The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 12

soc med 12

This is not a meme – This is the truth

20 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 12

  1. Fuel on the Shelf says:

    This post has me overthinking why Saint Piano is no longer on What’s App. With What’s App there were always read receipts. With regular texting like an Android or whatever (he is not on an I-phone) there are no read receipts. Now that I think about it what a great way to remain ambiguous!!!! (nice word. Meh. stupid increased vocabulary tendency from him that still has affected me)

  2. SN says:

    Good point! Have you ever thought of a career in law, HG?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, ball-washing bastards the lot of them.

      1. Julie says:

        Not all.

        1. SN says:

          “People say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar

          I think you’d be a very effective one, HG!

          1. Julie says:

            Ok, i believe you.

          2. SN says:

            me? Why?

      2. windstorm says:

        Well there’s a new phrase for me to google. Have to see if it fits my exhusband. Lol!

      3. windstorm says:

        Googled “ball-washing bastards” to see if it fit my exhusband (since he’s what you all’d call a barrister).
        No it does not! Not at all! Cracked me up! He’s the exact opposite! Never sucks up to anyone, zero flattery ever – to anyone!
        He’s on his way up here to watch a movie. I’ll have to ask him if he’s heard lawyers called that. 😝

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    If the return receipt shows read, either you did, or you might want to think about changing your password, bc someone hacked into your account. If the second is the case, poor them, when it comes to you.

  4. narc affair says:

    More mind games. A covert way to devalue. You send them a special text and it shows as read but they dont reply until you talk or they dont mention it at all until you bring it up and theyre like “oh yeah i meant to….blah blah…” sending a subtle message that it didnt matter that much to them.

    1. SN says:

      Nah. When I say sth and sb talks over me/ doesn’t read, I am usually like, “Your choice. I already know this anyway.”

  5. Clarece says:

    But we know you have because you can’t miss a chance of collecting possible fuel from it and wanting to know our current mindset.

  6. Kim says:

    HG. If it is not read how does the narc know if any fuel came from it? Or are they just content with the thought fuel they get knowingvwe saw the it was “read”?
    Your humble empath

    1. HG Tudor says:

      This is the narcissist talking to the victim about their message.

      1. kim says:

        HG…I am sorry. It appears I had worded my question incorrectly. What I meant to say was…..
        If it says it was read by the narc but the narc really did not read it, how do they know if they missed out on any fuel the message might have given them? OR is it just thought fuel?
        Thank you

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No problem, yes it would be thought fuel. The point of the meme is that the narcissist will have read it (probably gained a little fuel) but then denies having read it, despite there being evidence to show that he did.

          1. SN says:

            Criminal mastermind;)

      2. Sharon Marinucci says:


  7. Julie says:

    The f**** you didnt. You not only read it but filed it in the back of your brain to get back to me to later when you’re being a manwhore. And thats how i feel about that.

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