The Narcissistic Truths – No. 151


7 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 151

  1. Noname says:

    That’s the truest truth in the world.

    I like the picture, especially how nonchalantly that guy looks sitting on the top of chaotic pile of chairs. Unbalanced balance.

  2. Kim michaud says:

    He could of wrote this he’s a master of saying illogical things and then explaining them until they do indeed sound perfectly logical and I feel stupid for not seeing it the first time

  3. abrokenwing says:

    a matter of perspective.

  4. narc affair says:

    Looks about right now try to balance there lol

  5. Diva says:

    Looks crazy but works for us!!!!…….I am a narcs dream……..Diva

  6. Jw says:

    Haha! Another beauty.

  7. Findinglife11 says:

    Omg. This is a perfect post for what I’m dealing with … with my ex husband narc…
    It is just insane. And yet I ask myself when I will stop stepping into the ring with the narcissistic crazy logic bc he anyways wins. Bc he always has more crazy logic. Its a never ending supply…And i should know better… but i get caught up…
    Here’s the situation. My son is starting band and I paid $198.11 for him to start to play the baritone. My ex said that he would pay half. However his half in the first round translated to $88.50 for his half because he reasoned that according to George from q and f music and Rose from the school district they said that he did not need the supply kit. I guess he feels that he doesn’t need to clean or lube his instrument and have the necessary device to practice. He then ended up actually only paying $74.50 and when I asked him why this new difference in price he said some crazy answer that this fee that fee was paid to the school blah blah blah. And George from q&f music and Rose from school district advised him. I then asked somebody from q&f music what my ex was talking about and they claimed they had no idea what he was talking about. Because what he was saying was not accurate. I then shared that information with my ex and he in turn told me that I was confused and talk to George from q and f and Rose from school District.

    Bottom line is i now paid $123.61 and he paid $74.50. But in his mind that’s half. Nothing will change. I actually should be impressed he paid that much. But… please admit his math is maddening.

    How should I have avoided this? In hindsight my big mistake was asking him why he paid what he did. Because he certainly is not going to pay any more and all this discussion and going around in circles amounts to no changed behavior on his part. So why did I even engage? Because I am a truth-teller and I like running around like a chicken with my head cut off? Trying to prove the truth to someone who already knows it! I know his motivation is not truth but chaos and confusion and power and control.
    Why why why must i do this to myself.
    Of course, i have messages out there to rose from the school district and george at q and f music for clarification. But seriously…. why? Nothing will change. I just provide excellent fuel. And I’m scurrying like a trained mouse in his maze.
    Why do i do this?
    It’s exhausting. I’m trying to reason w a narcicisst who uses narcissist logic. You cant get anywhere.
    Post scurry analyzation is always good but why do i get caught up in the moment when i should technically “know better by now!” Right HG?

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