The Way To GoSo (Get Out, Stay Out)



The First Golden Rule of Freedom is “one you know, you go” – thus once you ascertain that someone you are involved with is a narcissist, you go. You get out and then you stay out (“GoSo”) This is the holy grail of achieving freedom from the narcissist.

It does not matter whether the narcissist has ensnared you romantically, whether you are the Intimate Partner Primary Source, a Dirty Little Secret or an Intimate Partner Secondary Source, GoSo is THE way to break the chains of attachment to the narcissist.

Whether your narcissist is familial, social or through work, a neighbour or a friends, GoSo will ensure that you manage to get out of the entanglement and even more importantly stay out of the entanglement so you evade the hoovers which will inevitably occur.

A detailed one hour consultation with me is where I will detail precisely what you need to do to get out, what is stopping you trying to get out and how you can overcome it. I will explain how the narcissist will look to stop you getting out, how he or she will try to hoover you back in and what you can do about it. You will learn innovative techniques which will enable you to seize the power and finally break the hold the narcissist has on you. These techniques have been used many times by my clients and the results are magnificent as people who thought they did not have the ability or willpower to escape the narcissist’s hold suddenly find they have been able to Get Out and then Stay Out.

This is not just about implementing no contact, it is about understanding how the narcissist YOU have been ensnared about will look to hoover you and try to maintain the hold and you receiving effective advice and techniques to counter this, so you can escape and stay escaped. You will build Logic Defences to aid you in remaining away from the grip of the narcissist.

GoSo is what you must achieve if you are to taste freedom. This 1 hour audio consultation with me will equip you with easy to understand tools to become Goso.

Seize the power and avoid wasting thousands on therapy bills, instead receive the optimum insight from me and finally achieve a state of GoSo.

The process

  1. Effect payment.
  2. You will be e-mailed a common sense protocol governing the terms of the consultation.
  3. Once you have accepted the terms we shall schedule a consultation by audio, either on Skype or cellphone.
  4. The process is confidential.
  5. The consultation will last one hour and enable you to achieve GoSo.

To effect payment, use the PayPal button below and I shall be in touch  shortly thereafter.



14 thoughts on “The Way To GoSo (Get Out, Stay Out)”

  1. This is a brilliant website ! I’m so thankful for all of the books and articles, they’re filled with the BEST insight and information. 😄

    HG what is your expert opinion about a target successfully faking their own death in order to goso and escape a many year long entanglement with a narcissist/sociopath?

    As silly or dramatic as what I ask may sound, if its become a matter of life or death..would this also be a viable option to finally be free of a narcissist and escape for good if it is carried out effectively ?
    If he presumes his primary source has died; after his initial rage, will it will be game over to him ?

    1. If and it is a big if, the victim faked their own death, it could potentially be an effective form of no contact.

  2. Yes please need this…keep going back ready to get emotional thinking under control again.

  3. HG how did you learn how to Mind Fuck Rape your victims minds and control them? How did you study the ways to manipulate the human minds? YOU have had to learn from somewhere, if NOT then you are on another level of consciousness that is NOT of a human being. If you just know what to do out of insisting, something is really off here. AS even con artist of crimes need to study things to learn how to do their crimes. Did you read books, look on internet, try different things with different victims. HOW many years have you been doing this?? This is NOT a dig at you, this is to better know, HOW do narc. learn how to do what they do to their victims. YES, you are different, but where did you learn what you can do to humans to get your fix of fuel and that is the addiction you needed to feed your ego?? This is still a crime, that a criminal needs to learn how to hurt steal con. YOU get what I am asking?? Curious Minds Want to know…Thank you S. W.

      1. You described MatriNarc once as your best and worst teacher so naturally you developed your instinct having to navigate around her growing up. Was there ever a time when your brother and sister may have been afraid to be around you while growing up? Like when you described going through a time of really acting out during your teenage years, had you ever really lashed out at your siblings causing them to fear you and getting your parents involved to address that?

  4. HG you do have things of information if it they need to disappear?? Like A new mail box place, changing numbers to be contacted. Social media things. They need an escape plan Children involved. If they are married and have connection of money bills children. EACH state and country different. IF there are violations of breaking the law, jail, so on. AS some Narc. do physical violence too. Domestic Violence. This would be very helpful as I have gotten on my other group. Bear Spray to have at the house. Body alarms. AS some Narc. will go way over board of being rejected and they cross boundaries of the law. Also, they can have a divorce and the children need to spend time with the Narc. IF the Narc. is messing up the children emotionally too. Peace Out S.W.

      1. HG please pass this on to those who need a get away and hiding from a Narc. plan of survival. I do not need, but others do as women going to domestic abuse safety houses. Leaving is the easy part. NO contact on our side, not so hard. IF we do the work. What to do after, NEEDS to have resources and plans to stay away and stay safe. AS harm can come to children and to the victim.Many women should take self-defense classes too, to empower them. AS that is what was taken from many of us, is our empowerment to know intellectually we are prepared for battle. TO ALL take out of your vocabulary they are going to change, hope, love, we had connections of intimacy, soulmate, He or she is my everything. PUT they lie manipulate cheat have many, I am not special as no one is, do NOT feel sorry for them, IT is and never was you, The lack of what you could give them. They do this to everyone. WE get crumbs, abuse, mind manipulation, WE are their entertainment. AND that is OKAY as we know the truth IT is NOT US !!!! THEY choose as we all have choices to do nothing to change. CAN they change. I do not know if any narc. has truly striped all that makes them a narc. and for them to get fuel, and has gone into 24/7 treatment. Sam V. and HG have made choices to do things to help exploit what narcissism is and what we can do to help ourselves. Thank HG…

  5. I can say a meeting with HG is completely worth it. His advice is invaluable.
    I would say if you can, then do it.

  6. Hahaha. “your coment is avaiting for control.” Fuck. thats the way how it works. Amazing!

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