The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 4



10 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 4”

  1. This really hits me in the heart….He tried this on me too……3am in the back of a cab on our way home from a co-workers Christmas party he asked me for the lighter. I told him I didn’t have it because I gave it to a lady at the party who didn’t want her husband to know she was smoking and she had no lighter. What transpired from that is pure narc at its finest. We got out of the cab and went in the house. I had no idea what was coming next. He was so mad that I gave the lighter away he started calling me down to the lowest. It was a .99cent lighter. He then told me that there is this guy he knows ( his famous lines for torturing me and blaming it on someone else ) Anyway, he said this guy he talked to could never believe that the likes of me would ever end up with someone like him. Then he throws me a bone and makes it good and juicy and says “Oh, and you know him well but I can’t say who it is” So now I’m questioning in my head everyone I know. Who would say something so mean about me? I coax him a little for an answer and his reply was “Your Father” as he stood there with that smile on his face while knowing he just tore my heart out. It’s now around 4am and I grab the phone, wake my father out of bed, crying my heart out and asking him how he could say that about me? He tells me he never said such a thing and for me to get to bed. My father didn’t engage. My father and I were best friends and I can’t believe I fell for the narcs words and believed for one second that my father would say such a thing. My dad passed away in 2009 and this brought me right back to that night. I hate that dirty cockroach!

  2. I did not hear this variant but one time I did hear… “you are going to end up like your mother someday”. (backstory: mother is severely mentally ill and has been hospitalized many times throughout my life. Due to that she was missing for a majority of my childhood. I had shared this with him). My response when he said that was…”OMG you really did not just fuckin say that to me…”

    Him: “Sorry but it needed to be said. I am CONCERNED for you that if you do not stop this madness of yours that you will end up like her”

    Thanks for the meme, HG. I had buried that one but now it has regurgitated itself.

  3. Good, great! Maybe then they’ll leave me the hell alone. Because l’m over it. I don’t like them either. That includes my dad too. The whole bunch of them can shit and fall back in it!

  4. Good god!
    An incredibly tragic moment in our life’s twisted and stabbed right into our hearts from the person who is supposed to love us. Who needs enemies.

  5. This is funny. So many male narcs (can’t say I’ve known the lady variant) have raging Mommy issues. Project, but never pay much mind to deep self-reflection. What’s that saying, if you’re pointing at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at you? Seems to fit well, here.

      1. So, so true. But usually the reserve of the ‘friend’ N. Never had it from a IP. But this was trotted out to me when I was a very vulnerable teenager struggling with many issues (all PN related).

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