Little Acons – No. 17


5 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 17

  1. narc affair says:

    These narc parents lie you are worthy of love and your life is precious. Dont believe their conditioning. Theyre repeating what they learned as children. Its lies.

  2. Apparently…narcs.

  3. says:

    I don’t ever remember hearing this from my FOO, but my n said it enough times, that it made me angry.

    I think he thought I’d be hurt, but my anger pleased him enough he kept saying it. I don’t know what kept me from saying it, because I did think it a lot, about him. (fool that I was, he knew what to SAY, so that even beautiful women, would want him)

    I didn’t even WANT someone to want me, but it still made me so angry, that even seeing it now sets me off.

  4. PhoenixRising says:

    Exact words out of my Nmother’s mouth. Too bad for her, I proved her wrong. She will never forgive me for marrying a man who truly loves me and isn’t afraid to stand up to her.

  5. Julie Petkovska says:

    Hello Mother, many will want me but you will never believe them and you will question their sanity and choice as I am so unremarkable and clearly not good enough… for anybody..
    Now if a man said this to me I would laugh, but when mother talks, the context is so different.

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