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  1. superxena says:


    Before reading this book I thought No Contact was just stopping to have direct contact with my ex narcissist. I.ex. not speaking to him on the phone,not texting. After reading this book I understood that No Contact was far much more than that.

    Quoting one of HG’s paragraphs”

    “No Contact means erasing the narcissist from your life in every conceivable format. No Contact means banishing the narcissist
    from your life and maintaining that exiled state. No Contact means that the narcissist never existed.” HG Tudor. “No Contact”.

    Then I understood that No Contact was i.ex.:

    Stop analysing what went wrong and instead accepting the fact that I was entangled to a narcissist, stop spying his social media,stop tryouts ng to find out what he is doing, stop thinking about the golden period,keeping gifts from him, stop talking about him to friends and relatives, stop indulging in his “ever presence”.
    These and many other types of No Contact are presented on the book AND how to implement it successfully.

    Excellent book! I can highly recommend it. It gives one of the many KEYS to make the narcissist “banish” from your life!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

      1. superxena says:

        Your welcome HG…

  2. superxena says:

    Excellent book! I can highly recommend it. What I found extremely helpful was changing my mindset through a PRACTICAL EXERCISE that HG suggests of listing the things that I wanted to ” escape” from the abusive relationship .

    I quote an extract of HG’s book that I found very helpful :

    ” The first and most important step however is that you must want to escape. To achieve that state of mind you need to list all of the reasons you can think of as to why you cannot escape. Take your time. Finesse the list. Check it over. Then I want you to read through that list one last time. Next, take a pen and write next to each reason the words “Stay abused or”. Write that phrase five, ten or how many other times you have reasons written down. For each of those reasons you can stay being abused or you can do something about it. Which is worse? Finding a solution or staying abused? Precisely. You then must not move until you have written down the solution alongside the “stay abused or”. There is a solution. There is an alternative for each one. They may not be easy but they exist, but they are easier than being subjected to me for the rest of your life”.

    For me this book was the FIRST STEP for starting my process of changing my mindset and escaping my ex-narc.

  3. Indy says:

    Excellent Combo Set!
    The three combo that helped me the most to get out was the Exorcism, Departure, Escape….and then I came on the blog for help with No Contact though I would add the No Contact book in there too!

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