The Rules of Ex Club – No. 7


10 thoughts on “The Rules of Ex Club – No. 7

  1. K says:

    “Conscience is something we feel. In other words, conscience is neither behavioral nor cognitive. It exists primarily in the realm of “affect,” better known as emotion. It is closely allied with the spectrum of emotion we call “love.”

    Now that I know exactly what that emotion feels like I can check that one off my list.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi HG,

    Could you please suggest which of your articles I might send links to my friends that would make them more aware of the danger that they are choosing to put themselves in? I would really appreciate this so much!

    Thank you!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They should read Evil and also Red Flag.

      1. Kate says:

        Thank you so much, HG! I am grateful for the information that you make available for us! I have been thinking about this situation all day and feel that for my own personal safety, I should try to help them from a distance.

        I can’t understand why these kind, loyal, beautiful, intelligent and dynamic women do not know their worth! I am getting a little weary of trying to make them see what I see. I want no harm to come to any of us!

      2. Kate says:

        Hi HG,

        Are your books only available on Amazon? Red Flag is available on paperback and for Kindle. Evil seems to be only available on Amazon and only for Kindle. There is a free app for Kindle that I could download onto my tablet, but I would have to agree to giving them access to my history, personal data and even my pictures! I will not allow that! Also, I do not know if my friends have a Kindle and they also may not want their personal information accessed.

        I would like to read these two books as well as give them as gifts to my friends (I can hope they would read and make use of them).
        Please let me know in what forms your books are available. Than you for your help!!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          All are available on Kindle. Some are available as paperbacks. If you have an issue re electronic downloads, email me.

  3. Lisa says:

    A friend of mine confronted the Narc and I kid you not that he told her in a very nasty manner she is mine and I’ll come back to her when I want to.

  4. W says:

    My friends’ boyfriends either loved me and encouraged our friendship, or hated me and tried to isolate. I figured out young; it was no coincidence. The ones who hated me ALWAYS ended up being abusive dickheads

  5. Kate says:

    OMG, HG – this is happening to me right now! I am trying to plan a visit to see my two college friends, but their boyfriends don’t seem to like the way that I point out how awful they are!

    Both of my friends had one boyfriend each during those four years of school and their boyfriends hated me because I would say things to them like, “don’t talk to her like that” or “I don’t like the way you treat her”. I would argue with these obnoxious Lessers. Both of my friends then met and married – one to an Upper Lesser and the other to a gross and phony Mid-Ranger. Each of them was totally humiliated!!! Now divorced, they cling to their possibly criminal Upper Lessers.

    I am not able to get through to my girls!!! Help!

  6. betrayalnomore says:

    This is freaking true. My sister showed me who these monsters are and then became one herself. Or rather she was always this way and was operating covertly. Its hell being on the other side of her wrath. Pretty identical to the narc.

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