Fighting Back – How To Handle the Narcissist in Court

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This Logic Bulletin provides you with a considerable array of information about how you deal with the narcissist at a court hearing.

Whether it is recovering money or property, a hearing about child arrangements, dealing with divorce or a dispute over a boundary there is a significant chance you will end up in court at some point with a narcissist.

This bulletin enables you to understand the a huge amount about attending the court hearing where a narcissist is involved and includes the following:-

  • How the narcissist will behave in court, broken down between the different schools of narcissist
  • What the narcissist wants from the court hearing
  • How the narcissist will behave towards you at a court hearing
  • How the narcissist will use Lieutenants and The Coterie at a court hearing
  • What you can do to maximise your prospects of success at the court hearing
  • How you should handle the narcissist at the court hearing
  • How the narcissist will try to hoover you at this court hearing
  • Key considerations you need to understand with regard to your lawyer, court officials and court experts
  • How you should conduct yourself in the court hearing
  • The standard manipulations you can expect from the narcissist
  • A series of practical steps and “Best practice” for you to use to not only succeed but to avoid increase anxiety and upset with regard to the process
  • Plus much, much more.

This Logic Bulletin will save you thousands in legal fees, hours of wasted time and reduce and remove your fear, anxiety and stress. It is available for the low price of just US $ 20 and is the best investment you will ever make with regard to being involved with the narcissist at a court hearing. To obtain this insightful material, just use the link below to access immediately detailed audio material.

How To Handle The Narcissist At Court

31 thoughts on “Fighting Back – How To Handle the Narcissist in Court

  1. NarcAngel says:

    Its so interesting to read news articles now with the education Ive gained here. Google: Blatherwick vs blatherwick national post for a good example of what you can expect when divorcing a narcissist. sorry I couldn’t provide the link.

  2. Catherine says:

    God this is so true. Through 27 years of marriage there was NEVER a time when there wasn’t an impending lawsuit. My ex is currently involved in 3 suits(his average) as I write this; One of a personal assault nature with his current (now discarded) primary source, one with the labor board over his illegal employment standards and one with our US IRS over unpaid taxes. According to him they are all liars. Even through our divorce proceedings he kept fabricating things about me that were ludicrous but took additional time with continuances. I finally agreed to dismiss the divorce AS long as there was a documented legal separation and all assets were split and distributed, immediately. It was a manipulative waste of time and money just to get a final decree when we were already living separate lives.

  3. Tappan Zee says:

    Timely. Helpful. Priceless. Again.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I do like your approach to posting TZ.

  4. numb says:

    HG, Would (or could) a mid range plan and lay groundwork for a defense long in advance of committing a criminal act?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      A UMR would.

  5. pcelica says:

    Hello HG,
    I’m interested in your point of view.
    I exposed my x narc to his present girlfrend ( they live together for 1,5 years) via sms. She does not know who send her sms, and of course she does not belive me. She said that I’ m sick and not him.
    I know that she told him about sms.
    But, I’m corius how he reacted when she told him abot sms. He is MRN.
    Hg, any thought?
    Thank you

    1. HG Tudor says:

      He will have smeared you to her, she clearly accepts the smear and will no doubt have given him some positive fuel by reinforcing his black view of you.

      1. pcelica says:

        Thank you Hg

  6. GG says:

    Wow. Timely. Once again.
    I haven’t checked this site in months – popped on today and this was exactly what I needed to read-
    I’m the one who became friends with N’s ex so I could stay in the kid’s lives…
    Over the past year it’s calmed down to where I see the girls through N as well as through ex, ( he’s always a bit of a tool during those visits, but I can handle him now) a few weeks ago, he made an incredibly bad parenting decision which prompted a protective order for the kids. Ex is going for full custody and I am testifying in court in a few weeks. I will read and re-read this article before I take the stand.

  7. AgeLess says:

    Wish I had read this before my court hearing. HG, you could’ve learnt a thing or two from my narc. He outperformed my £4k per day barrister, along with my solicitor who sat there doing nothing (except charge me £1.2k for gracing me with her presence that day).

    By the end of the hearing, my barrister was so charmed by narc, she actually told me I shouldn’t have fought for any of this because she believes he’s telling the truth and that I’m lying. With that and not waiting to hear my response, she just walked off. It’s not even like I had a choice, narc filed for hearing. It was that last kick in the teeth knowing that my barrister had been charmed by narc and believed him throughout the hearing and she never wanted me to win.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Ageless, litigation is expensive and even more so when you have one of us as an opponent.

      If your barrister made those remarks to you I would suggest you make a complaint to the Bar Council. Did your solicitor hear her say them?

      1. AgeLess says:

        HG, thanks for reply. Unfortunately no, it was the barrister and me stood outside court chatting just before she left. I did repeat what she said to my solicitor the day after but solicitor did nothing. Needless to say I sacked both of them soon after.

        I rarely think or talk about all the court hearing that my narc recently put me through but your article was extremely triggering.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Sounds to me like you received a poor service and highly unprofessional for her to comment in such terms to you. She may well have though it about you, but interesting that she felt the need to say it.

      2. AgeLess says:

        Extremely unprofessional and it’s not like she’s inexperienced (in her fifties but as you know what I’m like at guessing people’s age). I am paraphrasing of course as cannot write here what exactly was said. I wonder if it’s because it involved children and she felt she had to voice her true opinion on the matter.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Is she London counsel?

      3. AgeLess says:

        Do you mean if her chambers is based in London? If so, then yes.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I did mean that. Care to say which one?

      4. AgeLess says:

        Not sure if I should here. Begins with a number (same as your age, maybe?) but then a lot do in London so probably doesn’t tell you anything.

        This alone has brought back horrific memories from the whole ordeal (all events he subjected me to leading up to the hearing). This is the first time I’ve been able answer a question as simple as who my counsel was. My mind used to go blank. The trauma that your kind cause…!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Up to you, I have some NISSs who are barristers so I was curious.

  8. Cc says:

    The dysfunctional part is my child’s father owes over $100,000 in backed child support and refuses to it anything because he enjoys seeing me in court. He realizes he can go to jail for contempt as I have had him thrown in jail before… he’s facing 6 months now for not paying his child support. He only has to pay $25 a month but he refuses because he enjoys the thrill and suffering it causes me to take him to court. Then when he ends up in jail he starts trying to be sad and begging for pity

    1. mistynolan01 says:

      Cc did you mean to say $25 a month?

  9. Lisa says:

    Hello HG would you ever tell us what your profession is ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes, at the appropriate time.

      1. Lisa says:

        OMG !! That means maybe you are going to go public one day !!!

      2. 12345 says:

        Is today the appropriate time?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha, let me check.

          No, not today.

        2. MLA - Clarece says:

          A girl can always ask. Lol

          1. Lisa says:

            He might tell you Clarece as your one of his favourites !!

          2. MLA - Clarece says:

            HG adores all his readers!!

          3. Lisa says:

            Yes of course he does !! We probably all get on his nerves ha ha

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