The Rules of Ex Club – No. 30



3 thoughts on “The Rules of Ex Club – No. 30”

  1. HG can you please explain why the most immediate ex is the highest versus someone you had a longer relationship with like your ex wife? When you devalue your current IPPS do you start turning old IPPS from black to white starting with the most recent ex? Why the most recent?

    1. The immediate ex is at the highest risk of a hoover because they are more likely to appear in the mind of the narcissist and be idealised again. They may also be easier to contact and be more susceptible to our hoovering owing to the proximity in time since that Formal Relationship ended. Furthermore, by then looking to hoover the immediate ex and perhaps resurrect the Formal Relationship, the current IPPS (in devaluation) is perplexed because the immediate ex may well have been described as a “psycho” or “an abuser” yet here we are talking about them, triangulating etc – this has a greater impact on the current IPPS so more fuel is gained.

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