The Igniters of Fury – No. 8



3 thoughts on “The Igniters of Fury – No. 8”

  1. HG, that is so TRUE! Early on dating my Narc, I had no idea what he was. We had dinner planned at 6 pm one evening. I live in the mountains about an hour drive from where he lived. That night was a snowstorm, accidents all over, delays, backed up traffic, though I left at 4, I didn’t get there until 7, he wouldn’t respond to texts. He was so unbelievably mean, was yelling, first time i experienced narc fury, devaluing, saying that’s why he hated women and was single, etc. It didn’t matter what I said. Then when I tried to leave, he took my arm and insisted we go out anyway. Then he sat in the restaurant fuming and after I ordered, he said “just water for me.” And glared and complained the whole night. I should have known better and left him. But he’d Hoover me back many other times. Your blogs are like a journal of what I went through. Thank you HG for helping us heal with knowledge.

  2. Does your blog repeat on a cycle of articles based on each successive victim you seduce and discard?

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