Early Warning Detector


How much did the last narcissist cost you? Thousands in “borrowed money”? Thousands in legal fees/therapy costs? Hours of wasted time deliberating and analysing? Time lost which would have been better spent with your children, your extended family and your friends. Time away from work? Time tied up in court proceedings?

The cost of ensnarement with the narcissist is huge.

NOW you can avoid that risk in the future.

Want to know sure-fire ways to determine that a narcissist has you in his or her sights?

Be burned once and determined to ensure it does not happen again?

Want to spot the narcissist nice and early so you can GOSO?

This Detector will give YOU the power to ascertain that it is highly likely that a narcissist is seeking to seduce you.

This material explains to you the various ways you remain at risk of future ensnarement even when you may think that you will not.

It details how Emotional Thinking and from which sources, will impact on you and how you must guard against it.

As part of the battle against Emotional Thinking and understanding that as an empath, you always draw narcissists to you, this simple and effective tool will allow you to determine that a narcissist has begun to interact with you and therefore you need to undertake more detailed examination and exit.

To assist you further, this excellent device gives you the differing behaviours of the schools of narcissists and also with regard to normals so that you can engage with people, primarily through a romantic involvement, but also with regard to social, business and work scenarios with increased confidence and assurance.

A small investment of just US $ 10 which will provide you with returns time and time again.

Obtain Early Warning Detector here

22 thoughts on “Early Warning Detector

  1. CP says:

    Are you familiar with Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse. Would this indicate a Greater automatically.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No CP, I am not familiar.

  2. Will says:

    HG, I have a dear friend and her narcs a same gendered, platonic room mate. This woman controlled every mundane thing from the parameters of the friendship. Personally, I found the room mate to be a1n insufferable cunt. Essentially I avoided the room mate as often as possible. My friend had a pathological fear of confrontation or even being around confrontation.
    The room mate knew this and treated me with unbridled disdain. Out of respect for my friend I endured this miscreant’s arrogance and hostility. I visited their house for the fourth of July. The room mate stated she was going to bed numerous and with each mention became more agitated.

    My friend was pale and frightened. Forgive me for not mentioning I’m a man. Since my friend was obviously experiencing considerable consternation, I asked my friend is she was okay? The room mate answered for her “I’m going to bed!” with icy venom.

    I replied with goodnight then. The room mate was furious! Tfe room mate than stated “I’m a light sleeper and the television is to be turned off and I don’t want the two of you talking!” I was in shock and awe from that directive. I glanced at my friend and she was staring at the ground. I made a point to count to seven before I responded. I asked the room mate “Do you honestly believe that is a reasonable expectation? She defiantly said yes! I replied with keep thinking.” I could almost see the cortisol and adrenaline flood into her muscles. She was spewing something about compromise between my friend and her. I honestly was not listening, and I waited for her to finish. When she finally paused her insidious rant, I calmly stated “This conversation is over.” I went to the bathroom.
    She started to talk again, and I stated that her expectations were not reasonable so consequently I have nothing to say.” She stormed off and said something akin to I feel sorry for your mum having an ingrate for a son!” I said “I’ll be happy to ring my mum and perhaps the two of you can commiserate.” The more probable outcome will be my mum stating she could not ask for a better son.”

    She stormed into her bedroom and slammed the door. I immediately turned on the television and set the volume a bit louder than it needed to be. I’m about 6’1 175lbs, and she’s morbidly obese about 5’2 325 lbs. She flew into the family room and got nose to nose with me and screamed “Get the Fuck Out of My House and don’t ever come back or I’ll kick your ass!” I didn’t move, and calmly said “No I’m a guest of my friend and she’s just as entitled to have guests as you are.”

    I was a Golden Glove boxer and ran with a really rough crowd in my youth. One could almost see the signal go through to her brain stating “No information on this!” I honestly believe that was the first time in her life that she was incapable of intimidating another. Then she started to tremble and stated “I don’t feel safe in your presence so I’m calling the police.” I said ” I said go ahead, I’ve done nothing wrong.”

    The room mate dialed 911. I don’t know what came over my friend but she became overtly aggressive toward her room mate and I walked out of the house. The police arrived and questioned everyone and determined that the room mate’s accusations were lacking merit. The police further stated that I was welcome to visit my friend anytime I wanted to.

    Since you’ve been so gracious in sharing the inner thoughts of your kind, I believe that was an example of unleashing the fury. The room mate tried to convince my friend that I was the aggressor and the bully for four straight days.

    I know now that my friend is the empath on the very left end of the scale. Her room mate will never find a better source of fuel. She’s lesser narc, not very attractive and genuinely unlikable.

    When the room mate came to the realization that my friend saw her true colors The room mate moved out two weeks late and went no contact with my friend!

    I really wanted to ask you what do you think became of the room mate. I believe she may have had one tertiary supply of fuel. The probability of her obtaining another primary source of fuel is almost zero, I’m very interested in your insights. Personally, I hope she’s suffering. Shortly after she left my friend in the lurch I contemplated pursuing some payback, but figured silence is a worse outcome for her.

    I’ve been vexed by that encounter for about a year. Thanks to you and your willingness to share the modus operandi of your kind, it makes perfect sense. I just glad there wasn’t a gun in the house.

    1. Caroline R says:

      What a great story. No wonder it’s been on your mind a lot over this last year.
      You are such a good friend, so composed and unflinching as you stood for the truth and what was right. Good man!
      The world needs more men like you.
      Please mentor as many young people as you can fit into your schedule.

      I’d love to have your company and go to visit my ex-N’s house so he’d feel even just one moment of the terror & impending doom he made me feel.

  3. mommypino says:

    Wow thank you so much! This are great tips!

  4. lisa says:

    HG, i just wanted to tell you, that i’ve been on a few dates, nothing much at this point and wouldn’t normally be my type, this is the first since 4 years of NarcGate. Discovering about NPD and realising a lot about myself , my family and having a very difficult few years and also finding you 3 years ago HG. I’ve tested this new guy like you wouldn’t believe , all learnt from this blog and your books and your consultations , and I truly do not think he’s a narc – but i’m monitoring very closely !! I’ve learnt so much from you and I want to thank you so much for your help. Remember last time I had a consultation with you and i’d recently moved to by the sea and you recommended going to the place beginning with T, well i’ve been tonight.
    I think we are all given such helpful advice on this site – We empaths have our own Tool Kits now or at least are beginning to. It’s strange how your such an awful man HG, but I finally feel narc free and your the person i want to tell, most out of anyone, because nobody else will ever really understand.

  5. Blue1 says:

    Excellent resource! This helps confirm my Narc falls within the “Greater” range.

    HG – Thanks for sharing your time and expertise.

  6. lisa says:

    HG, did you see the documentary , The parachute murder plot. That wife was still making excuses for him

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I didn’t Lisa, but I know of the case.

  7. Zoot says:

    These are golden, and work, especially the bit about complimenting someone else and listening for the dagger to slide out. I referred to a mutual friend as “prettier than average” and my narcish ex gf fought me on it tooth and nail – because that’s totally how you treat a supposed friend, right?

    Thank you.

  8. kelfairly says:

    Very helpful! Thanks.

  9. DebbieWolf says:

    Wolf in sheeps clothing.
    The big bad wolf… Red Riding Hoods unfortunate grandma eaten.

    Goes back in time doesn’t it that the wolf is always the villain…
    Just a phrase..it’s a pity they don’t say a grizzly in sheep’s clothing cos they’re a lot more wicked when they’re bad.

    As time evolves I wonder if they’ll ever say “a narcissist in sheep’s clothing” instead..
    Tell it like it is.lol.
    Let’s get some justice going on.

    Always dissin the wolf…lol

  10. Mag says:

    Thank you HG… i ve commented many times but apparently…my comments never appears. I m wondering about that silent treatment… is it an exposure too ? How to make the difference between someone giving a silent treatment or just someone who doesn t eant to speak for the moment… ?
    Thanks alot.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      That will be because they are in moderation.

      1. Mag says:

        Ok thank you very much. Actually i realise how much i m a very strong magnet to narc… I m a high potential shinning bright.. But no co dependant.. Any way.. Everything you say is very clever anf very helpful. So ? How can i make the difference between someone who is just upset and hurt and doest want to speak any more and a true narc ?

      2. Mag says:

        Dear HG… I was just readng many of your articles… and you can help me to understand. How can I make the difference between a silent absent treatment from a narc and someone who is just so much wounded that he doesn t want to have contact for the moment ?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Consult with me and I shall explain.

      3. Mag says:

        Dear HG.My last comment didn t appear.. You re the only one who can help me… Is silent treatment a way to narc narc people ? If it isthe case… How can I make the defference between someone who is really wounded upset anf doesn t want to speak anymore and a true midrange narc who is givi g a absent silent treatment ? Thank you alot alot alot…

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Consult with me.

          1. MB says:

            HG, I don’t know how you find the time! Are you doing a lot of consultations these days? How many would you say there are a week on average? (Skype and email). Not counting what you answer here on the blog.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            There remains a high demand for consultations of all varieties.

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