The Rules of Ex Club – No. 8


13 thoughts on “The Rules of Ex Club – No. 8

  1. monetdiamondsnrubies says:

    Wow !

  2. Gone crazy. Be back later. says:

    Oh my Dog!!!
    Mine actually was beloved by his ex’s family. The took his side over her’s. (The mother of his son)
    He was originally the bad boy who kept knocking up their daughter and causing them to pay for abortions.
    After son was born, he proposed, bought them a mobile home (his mother bought it), and when they broke up, it was because she cheated. (his explanation).
    Her behavior now leads me to believe she was also an N, and she would hide the child from my husband, yet abandon him with her family members, or the current live in when she would decide she was bored and wanted to take off.
    He would visit them, taking me along, and demonstrate that he had changed and had a stable life. (I, of course was part of that facade)
    They have no idea that I threatened to leave him if he wouldn’t step up, and take care of his own child whom he professed to love soooo much!
    They still will not hear a bad word about him.

  3. Nhater says:

    S-oh my goodness, you don’t deserve any of this…I am absolutely terrified to head down this road. HG perhaps you should partner up with someone who has been through the whole process of divorcing/escaping and you both could write a book about it. I think you would have another big hit!

  4. Kensey says:

    Tiddlywink~ Yes.It must be exhausting for them to keep it all straight.
    A full time job.

    1. Melissa says:

      Yesss Kensey, Precisely why they’re so Angry, Agitated and Miserable at times. My ex -narc managed to turn Soooo many against me😤…..Even childhood friends i’d known for DECADES! Smfh😮

    2. Tiddlywink says:

      Kensey.. yes.. i can even remember he once said to me, “who are you again, remind me?” At the time i laughed thinking he was joking, but he was deadly serious.. he couldn’t remember my name, and this was even during the golden period..he had so many women he got us mixed up, and he would also accuse me of things i had apparently said, or places i said i had been when i hadnt at all..i honestly dont know how he kept track of all his pathological lies..and he still does as he continues to groom new supply while still sucking up to his long term IPPS and IPPS’s who all think he is God.. its sickening..

  5. Tiddlywink says:

    Haha.. if only I could tell his ex (or should i say his current long term partner whom he said he had broken up with but hasn’t at all!!), as well as his 2 x current IPSS’s.. it would cheer me up so much to see this lying cheating mid ranger fall in a heap..but of course he wont allow this because he has blocked me from ever having any contact with these women plus having contact with any members of his family…

    1. S says:

      Not to mention… and I’m sure I don’t have to tell this to anyone here… but trying to tell anyone in the narc’s life anything only brought massive pain and expense. My ex narc is a crooked attorney so first he wrote up an affadavit of lies in order to get an emergency order of protection against me. I was so shattered at the time, I knew I couldn’t go to court to fight it (even though my attorney said that I would definitely win AND we could get him on Perjury by Affadavit). I could barely eat or sleep at the time and I knew facing him in court would just do more damage, so I let him have it. Then, 6 months later, after zero contact with anyone in his life, I was served w a lawsuit for Defamation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. He wanted $250,000 but wS willing to settle for $60,000. Ha. I hired a good lawyer – cost me over $10,000 to fight it, but it was dismissed yesterday. However, he can re file for up to a year, so I swear I live in fear. There is no low they won’t sink to. Truly. I was better to him than anyone had ever been in his whole life. And he lied and cheated and abused me. And now he’s using the legal system to keep abusing me. Just a warning to anyone who thinks it would feel good to call out their narc on his BS. Or who has completely pure intentions in wanting to warn the new girl. If you can get yourself away from them, don’t ever look back. It’s not worth it. My kids have PTSD from having sheriffs banging down my front door to serve me with his two bullshit legal moves.

      1. blackunicorn123 says:

        I’m really sorry, S. It sounds horrendous, you must be so tired.

      2. Melissa says:

        Wowww….So sorry to hear!😱

      3. Tiddlywink says:

        S .. so sorry to hear of such abuse your narc has inflicted on u and your kids.. these ghastly narcs can really sink that low, determined to lie even under oath, just so that they can win.. please be safe

      4. Catherine says:

        what a bastard! I get all worked up just reading your post. That certainly puts things in a perspective for me because I still have some thoughts about confronting my ex narc about his behaviour; simply letting him know that I know what he did to me not out of revenge but as a final closure for me. He’s not an attorney though, but he sure knows how to use the law and what you’ve been through seems like pure hell. I hope things will work out for you and that he won’t refile!

      5. Patricia J says:

        Be well on your journey.

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