The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 20

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18 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 20

  1. candleglow2 says:

    Oh HG i know that one .. “Your not keeping up with what im writing ” and when in the middle of a conversation he takes an age to reply and I ask ..are you still there and he will say ” its called going to the toilet ” the phrasing of it stirs up so much anger in me ! he always has an excuse and then acts as if I am paranoid … everything you write there is always something that he does in there .. and just confirms to me what he is ..thankyou Mr Tudor ..I dont know if that is your real name or you picked maybe because there was on very famous Tudor king ! …I would love to know as he was more than likely the ultimate Narcissist …

  2. My most recent narc: I received a text that was all emojis (but included hearts) and made no sense. I kiddingly said “you must have been sending that to someone else!” He called immediately and said “my phone has been sending texts I didn’t write! I didn’t send that. I’ve called Apple to find out why my phone would do that! Why do you seem like you don’t believe me?” I (stupidly) hadn’t been suspicious about it until he over-reacted like that. This was shortly before the disengagement so I assume he was texting the next woman he was embedding.

    Also, he often liked to send naughty descriptive texts about what he planned to do to me. A couple of times he sent them to his daughter or son (and who knows who else…) instead of me by accident. They were not amused.

    1. Hurt&Confused (but it's becoming clearer) says:

      you can be fairly certain that you are onto something when they overreact.

  3. Patrizia says:

    I read his text message while he was sleeping: “I wish I could have you now”! To his friend teacher, Mari!
    The fact that he has just moved in with me and my son, didn’t matter!He
    uttered: “I was responding to her many emails”!
    I through him out at 11 pm!

  4. H. says:

    I received a text, one that he had just a few hours before been sent to me, to another victim, using the exact same words he had said to me, using her name he said:

    “Please baby I love you, please give me another chance”……Of course I knew he was multi-texting, but he denied denied and denied….

    He said it was a joke, because I had previously confronted him about his Facebook love affairs.

    And they do think we are stupid because they do manage to get away with it;

    Until one gets out and stays out.

  5. Hurt&Confused (but it's becoming clearer) says:

    Yes, he sent messages not intended for me. They were in German. I do not speak German.

    1. Catherine says:

      Oh Hurt&Confused, what an idiot! But still, at least you could be quite sure the messages were not meant for you. That’s proof!

      1. Hurt&Confused (but it’s becoming clearer) says:

        I agree!

    2. Perseschoolofhardnarcs says:

      Hurt & Confused,
      I’d have run them thru google translator, then answered in english w/o mentioning them being in german.
      That would mix ’em up for awhile.

      1. Hurt&Confused (but it’s becoming clearer) says:

        I would have, but he deleted them too quickly for me to copy and paste.

  6. narc affair says:

    Hes slipped up a few times while weve been online together messaging in the evenings. We use facebook and he uses his voice when we cant chat on the phone. He sometimes messes up and will say at the end “question mark” etc which he always uses voice when we cant chat so hes been messaging others by text. I dont worry or get upset but it makes me curious who he is messaging. Knowing what i do i know for certain theres “others”.
    Hes pretty careful not to slip up tho.
    Once he sent me a message that made no sense and i knew he either meant it to go to someone else or wanted me to think that to cause me to be upset.
    Sometimes its intentional to either devalue or to cause insecurity so you try harder and place more attention on them.

    1. geyserempath says:

      Narc Affair: That sounds so familiar! Mine used to be messaging me on Facebook and the delays between his responses would sometimes be lengthy. I knew he was carrying on two or three other conversations simultaneously and when I called him out on it, he replied that of course he was not chatting with other women at the same time. I might be blonde, but it’s a dye job…

  7. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,

    so that explains all the random text messages…..

    I’ll always remember the first one… we were texting …. next thing out of left field, I received … “don’t you tell me what to do, nobody tells me what to do, I do what I want, when I want ” ….. whoa !!!

    I used to ask him if he was texting someone else, I knew he was, but of course he always denied it and made up some ridiculous out of the air lie.

    Boy, they must think we are really stupid!

    Great narc meme Mr Tudor, has a certain “ping” to it … 😂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Very good Mrs Bubbles, I see what you did there.

      1. Bubbles🍾 says:

        Why thank you kind Sir ….☺️

        Question … when we get text messages intended for others, I take it it’s deliberate, to get a negative reaction, which provides extra fuel and to gauge further what we are willing to put up with, which puts you in further control, would that be correct Mr Tudor?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It may be deliberate with a higher echelon narcissists, but usually it has been done in error, but you will then be triangulated and gaslit as the narcissist seeks to avoid culpability and accountability.

  8. BurntKrispyKeen says:

    So when you said, “Bambi, you want frank-n-beans?” … that wasn’t my new pet name and you weren’t talking about dinner?

    (😆 Oh, that was bad.) Fortunately, I never received an erroneous text from him. My little multi-texter was too crafty for that. But I heard stores from when his “friends” had messed it all up in the past. He said his best buddy was asking a lady for her preferred wine, saying he was at such-and-such spirits store down the street. He might could have gotten away with it had he not said he’d be at her place in 15 minutes… and had he not been out of town… at this liquor store she had never heard of. Her reply back, “Wrong girl.”

    Perhaps those were actually HIS mistakes, so he became extra diligent going forward. But who knows? I could have gleefully responded to a text not knowing it was intended for “Bambi.” Might have happened more than I realize.

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