The Narcissist’s Love Letter




“Dear Victim,

I have not addressed you by name because your name does not matter to me. In fact, I am struggling to recall it as after all we have only been together for a week but notwithstanding this I wanted to write this letter for you because for once, perhaps the first and only time in my life I wanted to be honest with you and tell you the truth. Your name does not matter because I do not see you as a person. I see you as an appliance but I know you must be the best appliance. How do I know that? Simple. I chose you. You see, although I have given you the impression that I have met you by chance in a wine bar a week ago (is it only a week, it feels like we have known one another a lifetime) I picked you out. I look out for ladies like you. I know that there is a hospital nearby and many of the staff drink in that particular bar. I use it for many of my victims but I don’t want to talk about them because I only now want to focus on you. I saw you with your friends and saw how you made people laugh and how people often turned to you when you were speaking. I saw your membership card when you opened your purse at the bar so I knew from that you did indeed work at the hospital. In fact, I watched you three times before I came over to speak to you. That was to make sure you were my kind of victim and guess what? Good news. You tick so many boxes and that is very exciting. I am not interested in you as a person. I only want to know what you can do for me. I am of course going to pretend I am interested in you and I spent some time finding your social media footprint and having a good look through. Have you had any friend requests lately from someone you were not sure you knew? You have because that was me. Thanks for letting me in and allowing me to look around your page. Great photographs and you gave me so much material to work with. You have been a busy bee telling the world about all the places you go to. I didn’t like that man who kept appearing in your pictures though. I will be trying to find out who he is. Hopefully it is your brother or a cousin otherwise I will need to have him isolated. He seems far too friendly and may get in the way of what I want to do. So, I knew you long before you knew me, but you soon felt like you knew me. That’s what I do. I trot out so many marvellous and flattering lines They are just devices to make you think that we have some special connection. I know you are into all of that. I heard one of your conversations with your friends as I stood nearby as you explained all about the need for connections with those you fall in love with, your belief in astrology oh and spiritualism. I have already organised two tickets for the clairvoyant who is in town in three weeks. I will tell you about that later, although maybe you already know this given your “special powers”? I will tell you this, they are not as special as mine because I already know lots about you. You think you know plenty about me but over half of what I told you was made-up and the balance was embellished and exaggerated. I am great but not as great as I want the world to know me as, so I tell some lies. Okay, I tell a lot of lies but I have to. That is the way I am. You won’t mind though because they are lovely lies. Pleasant lies. Lies that make you smile and grin, that make your head spin and your heart beat faster. That’s good isn’t it? There is nothing wrong with making you feel good because that is what you need to do for me. I am going to seduce you, you see, in order to have you fall in love with me. You will really enjoy it. I promise you that. You will be swept off your feet and you will end up loving me like never before and you will never again. At least, that is what I hope. I truly hope you will be the one that can fill up this void inside me with your perfect love. That is why I chose you. If you can do that I will always be good to you. It is a transaction. If you let me down, well, hey, let’s not be pessimistic about things, we don’t need to go there. Yet. There is plenty of fun to have first. How long? Oh that is up to you. I will do my part. I will put you on a pedestal and make you into a queen and I honestly do mean it because I want you to love me, adore me and admire me. I want you to praise me and raise me up to recognise I am your king, a prince amongst men. I need all of that. You must understand that for some reason which has never been explained to me by anybody I have this nagging sensation of emptiness inside of me but I have learned that if you show massive amounts of positive emotions towards me I feel so much better. I will be good to you, so you will be good to me, so I will be good to you and round and round we will go. I have lots to show you. I have lots of friends. I am a popular fellow. I charmed them all and if they knew what I was really like they would run a mile, but they do not know, so we need not concern ourselves about that need we? I know you won’t say anything to them and to be frank, even if you did, they have had so long a period exposed to my charm and magnetism they would not believe you. You may find out about that down the line. Sorry, there I go again, being the doom-monger. Let’s hope we don’t have to go there. This is the best part. It is all sunshine, love and romance. I will amaze you. Yes, I will. I will probably want to move in with you in about three months’ time because then we can have an even more amazing time together and also I can use all your resources without paying for them. Come on, it is only fair. I am going to give you everything so I will also take everything also. That is how I operate. What I give you isn’t real but that doesn’t matter because you will think it is and that is all that counts. Hey, if it looks the same and feels the same, why complain right? I will buy you many wonderful things. I will say a lot to you and I will do it all day and through the night too. I am an expert at finding different ways to compliment you but then I have had a lot of practice. Just accept it though, it is better that way, after all, those others were just a trial run for you, because you are the real thing. Look at me, I just cannot help it. That is one of those standard lines right there. Anyway, you might want to spend the next couple of days with family and friends because I will steadily isolate you from them. Oh they are nice enough I realise but I need you to be subsumed in my world and there is no room for them, especially your sister who I think may be a trouble maker. Either that or she’s next if things don’t work out with you. What am I writing, of course they will, we are soul mates, whoops there I go again. I do it so often it is second nature to me, no wonder I end up believing my own lies at times. Anyway, what I wanted to tell you was that you are going to now have the most amazing, scintillating, glorious and breath-taking time which will be beyond anything that you have ever experienced before. I will charm, delight, mesmerise and amaze you. Hang on for dear life as we are going to be soaring up very, very high indeed. We are heaven bound. I do want you to be the one. I really do mean that. Please don’t let me down. I don’t think you will. I think I have it right this time. I have studied you well and you are a perfect match for me. So enjoy these words, understand them because once you have they will vanish, but I won’t. I will be with you forever and that is very much the truth.

With love for your fountaining fuel but not you as a person,

With falsity, fraud and fakery



10 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Love Letter

  1. Spiritual Warrior says:

    “ Our scars are a warning to all future
    monsters, of the hell we have survived before
    them, every demon you vanquished, and
    every battle you won.” That is why we are still standing and have become warriors to the evil among us. We who have gone thought this, help those who are in need of help. We help you stand, till you can stand on your own. so be it All-men

  2. Spiritual Warriors says:

    50 shades of bullshit is the narc. There were many moments he told me the truth. I am a monster. I am a loner. Sex is very important to me. Women want to own me. I DO NOT LIKE DRAMA….lol yet his whole life was drama……Why are you here Narc. to show us, that we can find true evil in the world. I see evil more clearly now. They know I know. How do I know ?? I can look them deep in their eyes. I can pick up on the bull shit lies. I am not on guard of how I live my life, BUT I live it by the warning red flags I have learned. I never feel shame of HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME. Why?? because it has giving me more strength of what is real and what is not. NONE of us are perfect. None of us live life of who am I going to intentionally going to hurt today. BUT YOU NARC. YOU WAKE UP EACH MORNING. THINKING WHO AND HOW MANY VICTIMS DO I NEED TODAY TO FEED OFF OF. AS I AM AN ADDICT OF HUMAN-BEINGS…AND YOU INTENTIONALLY HURT PEOPLE. That is Why all the different addicts their are, YOU are the worst addict of all.

    1. Mary says:

      Spiritual Warriors,

      My online narc said very early on “I DESPISE DRAMA.” It was total bullshit, he thrives on it and feeds off it! 50 Shades of bullshit is right on! And anytime I called him on out something manipulative, he would accuse me of creating drama. Projection much?

      1. Spiritual Warrior says:

        Hi Mary the more of the bull shit and lies the more we needed to know what and who the hell we were dealing with. This was NOT a normal relationship or break up or person. So anything and everything they get back, they deserve. From Justice Karma and the Victims. Peace and Blessings to you 🙂

  3. LYNN says:

    How will she let you down do you think HG? please answer this is important to me

    1. HG Tudor says:

      By failing in fuel provision.

  4. Penelope says:

    Spooky, creepy, true

  5. SN says:

    You know you can write better.

  6. Tami says:

    Wow… All i can say is wow. Nothing but truth here. I am now in the discard phases, which i am ultimately thankful for. But i do pity the next one that he’s already working on.

  7. says:

    I just wonder: given that you have had so many appliances who you believed, wholeheartedly, were the perfect match, what happens when you find a new one? Do you really believe you were mistaken before? I realise you will say you were let down/malfunctioned.. However. If this new source is really is ” the one”, what lengths would you go to secure this fallacy? would you move continents? I live in the UK. The husband narc, after I left him, secured a new UK source – a crystal healer – who he to Melbourne. She left her three children: 18,20,22, here in the UK. are you truly searching for The One? Don’t you know it’s an impossibility for you?

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