thank you!

    1. Thank you Sniglet.

      1. Fuel is an emotional reaction caused by us – please see the book Fuel for more information in that regard.
      2. No, you are one or the other. You can have traits of both – Empaths do and Super Empaths certainly do.
      3. Your behaviours as described would fall within the category of Super Empath – please see the article of the same name and ascertain if that resonates with you.

  18. Congratulations to the winners!! We all want details! Especially Matilda as I can do handwriting analysis….lol!

    1. What you drinking tonight, girl? 🍸 Thinking about some second generation OG here 😉

      1. I am Traverse City Cherry Reisling after my loss….i knew that victory or death would be my demise. I got cherry pie and OG. 19 outta 20…punish me HG for such a score. What were the tie-breaking questions??? Can I come over and sob Indy?

        1. Come on over and bring that Pie! 🍷You beat my score girl!! 19 is great! Who knew HG was related to Willy Wonka!!!

      1. “Is he right footed or left footed??”

        He probably has ambidextrous feet! ;-D

        And congratulations to you, too, E.B.! 😀

        1. Tsk tsk. Hes a narc remember? You have a forehead, he has a fivehead. You have 2 feet so he has 3 feet and he is never on the back one.

        2. Matilda,
          “He probably has ambidextrous feet! ;-D”
          A combination of Ronaldo and Lionel Messi! 🙂

      2. NarcAngel,

        “You have a forehead, he has a fivehead. You have 2 feet so he has 3 feet”

        That made me laugh out loud! 😀 One-upmanship!! Could be used in a way *they wear themselves down*: focused on the competition and too tired for nonsense!

        I would try it this way:
        “Have you heard the news? John from next door just completed a half-marathon in personal record time!”. The narc growls. A pang of envy? Excellent! I’m on the right track with this. “I just congratulated him on this marvellous achievement. He said no one he knows would be able to beat him!”. Being a narc worth his salt, he barks: “What a loser! Have you ever seen him on his evening runs? He looks ridiculous in his lycra shorts and runs like a girl! I could easily beat this moron!” I’m almost there. “Well, if you say so, darling…” “What do you mean ‘if you say so’? What time did he run?” “2:25” “Pathetic!” “You think you can do better?” “Easily!” “Well, if you’re serious about it, you will have to start training, and I will assist you!” And by assisting I mean shooing him cross-country, up and down hills, sprints… until he is grateful for a hot shower, a warm meal, and a cosy bed. 😀

        1. Matilda
          Haha. The forehead fivehead is actually HGs line from one of the posts. It made me laugh out loud too when I read it the first time. Still does.

      3. “The forehead fivehead is actually HGs line from one of the posts. It made me laugh out loud too when I read it the first time.”

        Ah, I see, NarcAngel! Thank you, HG, for making us laugh! 🙂

          1. Haha, emotion detective, thanks for your “advice” but HG is not evil.

            If you really want to meet the devil incarnate, I can introduce you to some of my neighbours -> *Not recommended* 🙂

          2. You meant to say his facade is not evil. Underneath he is as much a dangerous predator as any. I ‘feel’ he is one of the most dangerous ones.

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