The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 10


17 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 10

  1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    K …… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Thanks gorgeous

  2. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dearest gorgeous K,
    Only you would say “Don’t worry, I’m like herpes, I never go away” …. that soooooo cracked me up πŸ˜‚
    Number 1 rule ….
    one does not engage in those who choose not to listen!
    Omg … I’m sounding like Mr T … πŸ˜‚
    You must come back! There are others, including myself, that appreciate and luv your interaction. Our numbers definately outrank two!
    What would Mr Tudor do? Exactly ….. I rest my case πŸ˜‚
    You’re a winner K!

    1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

      *definitely … oops spellcheck and me … sorry πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

      1. K says:

        Bubbles & Lori
        I RSVPed but the comments are stuck in moderation.

    2. K says:

      Good morning Sweet Bubbles!
      Laughter really is the best medicine! That’s right, don’t engage with those who don’t listen. You sound like Mr T because you have been Tudorized and don’t worry, I am still here reading the threads and articles and I put my 2 cents in, here and there. HG would use logic, state his case once (or elaborate a couple of times) and then disengage. Plus, I love the interaction with you and the others, as well. So there will be no silent treatment from me. Thank you Bubbles, you made my morning.


  3. K says:

    I have seen the terms gas lighting, silent treatment, narcissistic and boundary issues mentioned in Meredith’s and Amy’s columns in the last week. Also, another reader commented on how Amy missed an abusive relationship (all the signs indicated NPD). I caught it, too, however, I no longer comment after she sent me those hostile emails.

    They are twits!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It speaks for itself, K.

    2. Bubbles 🍾 says:

      Dearest K,
      I’ve noticed your absence and miss you. Please don’t let others stop you from commenting because of a few challenges. We are “Kung foo narc fighters” which means we can endure anything … please return lovely K, you’re full of valuable insight and I luv your comments. I remember someone commented on something I said in the very beginning and it hurt me to the core. I was going to leave, but I thought… no….. I need to learn to be strong because it’s the very reason I ended up here in the first place …. I’m glad I did … because I came across you, your help and support. Some people still have issues and perhaps just need to learn by themselves or they just can’t be told … bit like narcs …. haha
      Bubbles 😘

      1. K says:

        Hello Bubbles!
        Thank you very much for your kind words and for the “like”! Don’t worry, I am like herpes; I never go away. I have just been reading more and commenting less.

        You are right; we are Kung foo narc fighters and we can endure anything because we are strong. I am very glad I found you and narcsite, because it is very difficult to find people who truly understand what we have been through. Trust me, Meredith and Amy have issues and I have disengaged….ha ha ha.


      2. Lori says:

        Hate to say, but everyone has issues after this. What you see is different stages and different coping mechanisms.

        You are left with issues after this depending upon the level of abuse and the time you were exposed to it.

      3. Lori says:

        I’m confused. How are people from this site emailing you?

        1. K says:

          Ask Amy and Love Letters (Meredith) are two newspaper columnists that I have exchanged emails with regarding their (not so good) relationship advice. My comments were treated with indifference and hostility so I have disengaged.

    3. Bubbles 🍾 says:


      1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

        Means I “liked” your comment K and Mr Tudors …
        can we please go back to the old way….please?

    4. Bubbles 🍾 says:

      Dearest K!
      Thanks for letting me know it’s in moderation … all good!
      I’ve got so many “in mod” that I can’t find them anymore and I can’t keep up….I’ll stumble on them down the track I guess. I would’ve “liked” your comment … but Mr Tudors system has changed now and I can’t “like” anymore. I’m certainly not going to sign up for WordPress …. have you seen those terms n conditions … it’s a trap …. πŸ˜‚
      I guess one can’t worry about something one has no control over …. haha ….that applies to narcs as well …. πŸ˜‚
      Hugs n kisses πŸ’œ
      Bubbles 🍾

      1. K says:

        Dear Bubbles 🍾
        I am giving Word Press a corrective devaluation (silent treatment) for her treachery so I haven’t seen the terms n conditions, however, I am fortunate because I am still able to “like” and get comment notices. If the comment does not come out of moderation soon, I will copy, paste & repost. We have no control over WP or narcs, so all we can do is go with the flow.



  4. Omj says:

    I would blend this one with the car post ! I heard that in the car all the time.
    Narc one after each social or family event in the car back – I would get a debriefing and I certainly ruined something everytime.

    Narc 3 the same . Driving really fast and furious and dangerous saying … you ruined the evening … now I will always be afraid of presenting you to my friends …

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