Little Acons – No. 53




  1. I was always “difficult” when I wanted to set a boundary or wouldn’t obey her.

    And I was well over 40 by then ;-).

  2. This was my mothers line when i had something bad going on in my life and she took pleasure in interferring during it. Shes there to enjoy the bad but either tears down the good or is nowhere to be seen.

  3. “We love you and want what’s best for you “ ….As long as it aligns with their agenda.

    All cleverly presented as “help”,

  4. Oh God yes. My ex refused to tell me what he thought I should do (and he was an expert on everything (insert eyeroll here) because I had ‘to work it out for myself.’ This was despite telling me that I had a lot of developing and progress to make in my personality and behaviour. What he hated more than anything at the end of our relationship was that when he started I would say ‘Projection’ and walk out of the room.

  5. Oh, I just loved all the “help” from matrinarc; the way she controlled my whole life with it. Good times. 😒

  6. Yep. Sums up my mother’s thinking very well. Even when she was deliberately abusive, she was just trying to toughen me up.

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