Little Acons – No. 36


One thought on “Little Acons – No. 36

  1. narc affair says:

    My mother in law does this. The more time shes around us she forgets her place as a grandma and tries to take over triangulating my hubby snd i. Shes also tried gaining fuel by proving how much the grandkids adore her yet ive caught her being mean to them when shes been watching them thru my kids telling me after.
    At restaurants she will orchestrate scenerios where theyre fighting over who gets to sit near her when its her who started the issue.
    At home ill have a lunch picked out for the kids while shes watching and each time she will instigate the kids into wanting something else “she” chose.
    Its always about the accolades and being the favorite to the point i find myself purposely not wanting to say thank you or complimenting her. Ive tried really hard to change this but its so irritating.

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