The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 17

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17 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 17

  1. candleglow2 says:

    Hello HG on reading your reply to realitysetsinnn I think I must have fallen in love with myself too .. I am learning so much from you and it is helping me gain an understanding to what I am dealing with ..just tonight I was triangulated and I was able to see it for what it was and ignore it may sound silly but I was proud of myself !! everything you write and reading all the answers is helping me to understand and not become so upset like I used to be ..I am getting stronger ..So Big Thankyou !!!!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  2. Perseschoolofhardnarcs says:

    BKK & Catherine,

    I’d like my money back, too!! Although, of course, my N thought what’s mine is his. All of it.

    “Excuse me, I’d like a refund of my love and time? Yes, I have my receipt, it’d dated 5/16/81. Yes, it is the 2 am in Las Vegas.
    Yes, I know, it is a ridiculous time to be doing that. What, you do not give refunds for defective choices? OK, can I at least quit making payments on this one? Someone else has been making payments, too, and I don’t think we should ALL be paying for this SAME defective choice. Oh, I see. ‘You pays your heart, you takes your chances.’ I see……. I think your policy is sucky, and I won’t be dealing with NarcInc, anymore!”

    And you know if they go in for a colonoscopy, they are just going to find another ‘phone up there….

    1. Catherine says:

      Ha ha.. Perse; I laughed out really loud now! Oh, yes, we pay with our love and our devotion, we pay with trust and time wasted in our lives and we’re not getting any of it on sale even though we’re sharing the supposed goods with others. There’s not even a bloody refund! That’s not fair! I hope the phone found in that by now famous colonoscopy will be malfunctioning in every possible way!

    2. BurntKrispyKeen says:

      Perse, that was great! All of it.

      And yep… we’ve paid a big price indeed, Catherine.

      But I’m thankful that we have also grown wiser and can at least smile through the pain. Hopefully this “failure” we’ve all endured will allow for the start of something new… maybe even in ways we never imagined.

      At least we might have discovered an effective way to determine who we’re dealing with once we’re ready to move on to another: Mandatory Colonoscopy Before the Second Date.
      If he’s full of shit… next! And Perse, if there really is a brown phone up there… we’ll know to run faster than a Vegas wedding! (I bet you got some interesting Vegas stories hidden up the sleeve of that cape.)

      Thank you, Catherine & Perse, for your insight and for the fun you both bring to the fight… this battle to heal. Pretty sure we’re gonna win, though.
      It might be one of those on-going wars for a stubborn empath like me, but I’ll just keep chanting HG’s mission statement and pray that victory finds me before death.

      Here’s to victory for us all, even if we can’t get our money back.

      1. Catherine says:

        Here’s to victory BurntKrispyKeen! Humour is what makes the world go around.

  3. BurntKrispyKeen says:

    This one still cracks me up.
    At some of the companies I visit for work, I have to enter their code to gain private Wi-Fi access, at others, it’s a simple guest connection. My laptop has yet to fail to automatically connect upon a second return. Even in the parking lot, that automatic connection is secured, giving a warm and welcomed feeling. (That excuse made me laugh out loud, HG.) Technology always leaves a trail, Mr. Narcissist.

    But like the ladies said… who would even think to check on this one? And as Catherine implied, for most of us, it is especially difficult to gain access to their phones. I think my narcissist would have noticed if I even got close to touching his while he was sleeping as he awoke easily and ALWAYS had that little device right there by his side. Pretty sure he showered with it.

    I’m curious if any of the truth seekers has a story they’d like to share on how they were able to investigate, password protected or not, any electronics? Did you get him drunk? Drug her? Peek at it during his colonoscopy?

    1. Catherine says:

      Ha ha BurntKrispyKeen, mine did shower with it; he couldn’t even go the bathroom without his phone even though it was password protected. And like yours he woke up at the slightest sound. I didn’t even try to access any of his devices. I almost regret that now. He used my phone, my IPad and my laptop; he knew all the passwords and still he liked to insinuate that probably my phone was full of messages from secret men.. Too bad he never went for a colonoscopy;) It would have done him some good to be in a powerless position for once even if it hadn’t resulted in me getting access to his phone.

      1. BurntKrispyKeen says:

        You just made me chuckle out loud, Catherine
        But they really are something else.

        Mine would casually mention items he needed or supplies he couldn’t find or staples he forgot to grab while just at the store 30 minutes ago. He knew I’d scurry to find whatever he needed and hand-deliver to his door. Service with a smile. I tried so hard to make that man happy.

        As generous as he was in the beginning, I ended up spending much more money on him. Plus, I gave better gifts. Let’s ask for our money back, Catherine. (I wish!)

        But there are other means than simply asking to even the financial score. I hear kidneys go for some serious coin on the black market. (You know I’m only kidding.) As much as I want revenge, I don’t want to hurt him. I just want him aware.

        I still have some nice items over at his place. But since HG says it’s best to cut our losses, I agree that it’s not anything that will greatly alter my well-being. So I’m leaving them there. Besides, I know if I asked to arrange a time for a pick-up, he would manipulate the situation to ensure I would NOT get what I wanted. That boy loves power!

        I do hope you got your electronics back though?!
        If we hadn’t lived it to believe it, we’d think all of this was unbelievable. You can’t make this shit up.

      2. Catherine says:


        Ha ha.. You make me laugh too; there’s no way winning over these men. Mine didn’t actually drain me financially or use my money at all. He was strangely enough very generous during the whole time we were together; he payed for everything; he didn’t let me pay at all even though I insisted on it; on the other hand that made me indebted to him and that’s a powerful form of control as well. Still, that’s about the only form of abuse he didn’t inflict on me. And I guess I’m lucky; his kidney wouldn’t amount to much on the black market anyway; he had a drinking problem luckily for him;) Ha ha..

    2. Perseschoolofhardnarcs says:

      If the computer is unsecured, check it. Most people never sign out of google. Google likes to remind you where you have been. Look there.

  4. narc affair says:

    This id never notice unless i went under the wifi setting of his phone. Id just assume he was operating in cellular mode. If it were an ipad or noncellular device than maybe.

  5. Catherine says:

    Ha ha.. I don’t think I would notice it and because I was never allowed to use his phone how could I?

  6. Bibi says:

    Too many electronics. I would never even think to notice something like this, and even with the heads up I still wouldn’t notice it.

  7. BurntKrispyKeen says:

    That was funny and spoken like a true narcissist. Reminds me of “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squire.

  8. realitysetsinnn says:

    I have a question. You know how it is said that the narcissist mirrors us in the beginning. Ok and that is why we fall so hard for them. So are we the non narcissist actually falling in love with our ourselves? Why would we fall in love with ourselves? Why would that be so appealing to us to have ourselves as a partner? Because let me tell you if I fell for a mirror image of myself, then damn I am a serious catch lol….no but seriously I am the shit! Because I fell for that damn man so damn hard beyond belief! So if it was his mirroring me that hooked me, then I must be much better than I give myself credit for. I’m pretty damn attractive emotionally speaking and relationally speaking. If that is the case! Because when that mask came off him…..that man was absolutely 100% NOT anyone I would ever even want to talk to or be around at all. In fact with that mask off….he’s an ugly ugly person. Inside. Speaking of inside before I met him I was more shallow and I judged attractiveness by like outward looks and all of that. When I met him he wasn’t physically attractive to me. Like if I had seen him pass by me on the street, I would have not given him even a glance. But I actually overlooked that with him for some reason and I went on different aspects this time. So basically I was thinking to myself this man is not what I would have found physically attractive at all. But after I fell for him from his endless pursuit and wonderful personality traits that I guess were mine….I found him to be the most attractive man I have EVER met.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes, you in effect fall in love with yourself.

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