The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 6

soc med 6

This is not a meme – it is the truth


18 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 6”

  1. What I mean is all this BLOCK Talk reminds me of a pet peeve… Social media sells a connection to a group that subscribes to be there. Once you block someone, it doesn’t remove anything but your own ability to see the truth… Just sayin

      1. Hg… 2 quick questions if I may?

        If a victim escapes, are they forever painted black?

        Also, I have a narc neighbor that I’ve been ignoring and showing indifference .It seems to slay her & make her heel to me. But sometimes I nearly laugh at the ridiculous outfits she wears and always wondered if I looked at her & laughed if that’d be..

        1= narc injury or..

        Thx in advance for your response.

  2. I think it’s funny that the narc loves tech but then denies the undeniable truths of tech…

  3. This one brings up a bad memory. The narc told me he was going to be away at his brothers over the holidays and offline and back then we used a different messenger that i know i wasnt his only contact. He was on and offline in the wee hours of the morning. I was hurt bc he hadnt sent me a message all day and was clearly online. I would follow him online also so i knew there was a good chance he wasnt even at his brothers.
    I ended up confronting him and sure enough he replied with “what? What did i do?” I was so hurt that he didnt leave me a msg until after i confronted him. Knowing what i do now i see it was deliberate to upset me. I was in a devalument.
    Now we use a messenger i know im the only one and hes only online when we are chatting or we talk be phone/text.
    It sounds ridiculous to be this way but it comes from a place of distrust. If there were trust thered be no need to analyze when someones on line or when they last were etc

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, NarcAffair. Reading this evoked anxiety in me, which is a great affirmation of how I don’t miss any of this and NC is how it should stay. Hope you will find strength and resolve to go NC some day.

      1. Hi insatiable learner….ty it helps for me to post these past incidents as a form of journaling and reminder bc i have a short memory when it comes to the negative things hes done. When i think back on this it was a lot of gaslighting. Back then i didnt know what a narcissist was even. Its amazing to look back and see how in the dark i was. It was very anxiety provoking. Im so glad ive stopped following him online aside from our communication. It makes it hard for him to triangulate and it decreases the stress.
        I dont know if ill go full no contact or our relationship will just change over time. It has changed a lot since a few years ago. Some good which really is bad bc it feeds the addiction and some bad which is good bc it serves to remind me im still dealing with a narcissist.
        Time will tell but in the meantime i count my blessings and am grateful i have this place for support and learning 👍

    2. Lol. I did this very thing right back to him. I had another profile that We communicated thru. He hadn’t blocked it so I reinstated it which allows him to see if I’m online. He could see I was for hours I know he was looking because he would go offline when he saw me. I just kept on as if I hadn’t noticed. I know how he thinks wtf is she talking to if not me? So couple of days later I messaged him and he said we should not talk anymore because it always ends up in the same place. I said I understand I don’t hate you we just aren’t right for each other and bam blocked but I’m not blocked from his phone how weird is that ?

  4. But seriously people – it happens a lot. I am empathic and I don’t feel the need to respond right away – sometimes I can be simply busy.

    It’s a completely different story when you get this spying notification, saying “Seen at 11:11” and somebody says they weren’t on the app or didn’t read it.

    But I could have checked the time on my phone and messanger reacted to that.

    Need something? Call me. Easy? Yes.

    Yup! It was cuz you had FB open. Cu u only talk to me or family on messenger. At 2 am. Yup.

    Thx HG. SPOT ON

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