Forever on the Fake


Fakery, fabrication and lies are the bricks and mortar of our existence. They are the bread and butter that enable us to have sustenance. I know that when you look back at the golden period you always struggle to understand that it was not real. You cannot fathom out how something that felt so right, so true and so real could actually be something so false. Our behaviour seemed so genuine. Our declarations of undying love so moving and emotive, how could this be a façade? Yes you thought occasionally that we were a little over the top but you found that endearing. The reason it seemed so genuine is because our performance was so convincing. This performance was of such a high calibre owing to two things. The first because we have practised repeatedly and we possess experienced ease at mimicking the behaviour of others. We have done it so often and to so many people we do it without thinking. And there is the neat segue into the second reason. We do it without thinking because we believe it to be absolutely the right thing to do. We are not concerned that we are exhibiting a false front to you. We are not troubled by the fact that all our smiles, kisses and pleasantries are manufactured. Not only are we not burdened by this because we are not designed to be burdened by such concerns it also because we have the complete and utter conviction that behaving in this manner is the right thing to do. We need to seduce you. We need to ensnare you and what better way to do so than by this campaign of love and desire? Where is the harm in that? We get you where we want you, we receive dollops of delicious fuel and you feel loved, wanted and placed on a throne at the top of a pedestal. It is a win- win surely?

Does it really matter that your bag is a fake Louis Vuitton? It holds objects, feels the same and looks the same, so where is the problem? That Blu-ray disc is not a genuine licensed film but you can still watch it all the same with next to no deterioration in viewing pleasure, so again, what is the issue? Our fakery works for you and it works for us.

Our façade to the world of being charming, reliable and wonderful despite that particular mask being removed behind closed doors again is just a necessary device. How does it matter that friends and family are conned? They like me, they admire me and they believe me so where again is the harm in that? Yes, they may not believe what you have to say about me based on my façade but that is your fault. If you had kept up the flow of fuel this would not have to happen. Everyone else out there is in blissful ignorance and you want to change that. You want them to see what you claim is the real me. Why? All you will do is upset and alarm them. Is it not better that they remain shrouded in the illusion, content and unaware,rather than be subjected to the concern and worry that you seem intent on burdening them with? Why must you project your problems on to other people?

Even when I denigrate and berate you this too is merely manufactured. I do not really mean those horrible things that I say and do. I just do them because I have to. I have to keep you in your place, under my control and spewing out that negative fuel that I crave so much. If you had kept up the supply of decent quality fuel I would not have to say these things to you to provoke a reaction. I only do it because I must, I do not mean any of it. Even when you ignite my fury my hateful words and spiteful comments through this explosive fury is only based on a necessity to protect myself from your awful criticism of me. I do not mean it, it just has to happen. Do you understand now why it is not my fault? There is no real intent behind what I say and do, they are just merely actions which serve a purpose to ensure I get the fuel that I need.

From my seduction, through to my façade to everyone else and even my devaluing of you, it is all based on a fabrication. A necessary set of illusions required to preserve my existence. No matter who I deal with, who I interact with or who comes within my sphere of influence, I roll out the lies, the untruths and the perfidy. Everything I say or do is manufactured but I have an utter conviction in the necessity of this manufactured process so that this, couple with an absence of conscience or remorse enables me to churn out the lies and illusions like a factory production line.

I am always on the fake. And that’s the truth.

40 thoughts on “Forever on the Fake

  1. Victoria says:

    where do you get these pictures-each and every one is in perfect unison with your message. I love them-especially todays!

  2. Victoria says:

    Hi HG,
    Since your responses are automatic-are those of your kind aware of being hurtful and dishonest?
    Also, ” I do not mean it, it just has to happen. Do you understand now why it is not my fault? There is no real intent behind what I say and do,”
    based on this quote, if nothing is your fault then does that mean that you are not responsible for your actions?
    This is troubling for me because even though I know your kind has no sense of culpability or remorse, I thought they were aware when they were hurting someone or lying. Could you please clarify?
    Thank you. Well written!

  3. Hope says:

    You are the only one, HG who was able to properly convey to me exactly what I was dealing with, and the only one who was able to teach me the skills to understand Narcissism so I could take my life back. Yes, you should take pride in the knowledge you are providing to us. Along with the well deserved fame and profits that your writings provide you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Hope, I am pleased to see that that is the case.

  4. Twilight says:

    You should be very proud of what you are accomplishing here HG!
    I have been visiting other sites and seeing what has been going on in the world, and nope have not seen anything that compares to what you have here!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  5. High Octane Fuel says:

    Ok, now a question tho. How does it feel then to be genuine for a change? (assuming that what you write here on this blog is not fake) You don’t have to hustle your ‘good guy’ wares here. Does it not feel like a relief to just ‘be yourself’ without the mask?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It does not feel like a sense of relief. I can convey the truth here because it has no downside to me and it also has an upside in terms of conveying to people what they need to know so they can make informed choices and thus it falls in with part of what I am seeking to achieve, which gives me a sense of pride.

      1. foolme1time says:

        Proud you should be sir!! 🍻👏

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you FM1T.

      2. E. B. says:

        Yes, you should feel proud of yourself, HG. What you are doing is unprecedented and you will always be remembered for it.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you EB.

  6. giulia says:

    Don’t know what’s worst, a fake Louis Vuitton or the real deal.

  7. High Octane Fuel says:

    All of your fakery is employed because you “believe it is the right thing to do.” That took my breath away a little. I continue to be floored at how utterly opposite you creatures are to us, yet how you convince us during the seduction that we are soooo similar. You people are absolutely nothing like me. If I were to employ even a sliver of the fakery you spew out on a daily basis, I’d feel sick inside and suffer sleepless nights imagining the harm I may cause. And thank god that most people are more like me than they are like you or else the world would be in a complete state of anarchy, with everyone tearing each other to shreds.

    1. MsSevyn says:

      Awesome, HOF! “…how utterly opposite you creatures are to us, yet how you convince us…that we are sooo similar. You people are absolutely nothing like me.” Brilliant insight.
      We don’t want to harm others, then we question whether or not we are the sane ones.

  8. The Bride says:

    Oh I think the Narc means every bit of the despicable and mean things he says or does. It’s a win win, let the evil out and get a reaction/fuel. Come on HG, really?

  9. Elizabeth says:

    You’ve said previously the Lesser doesn’t know what he is or that what he does is wrong but this article and my 37 years of life with a Lesser makes me question that. During the Golden Periods a Lesser must recognizes he is acting out the fake and then would also recognize the change in his behavior in the devaluing times, recognize his lying, etc. I’m obviously speaking from the empath view and maybe simplifying it too much but as you are not a Lesser than how can you positively know? No disrespect, just an honest question. I believe my Lesser Spouse knows exactly what he’s doing. Thoughts?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      He doesn’t.

  10. shantily says:

    Oh my gosh I’ve always suspected that (they) didn’t actually believe the insults/insinuations- not really anyway that it was just punishment for being ignored or an imagined slight.

    Exit stage left Mister … with me chasing and yelling what are talking about, what are you talking about !?!? This is such bullsh@t!!

    I’ve been guilty of throwing a barb just to be an assh@le even though I knew it was totally false once or twice. Karma much? 😐

    …thanks for clarifying WHY it’s done ….

    Did you figure that out your motives on your own or was it brought to your attention if I may be so bold ?

    That’s quite an aha moment….

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Brought to my attention alongwith working things out.

  11. G says:

    do you think that people can notice you have s fragile ego? Maybe , a girl was attracted to you because she saw you as a person with fragile ego, insecure ( because probably you are always talking about yourself) and then she wanted to help you and make you fell better. And you think that everybody buy your bullshit.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I do not think that they see a fragile ego G, but there is certainly that desire of a person to want to help me (and my kind).

      1. G says:

        Omg. I think I know your secret !

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I have lots.

  12. ISeeYou says:

    Fucking handbags. Right. Of course the marriage was fake! Bla bla bla

  13. lansealan says:

    Yet still another reminder from the master…
    Do not be hoodwinked by HG’s persona and remember to keep things in perspective. Behind that facade is a seemingly suave and caring, although thoughtless and shrewd businessman. Fully cognicent of what he’s doing, laughing all the way to the bank. Possibly even thinking what a bunch of sorry suckers we are. Don’t get me wrong…I realize it’s hard not to love this guy and I trully respect his business savvy. He is the quintessential professor and we are his willful(sometimes ignorant) students learning the game of thrones…HG’s version of course. lol. Do not be moved or swayed by his apparent caring attitude…remember this is “learned behavior” on his part and not genuine. As a superior, his motive is to feed his ego and gain as much fuel as possible, even from us. Kuddos HG, well done.
    Be careful friends…Be very careful!

  14. Love says:

    His eyes are such a beautiful color. Matches his tie.

    1. Indy says:

      I bet he went to the tailor and said, can you dye this to match my amazing eyes…while he gazes at the woman across the counter a little too long. LOL How are you Love? My ex had this fake salesman smile…he used it well and mixed it in his type of humor as well. He knew he was faking it and used this as his comic routine with me…I always knew when he was “on”. I fell for it, as I loved his humor, even though I noticed the masks. I always told him when I saw his genuine smile (very rare, in two years I saw it twice). Even though he had a great fake smile (he was handsome), his real one was priceless.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Indy, next time you are following me along Jermyn Street, do say hello!

        1. Indy says:

          Haha, and how will I spot you? Will you have that smile or will your tie match your hint of blush in your cheeks?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            You will recognise my voice when I whisper in your ear,
            “Put your hands above your head and don’t move.”

          2. Indy says:

            Oh yes, the voice! Now, that PIN number is hard to get out of me! **cue interrogation tactics**

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Ha ha I am not after your PIN.

          4. Indy says:

            **covers mouth** **wide eyes** ~feigned innocence~
            My favorite game, lol….

          5. Love says:

            Mmm, oh so sexy. Indy and Mr. Tudor, please continue. I like where this is going.

          6. Love says:

            What would you do next Mr. Tudor? Inquiring minds want to know.

      2. Love says:

        Hi Indy! Oh my goodness, I totally know the fake smile. Most of mids had it. You absolutely can tell it is disingenuous because it does not radiate from their soul. Aw! But I am a sucker for pretty eyes. And purple is my favorite color. 💜
        Btw, Mr. Tudor just told me Greaters are Psychopaths. That was quite a shock to me!
        So you’ll be happy to know that I no longer want to meet a Greater. My love affair with them is over. 💔

        1. Indy says:

          Hahaha… I thought you knew! It’s hard not to fall for that charm. That smile, lol, I am guessing is used by most. I think the greaters know how to use it the best as they mimick the best.
          Now, I am curious, did he use the term psychopath or sociopath?

          1. Love says:

            He identifies as a sociopath. However, all my research has identified psychopaths as high functioning and sociopaths as the hoodlums. I know this is an ongoing controversy. Either way, socio/psychopath = people Love stays away from. ☺

          2. Indy says:

            Look at you, girl!! 🙂
            Yes, there is much debate on terms and diagnoses and such. You are correct, both have narcissism at their core with a mixture of other features.

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