Little Acons – No. 28



3 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 28”

  1. Schoolyard behaviour of the narcissist. Ive seen this with my daughters ex narc friend. She built her up then devalued her and tried to get her to think no one liked her. If theres one thing i can say im grateful for my narc relationships its the fact i was the gunieau pig and now i can help my children understand narcissism and hopefully avoid narc relationships. She sees it as a lie to control. Others do like her and shes been free from her narc friend for a year now. This friend keeps hoovering and she has nothing to do with her.
    I do hope her narc friend can learn about her npd and heal from it. It saddens me to see these kids with npd so early in life. Its definitely bc of her upbringing in this case.

  2. This is a rough one. I knew my mother couldn’t possibly know this since she knew so few people in my life. But it wore away and ate at my confidence nonetheless. It’s part of the whole campaign to make children feel unloveable.


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