The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 14

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8 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 14”

  1. My narcs never been like this but i have at times. Not expecting within 10 secs tho. Hes always answered within a timely manner so when hes gone a hour or so and its been read i feel upset. I know this is ridiculous but when youve had someone who does and get used to it you notice the contrast and its bothersome. I guess thats where trust matters bc if there was trust then it wouldnt be as much of a big deal but when you dont and especially when you know youre with a narcissist you start to wonder why the change?

  2. So very true! My Narc once told me I had 2 minutes to respond after message delivery. I told him that sometimes I actually ate, showered, slept, worked, etc… He generously said no more than 20 minutes or I’d never hear from him again.🙄 I complied. He also actually texted and called when I was sleeping…

  3. Yet if a message I sent to you said read it doesn’t mean you read it.
    Luckily in Australia we don’t have the ability to see if a text message has been read. It’s a few years off yet.

    1. Hi Elaine

      I’m in Australia & I can tell when some of my contacts have read messages or not. I can always tell on messenger & on text it depends on their type of phone & their settings. It will tell me read & at what time.

  4. The conditioning is cruel, especially when you are long-distance. I became glued to my phone, to avoid him being away for hours or days when I didn’t respond within minutes. Learnt to deal with it a bit by acting like it didn’t bother me – but it did!

    This always pretending – that you are cool while you are not, that you are strong while you are in fear – this is where you start losing yourself, where you enter their world and become them, I suppose…

  5. At least, that is how it worked out for me – I became a pretender, like him. The reason: I didn’t want to get crushed, I didn’t want to give up, I wanted to reach him, to connect to him. It worked to some extent, but in the end I had to give up on him anyway. It still makes me sad.

  6. Or else in my case there were like ten messages on my phone when I came out from an hour at the gym starting out all pleasantly with longing and love, going through a phase of why the hell didn’t I answer? until it was stated blatantly in the end that he presumed me to be dead (or in the arms of another man..).


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