Little Acons – No. 60


12 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 60

  1. On my journey says:

    Mine used one his flying monkey in a most particular way. He would have him to come home or call ( and put him on speakerphone) and would talk about specific messages he wanted me to have or received.

    ” Oh… You are my favorite gf of your ” Narc”’s girlfriend”
    ” I always tell ” your narc” that I am looking for a woman like you…and then he is listing my ” residual benefits”…

    ” You know my wife she did this to me ( something I did to my Narc) and it is so disturbing you know…”

    Litterally the last time, it was so big so evident that I just walked away while he was talking and ignored him and went browsing on my phone…

    He is like a little clown, coming around and doing and saying everything my narc is asking him to do or say.

    And of course…. My narc smears him all the time telling of what an idiot he is…

  2. Joy4Life says:

    Flying Monkeys love doing all the dirty work and rolling around in the Narcissist’s B.S.. Then, they fling it around everywhere they go. Worse yet, the Enablers of the Narcissist. Makes me think she was an Inverted Narcissist because she was just as abusive as the actual Narcissist!

  3. Kensey says:

    I know they like to throw around the word “stupid” in casual conversational rages.
    So when they can’t remember which lie they told to which person…then who is stupid?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Not us. It cannot be our fault, as you now know.

  4. Cindy says:

    Always, always. He told me everything I did or thoughts I shared were stupid, unimportant, or totally unnecessary. He always had a better idea or outcome.
    My endeavours to him were failures. His were necessary to humanity and brilliantly successful.
    Of course I eventually stopped telling him about my successes and happy events in my life which by that time were very far and few between.
    He never failed to turn the good things in my life into shit stew.

  5. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    My mum, being the perfectionist that she was … was painful! She even wanted to name my daughter, had the name all picked out! It was a beautiful name, but because she wanted it … it didn’t!
    Everything my mum wanted me to do, I did the opposite I just couldn’t compete with her, I didn’t want to. I just ended up being me! No one could ever accuse me of being just like my mum… haha
    No wonder we grow up with childhood issues…. I was never good enough …..
    why couldn’t I have just had a loving parent, was that too much to ask?
    Excellent meme Mr Tudor, brutal, but excellent (brings back memories)

    Ps .. she is now a hoarder …. neat, but hoards ….the weasel is a hoarder as well 😱…. what the ?

  6. K says:

    The Art of Empathy

    “Emotions are valenced in two ways: positive/negative, prosocial/antisocial, good v bad or nice v mean.”

    “Here’s the problem: people who focus on the positive, while avoiding the negative, won’t develop a full range of emotional or empathic skills. You will be clueless about the ones you identify as negative. If you believe that emotions are either prosocial or antisocial you reduce your social and emotional intelligence. You may think, for instance, that people are trustworthy only when they display emotions that you approve of, but that people who display emotions you don’t like should be shamed, changed, or avoided all together.”

  7. Bibi says:

    Fuck chimps. They’re all a bunch of face-eaters. Yet I love Jane Goodall and her research. Do you know chimps have the closest DNA to that of humans? Too close for comfort, one could claim. Although I don’t like chimps (they are face eaters) I adore Jane Goodall. What a wonderful lady she is.

    I prefer gorillas, personally. And orangutans as well as gibbons. What a wonderful monkey kingdom we have. Fuck chimps.

    1. HG Tudors #1 fan says:


      You sound like a Lesser Narcissist. Your hatred towards an innocent animal is uncalled for.

      We share 99% of our DNA with Chimpanzees, this is true. After all, it does makes sense being that most humans are face eaters as well; Jeffery Dahmer for an example.

      1. Perse S. Frisky says:


        ‘After all, it does makes sense being that most humans are face eaters as well.’

        Ummm, what?!

    2. EmP says:

      Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory comes to mind here..“We’ve cut the monkey down to one cigarette a day, so things are a little instense now”. Ha.

      Anyway, commenting on the thought-provoking meme up there, it didn’t matter how well you did, it was never enough – and it was EXPECTED of you.

    3. All animals are wonderful, all humans suck.

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