The Narcissistic Truths – No. 90



25 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 90”

  1. HG if you always look for contrast, where do you get your negative fuel from during the golden perion?

    1. Malign hoovers versus the previous IPPS if they keep getting in the way, malign treatment of occasional tertiary and secondary sources.

      1. HG so if you don’t get enough negative fuel (e.g. because your malign hoovers versus the previous IPPS don’t work because she started NC)…. can that cause the golden period to end faster for your new IPPS because you need the negative fuel?

        Second question. Is there any correlation between the intensity of the relationship and the length of the golden period? For example: if your IPPS moves in very fast and you see her everyday – is the devaluation more likely to start sooner than with an IPPS that you see only during the weekends?

  2. Right, because she is ALONE on that pedestal.

    The long-standing and happy relationship is not about love, it is about INTIMACY and TRUST. To be TOGETHER. If you don’t have the intimacy and trust with your partner (any partner, not Narcs only), you have NOTHING then and your “divorce” is a question of time.

  3. Oh I can’t wait when my replacement falls from grace… I’m sorry, I know it’s not her fault. But I’ve been triangulated with her for two years, fighting for his attention, listening how fabulous she is. And I lost, ending up at my psychiatrist. It’s been almost 6 months ladies and believe me every day is such a fight… but I made it here and will not stop.

  4. IPPS or anyone entangled… skipping along unaware that they are teetering on the edge of the abyss at all times.

    Well…happy days then. Not.


    1. Skipping along..”oh look..cloudy skies..still I’ve got my umbrella”…

      Huh… what you think you’ve got won’t help you.
      Teetering on the edge until you learn all about it.

      Even then… ditch the useless umbrella and fucking leap off yourself.

      Have books Will, go far…

      1. I think my new name should be The Escape Artist.

        Prison Break?


      1. Twilight
        Ha, ha! Our comments to Ah Oh we’re almost identical! Great minds run in the same channel – or was that Fools think alike? Lol!! 😄

    1. Day three! One moment at a time! Moments add up to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and so on….you got this!

      1. C ☆ …ty ive had some weak moments where ive second guessed myself but i remind myself why i walked. Heres to day 3.

        Me…ty and congrats on day 4 i know these early days arent easy. Stay strong!

    2. Good for you!!!! I’m day 4 since my last angry mail! So wish I never sent it … o well … let’s be strong this time shall we? Have a nice Sunday

    3. Hey NarcAffair,

      Nice job! 👊🏼💪🏼
      Like C⭐️ Said, one day at a time. we are all here if you need more encouragement and support!

      Sending positive vibes~~

      1. Hi indy
        Ty for your kind post it helps unfortuneately it didnt last long but with each cycle i feel im gaining more awareness. Im aware of where my weaknesses lay and how to improve those areas. One thing is for certain and thats that the narcs perspective is way different than mine and he feels differently than i do. To even have to wonder is a problem in itself.

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