The Narcissistic Truths – No. 53


8 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 53

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I really like the image on this meme.

    RE: The words on this meme – I would be inclined to agree. It can be quite visible to others around those that may have a tendency to appear confident, sometimes, overly confident to mask the true anxiety / discomfort / difficulty they may be experiencing within the environment, or other people around them.

    It could be someone with neurodiversities. Granted, not all people with neurodiversities may act in this way.

  2. Love says:

    I like this meme a lot. An arrogant person lacks self confidence.
    However, narcs come across as very confident … That is their winning point and what draws others to them.
    It is not always easy to see through that facade.

  3. Ali says:

    some arrogance is earned pride towards those who do not deserve any better anymore after several chances…

    there is a line between earned arrogance – I earned my stripes with work your kind would feel is beneath them for example.

    and that “fake” arrogance that folks hide from due to insecurity i.e. “I’m too good for this and for you”

    your kind, for example, would sing “i’m too sexy for this car…I’m too sexy for this shirt”

    my kind of arrogance is more “I worked my behind off to make this work. I have no shame in all the hard work I put in. No more guilt trips honey. They were never for me in the first place. buh bye now”

    not sure if that impresses the difference…but there is definitely one

  4. sarabella says:

    “Then he comforts himself with his success as a womanizer.”

    Yes. But can you imagine the internal conflict and rage and hatred and bitterness to be really good at womanizing BUT!!! have a tiny you know what? I think this is a huge part of what is what he has spent his life dealing with and resolving it by seducing women and girls, and then discarding them brutally when either they find out or I think he preemptively does it because the idea that he might be loved would be too much I think. So its not enough to have found anyone who might accept him and to leave it at that and try to make a relationship work. No, he had ‘needs’ as a “man”, always needs prettier, better, younger, so he had to go out and prove it over and over by cheating, and in the process, I think he has left behind every single person who might have loved him or he actually might have learned to love. If you do this decade after decade, can you imagine what this might do to one’s head after a while? So then he turns his successes into arrogance and its all just one big fat lie. He seduces by acting like you are about to find the pot of gold and all you find is a tiny man with huge inferiority complexes which he cannot face so on he goes with the arrogant mask and out he goes to hurt more people to try to fix it all. The arrogance is the part I have wanted to rip the most from him.

  5. Good evening HG, I have been a bit quiet here lately as I’ve had a few things to deal with.
    Please may I have your opinion….I saw the ex husband with his new source for the 1st time last week. I stayed cool and didnt budge. I was totally grey rock. He literally had to walk past me. I just carried on smiling making my (pretend) phone call and didn’t even look at him. i gave him nothing. I know that will have infuriated him. The morning aftet it came on the news that a man had gone missing and the police dogs and helicopter were out all night searching until 5am. it turned out to be the ex. Apparently he and his new source split up so he slit his wrists and did a runner (deja vue)
    Now with my newly learned knowledge (thank you!) My guess is he couldn’t hold his fury in at my ignoring him and not running away when I saw him which lead to him taking it out on the new girlfriend and/or her kids. Of course I could be wrong and it might have nothing to do with me but coincidence isn’t likely from what I know of him.
    Anyway, the following day (2 days after id seen him) he sent me a text saying “sorry for all the hurt I caused you both but I’m getting professional help now and I should have done a long time ago” obviously it was a Hoover. Obviously I didnt reply. But I’m wondering if I can expect more from him now even though I didnt reply? he’s burnt his bridges everywhere now and yet again he exposed himself publically by putting photos of his slit wrists on FB. I guess he’ll realise no one will touch him now because he’s provided all that know him with evidence of his mental instability. He has nowhere left to go now.
    The police have been outside my house a lot since apparently keeping an eye on me as my name was flagged up straight away with his detailing domestic abuse and harassment.
    Do you think he’s desperate now and that’s why he contacted me? And do you think he’ll carry on with the Hoover because of the absence of a fresh source?
    Many thanks in advance HG.

  6. Mona says:

    I never saw him or my mother behave arrogant. They both are more slimy ( not always ) to people of whom they think that they are in some way superior. He pretends to adore them, in reality he envies them, my mother is more full of fear. I know my mother is not the typical narcissistic woman, she “lacks” a lot of traits, which describe a typical narcissist. My exnarc is malignant, but not with the power of others. He shows all narcissistic traits. “Superior” people are always manipulated in some way by him. He likes it so much. His hate is deep when he meets someone who is wealthier and/ or more intelligent than him. Then he comforts himself with his success as a womanizer. If I meet arrogant people, I always give them some kind of a blow. In some way I devalue them in front of others and then they mostly become friendly, sometimes heavily surprised that someone does not respect their arrogance. I just remember the last one. I did not find the way to a special room in a hospital. I asked someone very friendly about the right way. He arrogantly and unfriendly said: I am a doctor in here, I do not know. I stared at the sign behind him “Psychiatry” and asked him in a friendly and calm way: “Are you sure?” He could not say anything anymore. That is the right way to treat arrogant people in my opinion.

  7. AH OH says:

    Confidence and Pride is not arrogance. You should try it.

  8. Narc affair says:

    So very true! They portray an arrogant front believing in their own facade of who theyve built themselves to be in order to escape the insecurity and hide it from others.

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