A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 30



Hello my old friend

No need to kneel or strip, the hurt will be of a different kind today. Are you excited? I know Im looking forward to it.

I would ask how you’ve been but then I would have to endure one of your vapid monologues on how important you are and exhausted at having the world upon you.  God you really are a bore. I thought I would never be able to retrieve my eyeballs from up in my skull after another one of your diatribes. You do know that the people who smile, listen, and kiss your ass like you do mine, do so to get what they want and are paid to do so? Well you have nothing of worth to offer me so I am under no such obligation. I told you what you wanted to hear and there was not much truth to any of it, just as you did to me.

Of course Im not being fair. You could choose to start talking about your second favourite subject-your balls. Your fascination with them is mind numbing. They are really but two saggy sacks of expired seed that could not produce a boy and are of no use to anyone. The seed is trapped there for all eternity due to your inability to produce the life altering hard-ons I was promised in the beginning and that you knew you could never deliver. Not that I was really interested. I wanted to excavate your mind, only to be disappointed by the vacuous hole that matches the one where your soul should be. Oh, and the pictures of the injuries to them that you sent me? We both know that is not my work but please do give my compliments to whomever caused them.

It was wonderful in the beginning wasn’t it? I confirmed you were every bit as handsome, intelligent, and god-like as you believe yourself to be. I loved filling you up with the power that allowed you to do the difficult things you must do to keep up the facade because it benefitted others, and kept those who coveted your position at bay. I warned you though not to get nasty-to get that from the others. It was so amusing and completely unnecessary when you swore on your pathetic existence that there were no others. I never cared.

Who knew that when you inevitably did, that I would have armed myself by slogging through all those pages of an ancient Inquiry to find those kernels of shame you thought long buried. It must have stung like that one disparaging remark about your physicality (hand to throat in mock horror) made in a book citing your accolades. How I laughed inside while you struggled to compose yourself and demand to know how I knew these things. You cant say I didn’t warn you.

Oh, and I’ll continue to decline your offer to meet and “leave my brand” on you. We both know thats a trap I wont be falling into as I am not “The One” as you called me, but the treacherous bitch that I really am. But you’ll keep trying-your sickness demands it.


22 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 30

  1. narc affair says:

    This letter has me intrigued. Theres so much to it i dont understand but realise so much has happened. One things for certain you walked out with your dignity attached and are a super strong woman! Also your sense of humor is still intact and really is refreshing. The one thing that is so therapeutic when going thru abuse, hardships in life etc is humor and being able to laugh. Your posts always bring that refreshing breath of air and escape from a heavy topic. Ty NA! 🙂

  2. K says:

    I found these words quite amusing: “your second favourite subject-your balls. Your fascination with them is mind numbing. They are really but two saggy sacks of expired seed”. My narcissists were tedious and boring, too, and everyday with them was like a sick simulacra of the movie GroundHog Day. From one treacherous bitch to another, we are truly fortunate because we are free to leave. Excellent letter.

  3. Lisa says:

    Ok..wow…POW!! Nice one! I get the picture of a horrible little man.

  4. Lou says:

    I had a good laugh while reading this letter. So thanks NarcAngel or Narc Affair. Then I saw the image of the two oranges and laughed even more. Thanks HG.

  5. Scout says:

    A well-written, up-beat piece of writing. Thanks for this, NA, it was a real tonic! Best wishes to you.

  6. 12345 says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! Oh my god I wish I’d said all that. I don’t care if it’s fuel. Bravo!!!

  7. robins359 says:

    WOW!!!! I am impressed. You are one strong woman. Thank you for sharing that.

  8. Petals says:

    Seducing unwitting narcs for mental stimulation? Naughty, naughty girl. 😀 I’m sure it was fun.

    Do you still do this now or have you moved on to relationships with the empathetic?

    1. NarcAngel says:


      With much less frequency (sexually).

  9. Kim michaud says:

    Very funny comment about the balls they all seem at least mine dies to have an obsession with their private parts that overinflates the value of such private parts lol

    1. Healing girl says:

      Yes they do. The Narc I was involved with kept asking if I missed his penis, and if it was big. When I said no it wasn’t big, it was small and cute, he went silent, then blurted my vagina was too big!! That crushed his ego, just an insecure little boy….

    2. narc affair says:

      I laughed about the balls too and not being able to produce a boy lol

  10. Salome says:

    Just fUntastic!!!

    What does it mean:
    “leave my brand”?

    1. NarcAngel says:


      To leave a physical mark on him.

      1. Salome says:

        Thanks, NarcAngel
        I adore to leave “cérébral” mark…
        And you?


  11. Noname says:

    Ohh…that was a heavy artillery used on pretty delicate (for any man) topic. Perhaps, you had a really valid reason to use it, NA. Who knows.

  12. Tasch says:

    Very true and funny. Well done!

  13. Wow!
    Your invective is hot as hell, while you are cool as can be.
    Nice shot!

  14. Paula Sarno says:

    Jajajaja I really enjoy this one

  15. cantevergoback says:

    Very well done

  16. jenna says:

    Meaning narc angel’s letter?
    Omg i love u!
    I was actually missing my ex but not anymore. Severe dose of reality frm u!
    I feel lucky to have u in my life narc angel, if this is indeed ur letter!

    1. jenna says:

      HG i am crying rn. I was missing ex but luckily, due to ur posts, i’ve resisted the urge to contact him. I don’t know what i wud do without u hg. I would have contacted him probably. When the email chimes (push notifications r not working for some reason, just fetch so i receive it a little late) there is my reminder of what not to do. I’ve not felt like contacting him in a long time. Always it is him who contacts me. But this time, i felt the urge.

      What would i do without u hg? Ty frm the bottom of my heart. U r an evil man but u do much good for us. I am in tears.

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