A Personal Jesus


I am your personal Jesus. I enter your life and bring light and healing. Have you been hurt and damaged by another who did not value the honesty, decency and truthfulness by which you lead your life? I will soothe your fevered brow and reassure you that you are a good person. I bring calm where there is confusion and misunderstanding. Listen to me as I explain to you how the world really is. I have created paradise. I will open its gates and let you gaze upon it. Feel the love, warmth and tranquillity flow from it. This is all yours. All you need to do is follow me. That is all I ask. Come with me and I will be your world. I am everywhere and understand everything. When you are feeling down I will call you and remind you of how wonderful you are. My angels will remind you through my text messages and love notes of how special you are. You have a place reserved in my heaven. I chose it for you.

If you feel that your journey through life has taken a wrong turn, let me guide you. If the road ahead seems dark and stony, do not be troubled. Climb onto my back and let me carry you. I am your angel and my wingspan is wide enough to protect both of us from the darkness that lurks in the world. Open your heart to me. Give it freely and it will prosper under my stewardship. Listen to my words. They are imbued with wisdom and you are welcome to keep them as watchword to your heart. For too long you have struggled alone. I am here to relieve your burden and show you the wonderful, beautiful perfect love that you deserve. Just take my hand and follow me.

I am your saviour.

20 thoughts on “A Personal Jesus

  1. Perse, Queen of Hell says:

    Like an entanglement with a Narcissist.
    What you thought you signed on for vs what you actually get:


    1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

      Dear Perse,
      😂I really enjoyed watching that.
      It’s sooo true, my little weasel did my head in big time.
      With this new age of Facebook, selfies, entitlement and thoust high n mighty attitude (hmmmmm, that’s pretty much everyone), maybe I should start my own bakery, specialising in humble pies 👩‍🍳 😂
      Thank you💜

  2. Perse, Queen of Hell says:

    Hurt God in the internet,

    We humbly thank thee for the tools we have received and the guidance given. May we never worship at your feet, and may you remain invisible to us,
    for ever and ever

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Kneel and accept my blessing my sweet sweet friend.

      1. Jenna says:

        Oh i am sure you would literally like us all to kneel and bow down before you, wouldn’t you, you evil person!?

        1. Challenge Fuel says:

          I have such a dirty mind that I am totally interpreting this whole kneeling thing in a different manner. #guttermind

      2. Challenge Fuel says:

        I am repulsed yet aroused.

      3. Perse, Queen of Hell says:

        Hurt God,

        You have answered my prayer. You are the word, the First and the Last; The Alpha And The Omega, of the arcane knowledge of the Narcissist.

        I gratefully accept your blessing.

        As I rise now, I shall use the resources you have freely given us, to shield myself against the narcissist and my own emotional thinking.

        I shall take the torch of knowledge you have given, the torch that has lighted my path as I have ascended from hell. I shall use this torch to light the way for the confused and weary, and lead them out into the light.

        Praised be your name!

        I pray that,
        forever and ever,
        unto my death,

        It Shall Be So

      4. Perse, Queen of Hell says:



        Isn’t that what ALL narcissists would like??!!
        I wouldn’t literally and knowingly kneel and bow down before anyone.
        I had been doing so figuratively and emotionally for decades.

        These posts are in context to the article.

        As an atheist, I also don’t literally pray to anyone, either.
        I am using “prayer” in the sense of “a solemn request for help, and expression of thanks given”
        As I have put HG in the role of mentor, I have given him credit, even if it sounds over the top.it is because I am VERY thankful to be here. I have not found this guidance, knowledge or help anywhere else.

        HG has created his awesome, in every sense of the word, kingdom here. It includes you and me, and all other commenters, and posts shares. We maybe interchangeable, but he is the ruler here.
        So, I shall pay in the coin of the realm.

        Have a great day, and do thank him in whatever way you see fit.

        (BTW, was I just knighted? Or have I just been made a “Lady” of the Tutorites?)

        1. Jenna says:


          Lol! I like your sense of humour as much as i like your compassionate nature!

          This kingdom is awesome indeed. When pple here talk abt tv shows or netflix, i usually don’t know the recent shows cuz i like to spend my spare time here!

          I will take your advice and thank him.

          Thank you hg, ruler and god of narc kingdom!

      5. Perse, Queen of Hell says:

        Challenge Fuel,

        It didn’t occur to me to take it in that way.
        I haven’t had that “offer” in quite some time! LOL

        My N would have been a bit more juvenile about it!
        “I have these two friends, Neil and Bob….”

        I was assuming there was something in the rules against that sort of thing here.

        But, by all means, enjoy your imaginative scenario. Maybe a little transference will do you some good,

        ………….now to get this idea out of my head, before I start embellishing it to my liking……..

        (No, Perse, just no)

        1. “I was assuming there was something in the rules against that sort of thing here.”

          I saw nothing regarding naughty banter in the rules unless of course it has changed?

          On a related note to the Jesus and kneeling comments….is anyone familiar with the show South Park? There was an episode where one of the characters, Eric Cartman, started a Christian rock band to make money. He was not religious at all and only did it to exploit Christians and make money. Not understanding proper “worship” songs, he made songs about love and sex about Jesus. One song he sang was “I want to get down on my knees and start pleasing Jesus, I want to feel his salvation all over my face…” Then the record executive guy says “You really love Jesus!” And Cartman says “well yeah of course” and the guy says, “No….it seems from your lyrics that you are IN LOVE with Jesus!” Cartman very casually says, “What is the difference?”

          That episode was so hilarious.

          Forgive me HG, I have a tendency to relate everything I hear back to a movie quote or TV show hence my explanation above.

          1. Perse, Queen of Hell says:


            My assumption was based on Rule no.1 with reference to the 5 rules governing HG’s interactions with us on the board, that we will not be able to know, but are for our benefit.
            But if he was teasing me in the way you suggest, I didn’t get it. I would prefer to take it the way I found it, unless he says otherwise.
            BTW, I also hear/see snippets of media in my head relating to articles/posts. Usually songs, or (thankfully) comedy. That kinda reminds me how ridiculous it all was.
            It may actually help you remember some of the things you’ve read here or feelings you’ve had about a subject. Since you are cognizant of that fact about yourself, you might try being intentional about it, to benefit yourself.
            It’s been helping me some.
            Like I play in my head “I hate myself for loving you” (it’s more defiance than self loathing) or “Fuck was I” to remind myself to think logically instead of emotionally.

  3. Challenge Fuel says:

    I can just hear Piano turd’s voice recanting this spell as he plays his piano recital for the church congregation…..

    “Remember if anyone asks how I know you…we are bible study partners!”

  4. Soph says:

    Sadly, I know of a few narcissists this would fit to a T. Not only is it love bombing, they also make you believe you’re tied to them spiritually. They are your own personal Jesus. Until they see fit to drop you head-first into hell. Nice job, H.G.

  5. shawn says:

    A [closed-minded] fool does not delight in understanding,
    But only in revealing his personal opinions [unwittingly displaying his self-indulgence and his stupidity]. Proverbs 18:2 (Amplified Bible).

  6. narc affair says:

    I remember a sermon from my church years ago on idolyzing people and things in life. This to me speaks of infatuations and forgetting your belief systems whatever they may be. Thats where a narcissist can seep in and take over making them your object of idolization. Your beliefs fly out the window as you pour everything into them. They become your whole world.

  7. narc affair says:

    Dedicated to you HG…


  8. Mona says:

    Thank you, sweet little Jesus, for your compliments. What would I be without you, my sunny boy? Good to know, that you are always there for me.

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