Hush. I don’t want you to make any sound. None at all. If you do you will spoil this moment. This is not a time for noise, of any kind. Yes, I admit I normally like you to be making some sound. Whether it is your words of admiration, your scream of terror, your murmurs of delight, your shouted anger or moans of passion. All the noises which you make for me are welcomed, so long as you coat them with your feelings. I do not care for bare comment, neutral and anodyne, that does nothing for me and may even harm me, but you won’t do that for me will you? You do not want to hurt me, ever, do you? You are not like that. Your kind are not like that, you care and you love and you give. No, no, stay silent. You have no need to speak. Just lie there. Be still. I want to allow my eyes to roam over your naked form as you lie there next to me, exposed, vulnerable. I know you are looking at my eyes, I can sense it. My gaze is not meeting yours at the moment though as I am allowing my eyes to slowly move across you. I regard your toes, pointing upwards, bare and free of varnish. You rarely apply such gloss to them but you do ensure they are clean, cut and presentable. I know you can see me looking at them. I know you are wondering whether I am going to lower my wonderful mouth to them and suck them or bite them. I am not going to do either of those things but you are uncertain. I can tell that you are because your apprehension is flowing from you and I am drinking that in. That tiny shudder you just gave was not from the cool air that permeates this twilight space. No, that was indicative of the apprehension which has taken hold of you. I know you are stood at a fork in your mind. I know what you will be thinking. I know because I make you think this way, why else would I do it? I do it for control. I control everything about you. You stand at that fork wondering whether I will lead you down the line to explosive pleasure or down the dark road towards hurt and pain. You have no idea which it will be because as you have come to learn these last few months, I am capable of both. Should you feel excited? Should you feel nervous? Which is to be? Hush now, do not speak. Oh I know that you want to speak, you cannot help yourself. You want to ask. Always the questioning isn’t it? Ask, question, query, challenge and so forth. Not now. You want the answer but you are not getting that answer. Not yet. I make a gentle shushing sound. Is it a noise of reassurance, that which the doting mother provides to the new born offspring or is the noise of patronising chastisement, treating you like a child? You do not know. How I revel in your confusion. I know you are looking at my face desperately looking for some kind of clue, some hint, some acknowledgement of what is going on in my delinquent mind. You are denied. My face is frozen, mouth set straight, brow neither raised or furrowed, eyebrows unyielding and then there are my eyes. You cannot see yourself anymore in them. I have stopped that for the time being. Usually you get to see exactly what you want to see in them. Whether it is joy, hope, love, passion, excitement, intrigue and so much more. You are only seeing what I know you want to see because I reflect from these eyes what is showing in your eyes. You do not look upon me. You look upon yourself. That has changed tonight. Now two impenetrable black orbs are all that you can see. The place where you usually lose yourself has become lost to you. You will find no succour for you there. You will find no reassurance or indication of what is about to happen. That is hidden from you now.

You make to issue a further sound and a shake of my head halts you. My fingers trace the red weal on your thigh, the pads of two of my fingers running either side of this mark. Another shudder and I can sense you are desperate to speak buy hush my dear, hush my love, this is not the time for speaking. I know you will wonder why my fingers trace this mark. Am I soothing you or reflecting on its origin? You have no idea have you? I allow my fingers to move upwards across the tender flesh of your thigh. Is it now that it will happen or will I wait? You lift your left thigh in anticipation and I continue to allow my fingers to drift northwards. I hear your intake of breath and know that again you are making so as to speak. My hand leaves your thigh and I place one finger against your lips. The gesture clear and unmistakable. The moment where you might have broken the silence passes and I wait and wait a while longer before I move my finger away. Your body beside me is ramrod straight as you are unable to relax, every nerve-ending alert and bracing itself for whatever comes next, whatever that might be. The outside of my hand brushes your soft cheek, your impressive complexion noticeable even in this half-light. A cheek that sometimes glows red from the consequences of my endeavours. Is it the glow of shame which will coat your cheek? Is it the surge of a passionate flush that will linger there? Or something else?

Now I look at your eyes and this is when I begin to derive the true benefit from this enforced silence. My eyes convey nothing. Yours tell me everything. They flit back and forth, scrutinising my face for some kind of signal, some kind of sign. I am not transmitting. I am only set to receive and receive I do as I drink in the earnest anxiety flooding from your eyes. I see the attempt to mollify me as you allow those beautiful, expressive eyes to reach out to me. I see the look of apprehension cut through the attempt as the nervousness returns. You are obedient now. Remaining silent, my repeated exhortations, soft and low, for you to remain silent have been heeded. Now you are trying to speak to me using your eyes and you are doing so magnificently. The lack of noise, the absence of speech, now makes the emotions in your eyes a hundred times more intense. I absorb those feelings which flood from your eyes. I drink them in, consuming them for my own benefit. This is why it works so well. Complete control of you as you lie there, still, unmoving on the bed, slight and occasional tremble from your limbs as you wait in conflicting anticipation for what may come. What will it be this time? How will I deal with you? There can be no spoken protestation, no elucidated request for confirmation, only this continuing silence, punctuated from time to time by my hushing you.

My eyes remain locked on yours as my left hand once again begins to glide about your body. The lightest of touches which glides from throat, to breast and to stomach. Back and forth moves my hand, like some wizard commencing the gesticulations for his spell-casting. My spell is already working as you remain frozen, barely daring to move, only allowing your chest to rise with your breathing and your eyes to dart left and right, still probing, still seeking those answers.

Hush my darling, hush my dear, hush my love.

My hand rises and then clamps over your mouth.

Your eyes widen. Fear and excitement fighting against one another and all the while giving me what I need.


Now it begins.


108 thoughts on “Hush

  1. Noname says:

    Why, thank you again, Tudor.

    you are welcome to ask questions, I don’t mind. Lol.

  2. analise13 says:

    HG did you write this article to elicit sexual reactions in followers?

    To prove how easily ensnarement occurs,
    when tapping into emotional desires.

    I did not get that same response as others from the text or audio.

    It was more more an uneasy and foreboding warning feeling to me.
    More fear, then lust.

    Obviously, I am no longer emotionally effected by narcissistic manoeuvres.
    Your work helps prove that.
    Reading makes me more resilient.

    HG, do you also engage with your followers in email or audio consultations in a sexual manner as well?

    I ask, based on the responses to articles such as this one.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I wrote it to see what kind of reaction would be provoked – would it be anticipation, fear, revulsion or arousal. Would some read it as erotic anticipating a sexual act, would others read it as dangerous and foreboding as something awful occurs.

      The content of consultations is confidential.

      1. erin says:

        I noticed you never replied as to what happened after the “it begins”, I guess this is why.
        If it helps your understanding, my reaction was anxiety, concern and sadness for her (I am worried she was subject to humiliation). I would have found it incredibly sexy had I known for sure that what happened next was pleasurable for both, but as it is I could not.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you for sharing your reaction.

        2. Jenna says:

          Hi erin,

          I will make a prediction abt her fate that night, knowing hg as the calculating greater that he is. He knows sex is a powerful ‘weapon’. Thus, he will use it to con her into thinking he loves her. He will do all that SHE wants him to do after provoking some anxiety in her. She will feel loved afterwards. Outside of the bedrm tho, days later, he will continue devaluing her. This will leave her more confused, becoz he just loved her passionately a few nights ago. This is my opinion.

      2. analise13 says:

        Thank you for reply. I understand.
        I imagine consultations are tailored per individual requests.

  3. Ilene says:

    I wish sex was overrated. It is everything, and much, much more. I wish it did not have the control over me in which it does. I have exercised many bodily mechanic skills, extraordinary kegal exercises (since I was 15 years old), and body contortions, simply to make it even more mind-blowing. I have lived my life in worship of it, and I am not proud of that. But, it overtakes me. And, I have just as much fun with it, alone, as I would with a true-love. I am taken entirely into a whole new dimension, and turn into another being, an animal of some kind. My mind no longer is my own. I take medication to suppress my appetite, or else I would never get out of this trance in order to eat, drink, or sleep. The medicine saves my life. I have a condition called Hyperarousal Genital Disorder, and when I am unmedicated, it takes over my entire days, nights, and in-between… I always want, NEED, more. I have to.

    1. Narc Angel says:


      Your application has been forwarded to the DLS dept. at Tudor Towers.

  4. Noname says:

    You are welcome too, Tudor. I believe you’ll never use that knowledge against your women and won’t hurt them.

    My grandmother once said to me “Men don’t have to understand us. They have to love us”. She was right, it is very enough for harmonic relationship.

  5. MyTrueSelf says:

    Don’t ever try this with a trained dancer! There’s no way we are going to lie there like a lump of meat while some ‘rank amateur’ (!) attempts to impress us with his ‘knowledge’ of our body and what he/she thinks makes us tick !
    We know are bodies well and we’re too physical!
    Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate sensual- well enough to know that two is better that one, especially between the sheets😽

    Teasing aside, congratulations on 7 million hits HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Rank amateur?! Pfffttt.

      Thank you for the congratulations, now just lie back and relax…..

      1. K says:

        Ha, ha, ha! Big ups on 7 million, HG.

      2. Nuit Étoilée says:

        I think we sometimes act like HG is a “pet” tiger..

        Tigers are beautiful, sleek, sensual, impressive, and powerful creatures.. but they still have sharp claws and teeth..

        ..and can turn and tear you to pieces, licking their faces w content afterward… bc they do what they must do…

        Tigers don’t change their stripes..

        All these posts are cautionary tales.. based on experience..

        How’s that for logical thinking? 😉

  6. erin says:

    I would love to enjoy this as being an extremely sensual and erotic post, but I’m too worried for her… Please tell me that whatever “began” was something she liked!

    1. erin says:

      I just can’t find anxiety sexy. Not knowing what will happen next, definitely can be, but it has to happen in a situation where I feel safe, where there is trust. If there is actual fear then I simply can’t think of it as being pleasurable. I do hope the woman was not hurt.

  7. Catherine says:

    Highly erotic. I’m really into these kind of power plays in the bedroom (so I guess I’ll be joining everyone else in the cold shower, not in an erotic way though), it’s just when they are all pervasive and not confined to sexual games that I do mind them. Sometimes the lines are blurred and that’s when danger comes knocking on the door. The thing I miss most about my narc is the sex though. Or rather the way it made me feel, which sounds very healthy and slightly narcissistic coming from me.

  8. Noname says:

    I remember this article and it is very very powerful and valuable.

    I’ve never ever seen so exact and so detailed description of woman’s distrust expression before (written by man!).

    In that story, the woman doesn’t trust her man on ALL levels. Her body doesn’t trust him, her brain doesn’t trust him, her soul doesn’t trust him.

    She “signals” about her didstrust silently, but very eloquently. Whatever binds her to him, it isn’t a love, respect and trust. She unconsciously (?) considers him as her enemy on ALL levels. Her man didn’t give her ANY reason to trust him in the past.

    And her desire to talk, read his movements, read his eyes is an attempt to find ANY reason to trust him at that exact moment and, again, she didn’t find it.

    Those partners don’t have an INTIMACY and this fact, naturally, “alarms” the woman. Plus, she has an instinctive fear of physical pain, she knows for sure her man is capable to cause to her, because he, obviously, is into sadism (intensive or not, doesn’t matter; the reaction to that fact is similar).

    The woman never fully relaxes during a sexual intercourse, if she has a slightest suspicion, that it could be painful for her. It is an instinctive reaction. Yes, she could get some level of pleasure from it, but it wouldn’t be fully satisfying and relaxing…

    I listened to audio version also and read the text of this article while listening (aka subtitles!) and found it is pretty useful for English studying!

    Perhaps it is a problem of my device, but I couldn’t “hear” all words distinctly and couldn’t catch the “mechanism” of words formation. But, hey, this blog is about Narcissism, not English. Lol.

    Anyway, thank you, Tudor, for interesting article and English lesson.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome and thank you for your observations, I found those useful for increasing my understanding.

      1. Nuit Étoilée says:

        …that’s what worries me..

        We are grateful for your insight that allows us to *hopefully avoid your kind and abuse..

        ..but what are you using our insight for?

        Please put me at ease to further share my empathic insight that it isn’t simply being used to further torture your ensnared victims… who love you more than I do..

        1. HG Tudor says:

          By understanding more, I become more effective.

      2. Nuit Étoilée says:

        There we have it.. we are all contributing to making HG a more effective Greater Elite narc..

        HG, you mean more effective at eliciting fuel from your appliances
        …positive and negative.., right?

        the heights go higher.. the lowest depths go lower…

        Do you want me to continue sharing with you?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          More effective at understanding you and then providing you with more effective answers to your questions.

        2. Fool Me 1 Time says:

          So HG you use what we write to you in the blog and consults to make you an even greater elite? Oh HG.🙁

          1. HG Tudor says:

            I didn’t state that.

          2. Fool Me 1 Time says:

            I must of not gotten the rest of the comments? It doesn’t matter! I didn’t believe it anyhow!! You have to much class to do something like that and your already the greatest elite greater in the world!! 😉xxx

      3. Nuit Étoilée says:

        Your reassurance is much appreciated, HG.

        ..for some reason, I seem to have trust issues… 😉

        (..and I totally have a crush on teacher *raises hand)

      4. Noname says:

        I believe in you and I belive that you are going to use our stories and insights wisely and in a good way, Tudor. If not, I’m out of here.

      5. Nuit Étoilée says:

        I could apologize for starting this line of questioning, but shouldn’t you applaud the rational logic aspect? Sorry not sorry..

        I think the question needed to be asked..

        “I didn’t state that” was verbatim what my narc would answer when I asked a direct question.. awful answer..

        I prefer your other answer. – but it bothers me that you are not unequivocally stating what we’re hoping to read “no, I am not using the insight I gain via the blog to further my machiavellian machinations in my private life..”

        ..but since you didn’t answer my 2nd question, you prob don’t care about my particular point of view.. 😉

      6. Jenna says:

        Nuit etoilee, fm1t, noname,

        Hg has stated that while we learn frm him, he learns much frm us. He uses what he learns frm us, along w his vast knowledge of empaths and narcs in his personal life, to write more abt relevant topics. He has also admitted that he uses his knowledge to perfect his manipulations. He does not lie here. He states very clearly that he is evil. We must remember this. However, his evil mind is helping all of us to understand. We gain valuable info found absolutely nowhere else. I benefit more by being here than i do frm my therapist. And, he is trying to change, as he stated in his last interview. He said he still cycles women, but he is trying to be less destructive. I see some changes in him.

    2. noname,
      I can barely tell you are a non-native english speaker. You seem quite fluent, and I find you articulate and able to express your thoughts quite well. You are a wonderful addition to these conversations.
      Still, even though this little tale makes me feel fear, those shivers I feel are not exclusively fear.
      I do believe this episode of seduction was for fuel, not her enjoyment. So I would say you are right in your analysis of the seduced one’s feelings.

      1. Noname says:

        Thank you for your kind words, Persephone. I would be more articulate and exact, if this blog was in Russian. Lol.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Your English is commendable.

        2. Noname,
          LOL! I was just on another post stating how I do love me some John Cleese speaking Russian!LOL!
          HG kindly provided a translation. I didn’t know I could ask you!
          And I enjoy you sharing your experiences. I hope to see many more of your posts.

  9. jenna says:

    Hush hg, hush. U lay there as we cover ur mouth w our hands and u wonder what is next, but we do not reveal it thru our eyes. It is difficult for us, but we remain determined to reveal no emotion. All 47,000 + subscribers hushing u tonight. U lay there naked b4 all of us, so vulnerable even tho ur 6’1″. Hush tudor, hush…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Nobody silences HG and if you think you can keep matters hidden when your emotional thinking governs you so extensively then you need to think carefully.

      1. jenna says:

        I didn’t literally mean we are going to silence u. I was mirroring the words back. I hope u are not offended. Just having some fun with word play since this article is a little too steamy for me, so i tried to dilute it! 😊
        Pls don’t be mad?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I’m not.

          1. jenna says:

            Thank god hg. 😰
            I was worried. I was having a little fun, but to a narc maybe it did not seem like fun. I shud be mindful of that. Even tho ur not mad (thankfully), i wud like to say sorry.

    2. gabbanzobean says:

      Jenna…I love how you tease HG. It makes me laugh. I feel like we are all in a classroom and HG is the teacher. You remind me of the classmate who has a crush on the teacher.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Fortunately for her there are the rules in place.

      2. Who has a crush on teacher??!!

      3. Jenna says:

        I tease him often, but my sense of humour doesn’t seem to work on him. I feel so bad rn for possibly igniting his fury by saying ‘hush’. I know he won’t show fury here but now i realize i wud b shivering in my shoes if i tried a play on words like that in real life.

        1. Star says:

          Lol I dunno Jenna, I could be wrong, but my feeling is when we tease him or annoy him ,he merely swats us away like pesky mosquitoes. Without a second thought😂

          1. HG Tudor says:


      4. Jenna says:

        Hg and star,

        Lol at ‘pesky mosquito’ comment!

        I am confused now. If u “merely swat(s) us away like pesky mosquitoes” when we tease u, does it mean i may continue becoz u don’t care? Or wud it be better if i refrain? Thx in advance.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It is up to you, it is your time you are wasting doing so. Rather than teasing me (and I know you do it in a good natured manner, I know you are not trying to wound me) you might want to apply your time and mind to grappling your emotional thinking.

          1. Jenna says:

            Thank u hg for knowing i do it in a good natured manner. I do love bugging u! But i will keep ur point in mind that i am wasting my time and instead try to control this emotional thinking! But u know what? Half the fun on the blog is the humour i enjoy w you and everyone! Thx hg for being such a great sport!

      5. K says:

        It is good to know that Professor Tudor has boundaries and there will be NO Classroom Narcissist here.

      6. gabbanzobean says:

        Hahahahaha!!! Swatting us away like pesky mosquitos!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. Anne says:

    What’s wrong with those of you who think this is erotic? It’s horrifying and demeaning. HG, you’re a sick fuck.

    1. K says:

      It looks like your emotional thinking is on track. Excellent. Your comment about HG gave me a chuckle.

  11. Gabrielle says:

    I am resisting the urge to say something very naughty right now….

    Okay urge unable to be resisted.

    HG, please make the grand prize for the next contest taking one of us to bed and reenacting this scenario beforehand.

    I need a cold shower now. 😏😈

    1. Blank says:

      You see HG, how no one actually learns from all your words? As soon as we, the lonely, wanting, love and sex deprived people, are being seduced – even knowing it’s by a narc- all sense just leaves the minds.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Indeed and therein lies a further lesson to demonstrate to you the power of emotional thinking and how you must continue to understand and build your logic defences. It also reinforces how you will always be susceptible to our kind – but how susceptible is something you can address. When I explain to people that once you have entangled with our kind, you will always be vulnerable to us, you will never completely remove the infection, they respond with “oh you are just saying that to sound grand and powerful”. No, I do not need to state that to sound grand and powerful, I am anyway but that is not the point of explaining this to people – I am explaining because it is the truth. If someone wants to put it down to grandstanding on my part and ignore what I am telling them, more fool (fuel) them.

        1. Star says:

          I absolutely agree with this. I have noticed being back out there , casually dating that I definitely attract a “type”. No necessarily only narcissists (but yes those to)But also the types of people who in general don’t have the best interest of others at heart.The great thing now though , is that I recognize ,am aware and accept that I do attract these types , probably always will,I can read the warning signs early . It has given me great protection. I feel very armed and weaponized now. Sure not every person is a narcissist, sometimes there’s just no chemistry or connection, but I am educated now on how to recocognize,deal, remove myself from the situation etc if I happen to come across one!

      2. narc affair says:

        Hi blank…lol i was thinking this very thing last night. When i first listened to this i was a pile of googly mush 😄 but being a bit more seasoned here i realise this is the perfect example of seduction and a test. Im still a googly mush but a more educated one 😂

      3. gabbanzobean says:

        “As soon as we, the lonely, wanting, love and sex deprived people, are being seduced – even knowing it’s by a narc- all sense just leaves the minds.”

        Yep! A million times this. I used to tell my mid range cerebral “you amplify me”. That is what they do. They amplify. And then they cut the power cord.

      4. Nuit Étoilée says:

        ..then, as many here, I’m forever doomed – I never had a chance to avoid your kind – since you’ve taught me my father is one of your kind…

        It’s not emotional thinking in this instance – it’s sensual.. which is seeking physical pleasure..
        .. but yes, to be done only in situations of trust – so we must practice more thinking which tunes us in to the inauthenticity of the narc that is blaring = DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON…

        But again, in this instance, we want to trust you, HG… the emotional bond you’ve created by sharing w us.. we want to believe you wouldn’t hurt us… as do they (your IPPSs)…

        …I’d love to live this post – with your blue eyes.. not the black

      5. Blank,
        She has her eyes wide shut. She is still in thrall of her narc, but at least she is informed, and consenting.
        She may need pain (not necessarily physical pain) to be able to feel, at this point, but it’s just a guess on my part.
        (Conditioning that love=pain)
        No criticism intended. It’s just what it looks like to me.


      6. Somewhere over the rainbow says:

        HG, there is a way to remove your kind from our brain, but not an easy one as we search for the easiest way out, which oftentimes is another narc.

        After being with a narc giving you an emotional “roller coaster” (creating in your brain an addiction similar to drug/alcohol use by conditioning it, just as Pavlov did in his experiment), being with a “normal” man bores us, “normal” is perceived as abnormal by our brains, with us being unaware of that happening! It’s like receiving vegetables (freedom, otherwise very good for our health) instead of the good looking “cookie”(control/demands/commands) our brain was used to. That’s why we (empaths) need to understand what our weaknesses are.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          We cannot be totally removed but there is much you can do to reduce that presence AND its impact.

        2. gabbanzobean says:

          Somewhere over the rainbow…
          It is like you are in my head. Drug addiction. Yup!

    2. Caroline says:

      Do you want a little wake-up call? I will send one, but only if you want one…

      1. gabbanzobean says:

        A wake up call? To me? Why, Caroline? It probably wouldn’t be anything I have not already heard. But since you have essentially “called me out” I am not going to cower away, even though the hurt part of me wants to. But I am here and answering you. You may share whatever it is that you wish to say to me…if you feel inclined to do so.

        1. Caroline says:

          No, gawd no, lol! Not like that, sweetie…I was simply going to give you a song to listen to, to try to get you off desiring your cruel narcissist! To help you, not shame you!

          A “please wake up before he hurts you so much more” thing.

          Sorry I scared you, good golly yikes! I should have explained more first! Well, let me know, if you want me to post it.

  12. abrokenwing says:

    I love being single but i miss having sex…
    I’m not in a hurry to meet someone but even when the right time comes I’m not sure how this may potentially happen..
    I don’t go out often, I’m not gonna meet someone through my workplace and i don’t see myself using online dating sites.
    It will have to be a pizza delivery guy i guess…

    1. gabbanzobean says:

      Ditto, Abrokenwing! Ditto.

      1. abrokenwing says:

        Are you clinging to this guy because you fear that you will never meet someone else? Do you actually want him or someone?

      2. gabbanzobean says:

        Your first question: Yes. I fear that.
        Your second question: Yes. I actually want him. After all that has happened I still want him.
        Your (somewhat) third question: Do I want someone? (at some point?) Sure, of course. But when I close my eyes all I see is him.


      3. Nuit Étoilée says:

        Gab, it takes a long time sometimes..

        ..I chased after a wolfnarc – I was young, he was successful and incredibly sexy – I was his DLS & didn’t even realize it..
        (why do they have to be so seductive?)

        I finally got asked out by another guy and he took me out to a very fancy club.. wolfnarc was there – we made eye contact but he had absolutely no intention of acknowledging me… ever…

        I hope you have a moment like that where a light switches on and you can begin to see that while you want him, he’ll never treat you the way you deserve..

        ..and as I recall, I still chased wolfnarc, but that night hurt me & it helped me..
        ..I also have a narc at church story..actually.. a couple…

        You can get through this 😊

    2. ABW,
      Pizza will deliver a guy to your door? Darn, I’m not supposed to eat pizza! I wonder if I could just order the guy?? And maybe some wings for after….

      1. abrokenwing says:

        I was just joking! It would have to be Bradley Cooper delivering the pizza 😉.

    3. Nuit Étoilée says:

      I understand you. Perhaps developing an interest? ..taking a photography class or music.. dancing.. something like that w a bunch of people that allows you to meet people, make friends and maybe something would develop from there – as for pizza delivery – my first boyfriend (prob narc) delivered pizzas.. (is no one safe?? Lol)
      ((Hug, Abw))

      1. abrokenwing says:


        I’m perfectly fine being single right now.I don’t feel pressure or the need to meet someone. This is a new situation for me cos I have never been single before so I’m taking the most of it now. I just wonder what the future brings… but thank you for your advice! xo

  13. 😊😶

  14. Oh, no!!!
    Not the audio again!!
    Oh, no!!! Please nooooooooooooo!
    Why??! How can you do this to me agaiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!
    Please no, stop!! Don’t ! Stop! Please! Don’t! Stop!

    I’m sure you are well aware of the loaded double barrels of the written and audio.
    You could make your video with the words appearing as your saying them, and then fading behind the next.
    Hey kids! It’s read along with Narc Time! Today we have an erotic text that will freeze your heart and knock your socks off, all at the same time!!! Let’s get comfy, shall we?

    The only time mine terrified me during sex, was the last time. He did this coldly, and knew I wouldn’t enjoy, because being comfortable with the person I was with was MY ONE requirement for enjoyment. I’m sure it was on purpose, I used to wonder what was the purpose of that?

  15. foolme1time says:

    One of my all time favorites HG! Very very hot!! Very very exciting! I’m probably going to get on the other victims black list for this next statement, but, oh well! Where do I sign up?! 😂 The audio is much much better!! Xxx

    1. Chingona says:

      I was certain i was the only one!!!

      1. Fool Me 1 Time says:

        Chignons, Narc or no narc, that man has one hell of a sexy voice!! Plus the way he delivers this post is pure erotica!! Hot! Hot! Hot! Cold shower time again? Maybe maybe not!😉😜

        1. Chingona says:

          After reading the comments, I don’t dare listen to the audio. I might melt. The written word alone pushed all my buttons: highly emotional, empathic to the point of pain, oversexed (well, not anymore), masochistic, hedonistic, passionately ambivalent Virgo/DemiGoddess/whatever. Is this gratifying to HG, to have super-empaths he’ll never meet quivering from true words? It’s gratifying to me- HG’s disembodied voice validating us, which thrills empaths to no end. Grateful, we’re grateful. It’s no small thing that we feed off his writing, AND we don’t have to duck while we enjoy his largesse.

  16. abrokenwing says:

    That’s what happens when you listen to this audio.
    For real.

    1. ABW,

      I’ll have what she’s having!!


  17. narc affair says:

    Woohhhh someone get me a cool shower 😄🤗 This one never gets old!

  18. Mb says:


  19. An_eternal_student says:

    The great predator; A vampiric Hannibal Lechter. Coils of cold seduction served.

    And I am prepared to sacrifice in order to continue to be present in the cold unknowing. How erotic…how telling.

    When I feel this way. ..I must run!! Cold seduction is cause to run. Do not repeat the past no matter how exciting the cold, prey-like sensations are.

    I know now. RUN!!!

    The problem is, I know one thing. Innate instinct would have me be still. I wouldn’t move. I still love this sensation.

    Or is it just the reaction from knowing i am on the safe side of the recording?

    What is in it that I like and want so much?

    When I know this, I can change.

    1. echo says:

      “What is in it that I like and want so much?

      When I know this, I can change.”

      Yes. Definitely a lot to contemplate here. The excitement, the control, where all that comes from and if there’s way to explore those from a healthier place.

    2. Narc Angel says:

      The thrill of pure pleasure mixed with danger making you feel ALIVE? The lure of being able to let go of this world and indulging in whatever results without judgement, guilt, or repercussion?

  20. Sniglet says:

    Patronising the victim. Oh, just the thought of sucking and biting toes is absolutely disgusting. Anybody offering will meet my NC pronto. Ewww!

    1. I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you on this sniglet. Have you ever been the recipient of this? 😉

      1. Sniglet says:

        No, I have not StrongerWendy. If performed by mouth it appears as a degrading act for the performer rather than foreplay. Is it ticklish?

    2. gabbanzobean says:

      My mid ranger had a thing for sucking on fingers. I will leave it at that.

      1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

        We need to get you a dildo woman lol!

      2. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

        Or a hitachi ..whatever it’s called lmao

      3. Jenna says:


        For once we agree on something! Sucking on toes is not sanitary imo. Lol!

  21. Blank says:

    Are we getting porn in the near future? 🙂

  22. Chingona says:

    If I expressed my true thoughts and feelings about this post, it would disturb my fellow targets. I’ve been those eyes pouring forth raw emotion in the enforced silence… but … no, even anonymously, I can’t say it.

  23. Star says:

    Lol. I’m such a dork. I’m at work and actually snuck into the bathroom to sneak a listen to this on audio… then realized.. ummm nooo way too much to handle, will lose my focus. Ahh HG. You do what you do well. Haha

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I approve.

    2. narc affair says:

      Lol star 😄

  24. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

    But…I talk so much. LOL

    1. Gabrielle says:

      Me too. I’m also loud. 😏😉

      1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

        I can’t even believe I’m saying this but…

        sex is so overrated.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Well Boy George preferred a cup of tea to sex, so you could share a pot with him, Dr Q.

      2. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:


        I say this purely out of love and because you really should hear it. I am totally not judging you at all because I have been there….

        In many ways you are acting like a drug addict (narc would be your drug). You have to want to make that change and it is totally okay if you aren’t there yet. You go in circles – analyzing his behavior – trying to make it out to be something that it really isn’t. You want that high and even by going over those thoughts and obsessing over them in your head it is like you recreate that high for a second. It feels so good but it hurts so bad at the same time.

        You have to come to a point where you are ready to give up the drug. When you are ready to make a change and commit to it.

        You are kind of contemplating change at times….

      3. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

        Sex is great don’t get me wrong lol – I think that I just have never had like mind-blowing sex maybe?

        I think people put too much emphasis on sex.

        1. Jenna says:

          Gabs and doc,

          I prefer chocolate over sex lol! Lindor, turtles, ferrero rocher, reese yum!

      4. K says:

        I was a GP junkie when I started out. Once you begin no contact and have your consult, you will go through withdrawals.

        Dr. Q
        LoveSex with a somatic is awesome! I try NOT to think about it…ever.

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