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So, last time it was about those of my kind that you had become entangled with but let’s turn the spotlight on to you (only for a moment though, you know that cannot be allowed for long) and I would like to know how you regard yourself. Do you recognise that you are co-dependent or is that not the case and instead you release that you are a standard empath who has plenty of empathic qualities but you do not go so far as to flagellate yourself as the co-dependent will and you do not behave in the manner of the Super Empath? Are you that Super Empath who is a mixture of narcissistic traits but you have greater and more numerous empathic traits. Perhaps you are a normal who has been ensnared by our kind and you have few narcissistic traits and few empathic ones and you often wonder why you somehow became entangled with us. Or do you not know, if so, state as such and keep reading! Let me know and also tell me why you consider yourself to fall in to that category.

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732 thoughts on “Poll – HG Wants To Know – What Are You?

  1. MyMichelle says:

    I would really like HG to expand upon how to tell which type of empath or normal that you are. My mother who through my struggles, has gained a full understanding of what is happening to me says she thinks that I am a super empathy, but I see all the qualities of all in me. How do you tell for sure HG?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You consult with me.

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