The Igniters of Fury – No.11



13 thoughts on “The Igniters of Fury – No.11”

  1. not that I want to ignite any Fury but I am certainly looking forward to achieving some level of success again in life. success is the best revenge. I’m a big believer in that. I just want to finish my healing process and when the time is right go out there and live my life successfully. whatever that might mean for that crazy ex-husband narcissist that I’m leaving in my dust.

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  2. From the ipps standpoint yes. From the Narc parent standpoint yes and no depending on whether they are competing with us or taking our success for their own. Or if they are needing to degrade you for their own elevation. I guess it’s a different kind of hoover there….just the sucking part. Or as my bff says, that has vacuum to it.


  3. HG, you say you want to find the right woman one day. What kind of woman would that be? Do you imagine a normal, healthy relationship that we might imagine? Or do you imagine a dark relationship where you can do whatever you want to abuse and destroy her but she somehow manages not to fall apart?

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    1. The one who provides me with the potent positive fuel that I require.
      I certainly understand the concept of a healthy relationship and I believe that some adjustments might be made towards that but the core of what I am remains the same.
      I do not imagine a dark relationship. Of course if that is what must happen to attend to my needs, then it must happen, but that is not what I envisage at the commencement of the interaction.

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      1. Hello HG!!!
        I do believe you are getting closer.
        I think you have learned so much from your readers.
        I think there will be a way for you to tell “the one” all about you and she will work with you to make it work.
        I don’t know how that will look but I hope there is a plan for it to happen.

        How is your progress coming with the good doctors? Are we going to get an update in a new article? I am always interested in your progress and how things have changed for you.


      2. Hello SW, the ongoing work with the good doctors will be provided in a two volume series called ‘The Good Doctors’. I have taken the view that it will be easier to follow the thread of my treatment etc in book form rather than periodic articles. There will however be the occasional article still regarding certain elements, such as the pro social aspect, but the bulk of it will be in the book series.


      3. Thanks! Looking forward to all your new work coming out.
        That series should be a must for the professionals out there and those going into the field.
        You are an amazing educator.


  4. HG, absolutely YES…!! I can say I saw it at live, when I was happy, when I enjoyed anything, if things went right for me, I can touched with my fingers that fury…it was stronger than ever…
    I’ll never know why then, in that moment, I coudn’t run far away, I was so blind…because somebody who sees a man who loves you burning in fury because you are achieving success, must always see the real thing: that man DOES NOT love you at all.

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    1. Yes Bri. And it’s pathetic. Whenever you achieve something, not only can they not be happy for you, they have to say things like: yes, I’ve always thought about doing that, or I once did (insert something inferior). They are so insecure they are truly incapable of acknowledging someone else’s turn in the spotlight. It is truly sad.


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