The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 9

soc med 9

This is not a meme. This is the truth.


14 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 9”

  1. Dear Windstorm,
    Correct … I had to make hard copies because he was always saying “I never said that”. When I showed him … he retreated and went quiet on me … biggest pussy and coward ever!

    Funny, because he had a file for everything … very OCD .. haha

  2. Yes my ex husband used to say he loves his own company 😂😂 😂without supply he is such a mess !!

  3. HG
    I am often depressed because i am not happy that i am still single. Do midranger narcs (who are still Young), when they are single, feel the same. Or they do not feel lonliness, only sadness? You have written about it when it comes to aging.

    How do they cope with it if they live in a small place (where it is difficult to fine fuel) or they are busy with work all the time?

    1. They feel neither sadness nor loneliness. If they are struggling to find fuel, they will feel the emptiness loom large, a sense of foreboding, restlessness, irritation, dread. It depends how low their fuel level is.

      1. Thanks HG
        My narc never mentioned being sad, lonely or depressed. When i mentioned how i feel, he would say how there is no reason why i should be. Advicing me how to overcome it.

    2. My first mid ranger Narc lived in a smaller town once he had been thru several women in that and a couple of bad business deals he picked and moved to another town. Once the have harvested all they can from where they are they go to new hunting grounds where no one knows them yet

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