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5 thoughts on “Smeared

  1. Jane West says:

    What an amazing Herculian effort on your Part to Walk out of Darkness and allow Light into your Life. You are fighting a great Evil Force like an amazing Warrior. You will save so many people from destruction and possibly death by Fighting your inner battle in Public! We Victims are invisible to most ans misgided by many. NPD is an Epidemic and it seems to Fester in so many people for Many different Reasons.

    I am married to a man with Severe NPD. 12 Therapists in 6 years (therapists are Fun for him to meet, win over and then also discard). We are separated (i tried to file , he went cra cra, Said he would change, non-suited— blah blah blah).

    My question (and if you have written about this, please just tell me where so you do not have to go into it all over again—— Yea I am an Empath 😑) is if a Narc says they want to Change, they really want God in their heart (or some entity as a Greater Power , other than themselves) How would you recommend they do so? Would you be the Best source for them to contact directly? I am a little done going to Therapists, holding his hand and surviving more of the Blame Game mixed with huge doses of Excuses and lies. Ans more and more smear campaigns. (He has alienated us from both of our Extended famlies.

    God Bless You for Stepping UP and Stepping OUT to take back your Soul and help so many others!!

    Truly you are an anomoly. No… I do NOT feel telling you this is giving you Fuel. I Know YOU GET IT! Wow. You give me so much Hope for Humanity!!

    1. Jane West says:

      I promise I can spell. I just re-read what I wrote! (Thumbs 🤔 ??).

    2. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Jane, thank you for your kind comments.

      Please see the article ‘But I Can Change’.

  2. Tara says:

    HG have you ever thought about doing audio books? I drive a lot for my job and I would love listening to you read your books. You definitely have the voice for it!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Tara, I am going to read my books, it is purely a question of finding time to do so alongside defending the realm and gathering fuel.

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