The Rules of Ex Club – No. 14



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  1. Half way during devaluation, I was late ringing the Greater as my ex (non narc but his ex wife is) paid an unexpected visit & we enjoyed a few hours together. The Greater was ‘pi&$ed off’ at my late call. I didn’t tell him why. I wish I had. Mind you, I’m sure I would have paid for it in other ways if I had…

    I know narcissists have their reasons for it but mentioning the ex repeatedly is just boring. For me anyway.

  2. I am now that Ex 24 days go my MR kissed me good morning told me he loved me and called me his gorgeous future wife 23 days ago I had the MR arrested on domestic assault charges he’d torn out my hair and ripped my arm open …I’ve been waivering these last few days with stupid romanticized thoughts …today my best friend told me he has a new girlfriend they hold hands all over town and he’s been sleeping at her house for a week …when he’s presented with the additional charges for breaking my arm last year in court on Friday I am going to be there and stand there with my head held high and those words are going to sing like karma in my ears 🙏Sick soulless son of a bitch

    1. Oh shantily! That’s horrible. I hope your arm is better now. I hope justice is served.
      Physical violence is unacceptable. I am sending you a warm hug. Stay strong. 💖

      1. Thanks Jenna and the physical abuse only glorifies it – the physical abuse wasn’t the worst of it …it just wasn’t it’s the mental abuse…. I hate thinking about it but I can’t seem to think about anything else ! I saw his truck at this woman’s house late last night my gf said it’s there every night – what a lying pig of a man. My bruises haven’t even healed or my cuts ! I appreciate you taking the time to send me a note I’m off for a run hopefully I can clear my head for a little while.

        1. Awww shantily u still have bruises? That makes me sad. I’m so sorry for the physical and the mental abuse.
          You run? Do u mean jogging? What an invigorating way to clear ur head indeed!

      2. All abuse is unacceptable. Simply horrors that behave predatory. Get well soon and keep clear of these people. You deserve much better. X

      3. I was just laughing at myself for thinking his veiled source of ip was his Mother 😂😂⭐️😂⭐️Not so Norman bates (well kinda) after all ! Ha and thanks again Miss xo

  3. Why is that? I notice that the narcissist can bash the ex repeatedly and one can not comment in agreement or disagreement.

    1. It is necessary for the purposes of control and creating confusion through our contrarian nature and evident hypocrisy.

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