Dolus Malus


Dear Readers,

As you may have ascertained your leader, guide and mentor has been busy about many other matters recently. He has, with the dedication and driven desire for accuracy placed himself in a position of considerable learning and understanding. You have speculated on what I have been doing, where I have been and what I may have been experiencing. I have been acquiring knowledge and understanding, as always, seeking accuracy, determining behaviours so that you, my dear, dear readers do not have to place yourselves in the crucible but rather enable me to do so on your behalf.

(To spare my inbox do understand this has nothing to do with my readers but relates to my past and what I have learned about myself. This knowledge has been gathered over time but it is only now that I’ve been able to place it in writing. It is not a recent development but rather my recent time away has provided me with time to generate the material.)

I have witnessed.

I have learned.

I have observed.

The title above sums it up with delicious accuracy.

The most wonderful aspect is that you will all benefit from this and without any downside.

Be ready.

Be engaged.

Be prepared.

Your understanding and logic will be heightened, without risk and you will continue on your path to freedom. The Dolus Malus series will enable you to understand like nothing else before and all because your erudite narrator has chosen to absorb this and then share with you.

Give thanks it was not you because it means you will achieve freedom.

Dolus Malus.


194 thoughts on “Dolus Malus”

  1. HG…in one of your books you discuss throwing one of your girlfriends up against the counter and fucking her until she’s almost about to cum. You stop suddenly…and listen with narcissistic glee as she pathetically begs you to finish her off…..
    I kinda know how she felt now… When do we get to read this!??!?!?

  2. This makes me happy, as my first love narc was my mom, then my sister.
    Good for you , HG. I’m sure a lot may not easy to write.
    Just a long winded way to say thank you.

    1. @Tam – Me too sans #! No lover, fuck buddy, extended boyfriend, drug, etc., held a candle to the destruction of myself perpetrated by my family members, especially my sister. All other toxic relationships were just kindling.

  3. Dear Mr Tudor,
    I thought you may have attended a military defence contracting summit but then again there was the Undersea and Hyperbaric medical conference,….
    (I’m positive it wasn’t the Mother and Son Dance or the Spoonfed Tribe music festival
    Sadly …. you’re going to miss the Giant Texas Mosquito festival) … haha

    Your piccie looks dark, bleak and …. as scarey as

    “Any” information from you, is always received with the greatest of interest and learning ….

    “we await with bated breath”

    thank you Mr Tudor

    Bubbles 🍾

  4. Would this information be about someone who has attempted to engage in pedophelia against your person when you were a child and even carrying it to an end result? It would be horrible if it did and revenge is understandable.

  5. Ok, it has been a bit confusing today for me in the blog.
    But I am glad you found the time to write more material about your past, HG, and how you were created.
    I am really looking forward to reading it.

  6. HG, I see you added an addendum to your post today.
    Thank you.
    As I was also one who assumed it was blog related.
    So this relates to your family and the creation of your narcissism.
    Your mother, aunt and brother etc.
    Now I understand better what this means.
    It sounds like vengeance will be yours.
    And we have box seats, so to speak.

    1. Correct, a few people thought it related to some of the unwanted individuals who have manifested on the blog from time to time and it is nothing to do with that. It related to shedding more light on my past which will fill in gaps for people (those that are interested in that element) but also assist people in gaining an understanding of what has created me and how I am addressing it. The individuals involved are very much from my long gone past and nothing to do with the here and now or even the recent past. I wanted to make that clear to avoid people clogging up my inbox!

      1. I am interested,
        very much so
        and so appreciative you share to enable us to stay vigilant.
        Intriguing, your long gone past.
        Now I am thinking you learned more about inherited family narcissism from grandparents to mother to yourself.
        Or even further back.
        I hope this knowledge will serve you well HG.

      2. I appreciate the clarification HG! At first read yesterday, for me, there were many different directions I saw this going, and I was bit apprehensive about it.
        This now sounds like you are gunning for the sources who caused the original wound to Little HG. Go big, or go home!! His voice needs to be heard.
        I also hope this path leads to more recognition in the medical /psychiatric fields for a reliable source on narcissism.

  7. Hello HG,

    Looking forward to the new material. Did you just add in the part about this having nothing to do with your readers or did my eyes just glaze over that part at first? Either way, it’s appreciated. It definitely helps ease this reader’s mind, which is recovering but still a bit traumatized and twitchy.

    1. No, I added it Echo to ensure people are clear as to what I am referring to so there is no misunderstanding. After all, you know I like accuracy.

  8. I would hope that it would be Dolus Bonus HG, for your sake, but it is sounding very much Dolus eventualis!?

    Interesting language Latin. I love the fact that the words mean much more than what they say or read as. The meaning goes deeper.

    The land… awaits your arrival!

  9. HG, I am not sure my previous comment was sent or if you decided not to air it. For me Dolus malus refers to malice, which is a subject that interests me a lot at the moment, so I am looking forward to reading your new posts. I was also wondering if this new series had to do with the subject of how aware narcs are of what they are doing.

  10. I have noticed one of your current commentators behaves in a strange way. I wonder if your warning about exposing C has something to do with it. I feel uncomfortable though.

    1. Lou
      I do not believe Dolus Malus is directed towards any bloggers, however, I think that it may have a connection (direct or indirect) to the Grand Design to bring down MatriNarc.

    2. Lou
      After reading Dolus Malus, I got excited and thought: The game is afoot! And all my senses immediately fled due to the excitement.

      So, I reread it today and had an Aha Moment when I got to this part:(To spare my inbox do understand this has nothing to do with my readers but relates to my past and what I have learned about myself…)

      1. K,
        Where did you see that part about sparing his inbox and not concerning readers? That’s not in the article I was emailed from WordPress, nor in any of the comments. I tried to pull narcsite up on google to see if there is a longer version, but it won’t even open now.

        1. WS
          HG added it in afterwards. Phew! I thought I was losin’ it. Just a little self-gaslighting, however, I am happy you have the original because I can’t find mine.

          1. NarcAngel
            Apparently! Lol!
            It seems that if he changes an article, wordpress doesn’t resend it to us – or at least not to me. And it being Friday, the usual summer horde of vacationing weekenders had descended and overwhelmed my pathetically weak internet, so i couldn’t get to narcsite.

            I did finally get thru and read it, though. Dug out and charged up my iPad that’s thru another service provider than my phone. I count my blessings that they rarely both get overloaded at the same time. One of the drawbacks of living practically off the grid.

      2. K, you are right. I read this post very quickly this morning and I did not register the part you are mentioning. I better wait to see what these new posts are about.
        This post has for sure doubled the price of your popcorn shares. It is good business for you 😉

  11. HG, is this related to the articles about how aware narcissists are of what they are doing that most of. your readers asked for in the poll?
    I am very interested in the subject of malice now, which is how I understand dolus malus.
    Looking forward to reading about what you have learned recently.

  12. The title brings back memories from my university years..
    Anyway, I feel dizzy from the adrenaline rush now. More knowledge coming our way. Can’t wait.

  13. Now im curious. This brings to mind the office devaluation this past christmas. Im not sure if this is about a full fledge devaluation or vengence but i really hope you can learn that this is never the answer HG. Youve taught us so much about your kind but please learn from us as well. Youre a smart man and im sure you know deep down this is a cycle you will forever be in until you seize your own power and break free from the same patterns. You deserve to be happy like the rest of us and can be by changing the narc cycle. I dont know if this is what you are talking about here or if youre going to bring up a devaluation thats occuring but surely you can see how this is repetitive? Devaluation and vengence is a huge waste of time 🙁 If you feel someones wronged you or wounded you you have the option to go no contact like us and walk away. I know im probably wasting my time typing this but hopefully it will make a difference if even a little bit of one.

    1. Well said, CH. I hope HG realizes how deeply we do care about him. And each other. Though I don’t respond as more as I should, I read the blog and all our dear readers comments intently. And have learned, grown, and healed from everyone. Hope we do the same for HG. ❤

  14. Well… Dolus Malus.. meaning “bad or evil deceit” 😳 This sounds intriguing HG. I’m looking forward to it very much.

    So, you mean there are even more (and even more evil!) machinations lurking in your toolbox that you have yet to tell us about?!? I shudder to think … but nevertheless, bring them on HG 😁

    Or are you going to “expose cunts” who are famous, and continue with your very interesting articles about well-known narcs?

    Whatever this new series is about, I’ll be reading!

  15. I just looked up the term on Merriam-Webster. Halfway down the site asks, ‘what made you look up Dolus Malus?’ Lol!

  16. There will be drama! always.

    My new finding is: Reactive attachment disorder (RAD). It’s a component to NPD.

    Narky wants me to witness him, while he rejects me. But he wants my approval. Woman is a very passive substance to him, but he must surround himself with it.


  17. Hi HG,

    I’m excited and nervous. Excited to read new material from you and nervous about the darkness in your warning shot. Looking forward to learning more from you. Also, do you have recommendations for how to survive a fascist regime (I had to, I know you are a trump fan).

    Best to all, I know I’m not on much anymore though this space, readers and our dear mentor I hold close to my heart and have much gratitude.

    1. Indy
      Always good to know that you are still looking in on us Indy. Heres hoping all is well and may your slippers always be fuzzy.

      1. Hi NA,
        Aw thanks, you remembered! That time I read Sex and the Narcissist with my fuzzy socks and somehow missed the scary part…hahaha!!

        Muah to my favorite Canadian that isn’t Justin 😉😘!

    2. Hey, Indy! Always love to see evidence you’re still in and out here.
      I’m with you on the excited, yet nervous. But I’m probably more nervous/worried – my standard reaction to all darkness and hurtfulness – no matter who’s the target. It’s got me saying prayers and pulling in positive energy!

      1. Hi Windstorm, So nice to read your comments and feel your warm vibes…Yes, these times as of late have me on edge a bit and I have been engaging in self care and some distraction to deal with it (i.e. work, work, work…LOL). I have gotten some massages in there and scented oils, though only so many hot baths can one take..LOL

        Sending warm positive vibes your way, wise windstorm.


        1. Thanks, Indy!
          I’m not much into work! More into avoiding it! Lol.
          My latest area of study is the channeling of energy. I’ve been working a lot with crystals and the chakras and now am working my way thru a course in Reiki. I remember you used to use it. In fact, you are the one who first told me about it! I’ve found it very interesting. It’s amazing how many different cultures and religions use healing energy and how similar their practices are. I interpret that to mean that there must be truth to it.
          Sorry to hear you’ve been on edge lately. I will keep you in my thoughts and send some positive energy your way ❤️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    3. Indy The Marcher…(of many things, I can’t remember them all)!!! Miss you!
      I’m on high alert when HG says there will be collateral damage. And multiple exposures.
      I hope you are having a great summer!

      1. Hi Clarece!

        Always nice to see your smiling face 🙂 Summer is going well, no tornadoes or floods in my neighborhood, and I am narc free (in my personal romantic relationships, that is). This post of HG’s definitely perked my ears as well!

        I hope you and your daughter are well and enjoying summer and all that it brings!

        Indy, the marcher and peddler of oils and potions. LOL

  18. thanks! Very excited!!
    however if we have learned anything from you, it is that narcs always provide gifts with a condition. So we will be alert too 🙂
    Great writing and organization of knowledge 🙂

  19. Following. Just Testing notifications of new comments by mail. It seems that does not work.

      1. Thank you echo for letting me know. I have recently changed my e-mail address for notifications but I do not think that is the problem. I get e-mail notifications just when someone likes my comment( funny) but not notifications of any comments made to me( strange). Trying to figure out what it is.

      2. echo,
        I made a “reboot” and voila. They ended up in the dungeon spam ! You can make a reboot and check your spam mails. You may find them.

      3. echo,
        Thank you for letting me know . I have recently changed my e-mail address for notifications so the notifications ended up in my spam. I made a reboot and have fixed it now. If you still have the same problem, make a reboot and check your spam.

      1. You are welcome Echo. It is irritating not to get notifications and slows down considerably the dynamic of interactions. I hope it helps!

    1. Yep, that’s right where he wants us Joy. He was correct when he said he was back with a vengeance! Talking about himself in the third person is creepy even though he called us dear, dear readers. I’m excited for new material. Can’t wait!

        1. I don’t know K. But you know what they say, “everything is bigger in Texas”!

          I wish I could stay tuned, but it’s past my bedtime already. HG has the superhuman ability to stay up all night dropping bombs, but nobody likes me if I don’t get my 9 hrs! Hoping the first post of the DM series is up when I am in the morning. I’ll be checking for all my HG goodies then. Kisses to all!

          1. Good night MB, kisses and sweet dreams! I put the kettle on and made a cup of joe and I am tripling my shares in popcorn in the NYSE.

          2. Oooh, K – please remember to pass the popcorn later! I just finished stress-baking; double chocolate cookies (with gourmet cocoa and slivered almonds) so all set with nibbles…can’t wait for the new info…

          3. WhoCares
            Don’t worry, I am cornering the market and there will be plenty of popcorn to go around.

      1. The “my dear dear readers” is what set my my internal alarms off. I guess we shall see in due time….dun dun dun.

      2. LOL, K, I was just having your same thoughts:

        1) “what the hell happened in Texas?!” I had started to think HG was working with a group of psychiatrists and even imagined him in an isolation room having delirium tremens 😉. But it turns out he was probably in a class room learning about Malice.

        2) ”K should be getting richer with her popcorn shares”

      3. Hi MB,
        It’s funny you mention the “dear, dear readers” bit of HG’s intro to Dolus Malus. When I saw that, my narc radar went off slightly. I couldn’t help it. It sounds a bit too much like a mini golden period being activated lol

      4. I love these new posts that reunite so many of us!

        Wait.. something happened in Texas? What did I miss?! (Can I share some popcorn, too?)

        Yes, Hg, looking forward to ever more enlightenment – and extremely grateful to be on this side reading..
        and a new Latin phrase needs to be added to our arsenal!

  20. Looking forward to it as well as I appreciate your honesty re: such a sensitive topic. I’d like to ask though, why do you want to help anyone get away from your type? Is it money, Fame and/or attention? Or am I way off? Just trying to pick your brain deeper bc I do obviously know narcs personally but also none of them admit they are narcs for me to ask such an open question or I’d get a fight from hell at the accusation of calling them a narc and the deflection, diversion, projection crap will follow (been there done that many times) so I’d like to know your modus operandi since you are very open and truthful from all I’ve read, and appreciate. Just curious..

      1. Nevermind! Just read your about section, answered my 2nd question.. always 2 steps ahead yeah! Ha. Thanks for all the info.

  21. I’m excited ! Are you learning more about your brain ? Hopefully going deeper with the good doctors ? Go deep !

  22. As I read this post, I felt a possibility of hope. Information to full freedom, maybe. Here`s to me never giving up, and to you HG, thanks. I had to look up the Latin, no idea what’s in store for us readers. Looking forward to it.

  23. I hope you will speak on narcissist siblings, parents and co-workers and how we can learn to live with them since some we cannot do no contact with. Thank HG!

    1. Hi riki bee…i think learning about coworkers that are narcissists would be really helpful on so many levels!! That is a narcissist you cant get away from as easily. Very tricky situation!

  24. Ah! That was your next step. New dark series . Judging from the name of these new series ( Latin term which means “bad or evil deceit.” “ fraud and misrepresentation that is actionable and punishable or is ground for rescinding the transaction resulting from it” as opposed to “dolus bonus, justifiable or allowable deceit) This will be something that will definitely stir things up. I believe it will be electrifying for some…Highly interesting.Impressive.

    1. Thank you, Superxena! I’ve been reading these comments thinking surely SOMEONE will translate the title and share so I don’t have to look it up! I should have known you’d come thru! 😊

      1. You are welcome Windstorm. Always happy to contribute!
        And I am waiting eagerly for this darkness to strike…interesting new series.

      1. K

        Yes I agree, I am just going to sit back and observe, extremely grateful I am not the one on the receiving end of this.

        I brought my ex to his knees and I am fully aware of how a Greater returns once recovered, I see that as mild in comparison to this. No popcorn for me, I have a bottle of wine (one glass and out like a light I will be lol), soooo HG has me feeling duel emotions at the moment anxiety due to my own memories and a long overdue justice that will be served by him.

  25. I for one needed to google that bad boy! And my intrigue has certainly peaked … welcome to the dark side of evil decit. I will pull up my reading chair, although I’m sure it will not be a comfortable ride.. I will get the defibrillator ready on stand by.

  26. Hello HG!!
    Once again you have me looking up a word that I have no idea what the meaning is. You are always intriguing and knowledgeable.
    I will be waiting to see what this is all about. And one of the reasons for me staying around is that I’m genuinely concerned about you and where you are going in life and what your progress has been with the good doctors.

    You continue do do an amazing job at educating all of us. Always grateful that you have this blog.

    1. Thank you and yes I do. You need not be concerned about me. I always win and you will do as well from this series. There will be a collateral consequence but there always is.

    2. Same Snow White. Google is my friend. He’s so sexy when he uses Latin but this time it’s sinister!

      1. Hello MB,
        I have had to look up many words and phrases and downloaded the Webster’s dictionary and the urban dictionary apps just to decipher HG’s Iingo and some of the readers also.
        I have learned many new things and have been entertained at the same time.
        Along with all of the tears that I have shed, this site has also brought lots of smiles and laughter.

    3. Snow, you are still here! I’ve missed your comments. I hope you have been doing well. 🌻

      1. Good morning FM1T!!!
        Nice to hear from you. I have been ok.
        I still check in. It’s always great to see the readers who I started here with here two years ago are still around.
        Navigating friendships and what’s appropriate behavior out in the world is what keeps my mind wondering daily.
        How have you been?

        1. Hi Snow! I’m fine, thank you for asking. I take one day at a time. I am constantly trying to work on me! I have a lot of fixing to do. Years and years of being involved with narcissists does that to a person! I was so excited to see your comment! I’m glad your doing well! Stop in from time to time to visit with us please! 🌻

          1. Hello Foolme1time!
            I am right there with you. I have lots of fixing myself also. I am in good company.
            Always excited to see you!!!

    4. Hi snow white…its narc affair here. Its great to see you posting and hope youve been well 🙂

      1. Hi Nacr Affair!
        Thank you!
        So glad that you told me about your name change. Sometimes when I read the comments I wonder if there has been some swapping going on.
        How are you??? Has your situation changed or are you still together? Hope things are working out for you?

      2. Hi snow white…yes i didnt intend for the name change but when i changed it on word press it did on here. I didnt have an acct before. This name i like better and i am a chihuahua mum/chihuahua addict afterall lol
        Im doing good ty! Im still with my narc but have come a long way emotionally since joining this blog. Knowledge is definitely power and its given me strength. For me just being more in control has really helped in my day to day life. Its not an ideal situation but definitely has helped and has been a process.
        Howve you been doing? Have you been able to reconnect with your hubby? Im curious bc i know after having been in an outside relationship it can alter the dynamics and im not sure if thats permanent or can be reversed or start from new again. I hope its worked out and you are happy 🙂

        1. Nice to meet you Chihuauamum!!!
          It’s a great name.
          I am glad that you have stuck around and have gained some strength. I understand the situation that you are in and definitely how you got there.
          One day at a time and you will know when it’s time for you to change things or not.

          It has been a rough road with my husband. It’s important to me to see why I got in the situation that I did and what my ex did for me emotionally and physically. Even though I miss the old me there are things that I don’t want to return to.
          I will not ask for permission to go out
          I do not need anyone’s approval or comment on what I wear
          I can say no
          I do not have a curfew
          I can decide where I want to go
          These are some examples of things that I won’t budge on and my husband is not used to my more aggressive stance on things. He still wants the old me.
          And because of the affair things are tricky because of the trust issue. And then there is the problem with my ex having been a woman. So I am interrogated about everything and EVERYONE. Which I do understand to a point.
          The outside world after being with a narcissist and having an affair is hard to live in.

          I still find interacting with people I know and don’t know hard. Just this week I realized I don’t know how to end a conversation that I don’t want to be in anymore. People seem to touch me and give me unwanted advice and I don’t know how to stop that either. I hate the feeling of thinking that I sound bitchy.
          I am learning though. Lol…. I need sooo many lessons.
          Glad we are both still learning.
          Sending you lots of hugs and love.

      3. Hi snow white…i can understand your new stance with your hubby and how it must be twofold. On the one hand there needs to be changes to make it work but on the other hand the trust has been broken so you probably feel you need to reassure and compensate for that. Its a tricky situation. Then theres the fact the affair probably changed you as a person and youve had to reassess your marriage which is healthy to do. Going back to where it went wrong. Ive been doing that a lot. You have a huge advantage now bc you have that outside distraction gone. You can really focus on what you want and if what led to the affair can be healed and a new beginning made within your marriage. Not always can it be done but its definitely worth trying for yourself so you know and your kids. Also to see if youre able to rekindle those old feelings you had or maybe you develop new ones. Itd be helpful to read up on these experiences with others. I dont know how salvagable it is and how youd go about it. My narc and i have been together 8 yrs now so its become very complicated. What started off as a whirlwind exciting relationship has changed. I still love my narc and enjoy time with him but its definitely different in many ways. My love now is more from a friendship deep love. I know that sounds impossible with a narc but i do love the things about him that arent attached to narcissism. On the flip side ive been looking back and realising many truths what lead to my affair and some are hard to face. Its deeply painful and scary to see where what i once thought was my soulmate(my hubby) maybe wasnt necessarily so. We arent compatible on many levels but we are in many others. I guess its what youre willing to sacrifice and what youre not. For years i thought i could go with no intimacy but i now see that was not the case. A huge chunk of who i am was missing in my marriage. That was the weak link and that is where my narc latched onto. He knew he could fill that void and i could fill his but its not reality having segmented relationships. Narcissists it works for to have several people to form their version of happiness but for empaths and typical people we realise its not normal to live that way and we want a healthy normal relationship. Eventually the facade wears off and were forced to go back and face what we were avoiding when we met our narc. What i find a hurdle is after 8 yrs its a fog. Its hard to remember what it was like before i met my narc. So much has changed myself included. You do lose part of your identity.
        I think dealing with a narcissist in an affair situation can be even more difficult bc youre coping with abuse within another relationship and having to hide it.
        I admire that you were able to break free and do the right thing. It gives you time to clear your head and work on your marriage and see where it goes. I hope whether it works out or doesnt you find happiness and know youre a good person but were caught up in circumstances that led you down pathways and in turn youve learned a lot from them. All the best (((hugs)))

        1. Good morning Chihuahuamum!!
          Thank you for your very honest reply.
          I appreciate it because I completely understand ever word you wrote.
          I can look back and see what was missing from my marriage. At the time I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it but my ex picked up on the voids also. One of the big things was FUN and just living especially since I was home for 20 years with my son. And I must admit I liked parts of myself when I was with her and I do want some of those to disappear. That is were the struggle is.
          There are many pieces and consequences to being in an affair with a narc and trying to maintain the marriage after.

          I enjoy talking to you and learning your progress. Hugs back to you.
          I hope it all works out the way you want.

          1. I LOVE surprises K! But only good ones. I hate waiting for the other shoe to drop. My curiosity is high. Hoping he doesn’t make us wait long. Somebody should ask Google how many searches they got for Dolus Malus about an hour ago!

          2. MB
            Ha ha ha…I know, right. Google is busy with all the dolus malus searches. I hope we don’t have to wait long either and as long as we aren’t on the receiving end of his madass CD, it’s all good!

          3. K, We’re not cunts so we should be good. I just hate the idea of being lied to for evil purposes. Since first coming here, I’ve had this feeling that there’s gonna be a “gotcha” at some point.

          4. Don’t worry, you are safe here MB. The wrath of HG is not directed at any of us.

          1. hmmmm…..Exposing cunts…..would that be hairy? or shaved?

          2. This blog post definitely caught my attention,
            Absorbed for us, sounds very sacrificial and non narcisistic to me.
            More like empathic martyrdom.
            Interesting HG, to find out what you have done in the name of Dolus Malus.
            Yours or another’s, btw?
            Have you unseated your blog nemesis and
            exposed them for the treacherous frauds they are?
            To we all get to read the truth?
            Exciting times ahead, perhaps ominious as well.
            Wow on that language HG.
            Sounds like some fury is on its way.
            More like, already brewing.
            Looks like more teachable blog lessons for us.
            I will stayed tuned in.

          3. Understood. That’s a shame.
            I thought the only c*nt you needed to expose was MatriNarc?

          4. Well, what do you mean there will be collateral damage by this? That kind of freaks me out as it implies it could involve blog readers.

          5. Ha ha ha…after reading your comment about exposing multiple transgressors, I realized I was way off!

          6. Thank you K, that answered one of my questions on the topic.
            I thought it was related to traitors on the blog too.

          7. You are welcome, analise13, that is what I initially thought, too, but I realized rather quickly that I was wrong.

          8. NarcAngel
            I know, right! After I wrote that comment, I thought: What was I thinking!?! Let sleeping dogs lie!

            S(h)e-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named, a.k.a. Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.

          9. He posed as an empath and allowed himself to be lured in and victimized by a narcissist because he thought her to be Amanda.

          10. I don’t know about this one MB. I think I still want my “Spanked Audio” from last Christmas first.
            Make it Christmas in July, HG.

          11. Good one Clarece! I just found out about the whole “Spanked” thing when he posted ‘Who’s the Daddy’ the last time. I’m really nervous about that one too if I’m being honest, but my curiosity wouldn’t allow me not to sign up! I can’t have everybody being privy to that which I am not! Sins of the empath…

          12. HG
            Well I love an exposed cunt so lets get this on!

            Wait…it’s not me is it?

      1. After reading all your books at least twice, I realized that I need more to get me through this. Am looking forward to learning more from you.

    1. So true K! Now it’s a new series with an intriguing Latin name about “unjustifiable evil”. And here I was thinking HG was gone for a few days because he was having some time off. Silly me 😬

      1. WiserNow
        I thought he might indulge in a little Texas BBQ, rodeo and line dancing at the hoedown; the whole Urban Cowboy experience.

        1. K
          Im sure there were some spicy dishes, maybe some rope handling, and possibly a few lines. The thing most likely though?

          A lot of bull.

        2. K,

          Ha ha, that’s funny. Seeing HG was in Texas, I can almost picture him line dancing and messing up the steps on purpose just to “control” the direction of the other line dancers 🙂

  27. Well you sure are good at a tease, HG! I’m
    waiting with bated breath for these new revelations!

    1. Right!? My legs are quivering with anticipation… I shouldn’t have checked this blog before bedtime.

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